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Yo anyone want a clan?

Join Clan: Airways

Level 6, good for beginners, good troops get donated, clan wars frequently, so why not?

We are a very active clan.

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• 2d

Need members for clan wars

English speaking clan with very active, friendly members when you request please say that you saw this advertisement.

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• 2d
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• 11/7/2018

New clan with TH 5-8

Clan Name: Wing Dings

Clan Tag: #VULCV99V

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• 11/6/2018

Th7 with th4 mini looking for clan

Th7 in gold 3

th4 in bronze 3

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• 11/2/2018

WizAwesome clan

Hi! I own a clan called WizAwesome. We are trying hard for war and clan games. Please help us! We have up to town hall 8 accounts.

What type of clans do you like?
  • War/clan games clans
  • Farming clans
  • Regular clans
  • Mix
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• 10/24/2018

Recruiting for Clan Wars - Level 12 Clan- Weiner Clan - Looking for 4 new members

War will start tonight. We are looking to fill 4 full time positions in a very organized clan. We have been a clan since the game started and have 334 wins. Rare opportunity.

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• 10/22/2018

[Recruiting] Dragons Nest | Level 80 and over! | Clan level 1 | Social/War | Independent clan 📷

Newly founded clan heading for the top!

Promotions are earnt not given out for free. 500 troops a season to keep yourself in the clan :)

Stay active in both chat and during clan games.

Hope to see you soon, clash on!

Clan tag: 2898QYQP9

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• 10/22/2018

Active Player's Join us for Continuous Wars , Donations and Promotions.
Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans
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• 10/22/2018
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• 10/21/2018

[Recruiting] rock4me lvl10 | adult | 2 wars a week | maxing clan games - Join us! #9GYGYU2P

English speaking | Adults only | State your age/country when applying

Our clan exists since 2014. Our core group of players is playing together for years and created a very friendly and positive culture.

We war twice a week, always try to win and have good results. We expect thoughtful attacks with solid compositions. We're always open to learn and to teach.

We maxed all recent clan games, usually halfway through their duration.

In general, we have a casual and chill atmosphere. We do friendly battles, donate quickly and discuss strategies.

If you enjoy the game, are a positive person and want to get better at warring - join us!

Do you want to know more? Visit our Website:

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• 10/17/2018

Game tag

#yjjpp2v8u please add me. we need players in our clan

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• 10/15/2018
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• 10/9/2018

[Looking for clan]

I’m th4 and bronze 2
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• 9/25/2018

[Recruiting] Goonies Never Die #VRYVPC2V

Except when they do. 👀

Brand new clan started. Casual, adult, and laid back. We’re active when we’re on, and not active when we’re not on! 👍🏻👍🏻

We’re looking for members to help out with clan games. We war as well but don’t care about winning. If you stink at war, cool, we do too!

Come by and say hello and stick around!
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• 9/22/2018

[Recruiting] Enraged (#9U0YV8GQ) | Clan Level 12 | War Clan

Best war win streak in 2018 has been 12 wins, twice!

We are looking for war ready TH9-12s. TH9 with at least L10/10 heres and leveled up war troops. Ideally 500+ war stars.

We are a fun and friendly adult war clan. We keep chat clean and respectful. We war 3 times a week and opt out if a hero is upgrading. If you have questions please ask below or send me a direct message.

Clan Name: Enraged

Clan Tag: 9U0YV8GQ

Clan Leader: CopperOne

Mention Wiki in order to be accepted

The Gospel is for everyone!
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• 9/17/2018

Recruiting all levels and town halls

We are a clan who is trying to rebuild. Been leader and found of this clan since 2016 and I have been trying to get it all back in order for a few weeks now. If you need a clan to join for war or clan games then we are open for your request. We accept all levels and all town hall areas. We ask you not to be severely rushed. If you are working on upgrades then we will help you out. Come join us and be part of the Rebels. I have been playing this game since 2012. Any questions you have feel free to ask. When requesting to join just put Wiki as your request note
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• 9/16/2018

LF very active clan


Lf very active clan that can max clan games and always donate. I can max clan games, donate tons. I can commit to war or opt out if my heroes are too low. Thx guys
COC 9/16/18
COC 9/16/18 Imgur
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• 9/16/2018

Recruiting active and non-rushed bases :D [ #YJLYUGUC ]

We are only lvl 2 clan, soon lvl 3, and we are looking for active and non-rushed bases from th6 and up from there. It is a new clan, and that is why we would like to have you there :) You earn promotions by being loyal. If you want to help us getting big join us, my tag is up above :)
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• 9/15/2018


Hi guys, I’ve started a new clan called ‘Nerf Royal G’ (you’ll most likely get the reference if you play clash Royale). Anyway, anyone can join and were hoping to make it as active as possible as there aren’t that many active clans for donations and GOOD war days. Hope that you’ll join!

Tag- #20LCPY2Y2

Link - Nerf Royal G
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