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Looking for clan?

Recruiting new members. Be able to war. Elder and co will be rewarded by how well you do or if you donate. Please not to to rushed players. War once a week. Max clan games (or try to). At 25 people I will do invite only. Anyone can join but you have to be ranked. Please join #22IRYUYCU
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  • Max everything for th10 but heroes level 30
  • heroes level 40
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TH 10: Level 30 Queen & Level 18 King

  • Max queen to 40
  • Catch King @ Lvl 30 then level them out.
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Wise wolf clan #229292QCP

Constant wars and war league. Active players and English speaking only
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• 4d

Mercenaries Lvl 16[#9CYL2UP0]: Th11+, High win rate, top tier CG, active donaters

Looking for members with:

1. TH11 35 BK/35 AQ or TH12 35 BK/35 AQ/10 GW

2. Active in clan games and wars

3. Willing to learn new attacks, and design new bases.

4. Active donators

5. No Drama

6. English speaking.

Clan provides:

1. High level donates.

2. Level 16 clan perks.

3. Completion of top clan game rewards

4. Constant wars with a high win rate.

5. Strong in Builder Base trophies.

6. Fun mature atmosphere.

7. Discord chat server.

8. Champion League III CWL rewards.

9. Second overflow clan for CWL Mercs2.0(TAG #​28YQJQ8UY).

Mercenaries(TAG #9CYL2UP0) is a 4+ year old level 16 war clan in Champion League III with an overflow CWL clan Mercs2.0(TAG #28YQJQ8UY) which should end up at Crystal League II. 

I am the leader with a TH12 and Th10 which are both active. War log is at 80% win rate for clan wars. We had a war win streak of 25 wins in 2018. We are also highly ranked in Builder Base and for US clans are at #130. Mercenaries currently has 45+ members, but we are always looking for more active war members. We have a discord chat server. 1000 donates for elder. We have mostly th9-12s. Mercenaries always max clans games, and regularly gets over 150k clan game points.

Multiple other clans that are having issues keeping up with clan games, or having enough members have merged with us. Everyone has been happy with the results. Come join our clan too!

I live in the United States, but we have members from all over. However, English only is required.

Hope to see you soon!

Clash of stats is here:

Discord is here:

Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Discord
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Troop battle

Who is best?
Ice Golem Or Golem
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• 4d

Walter White (#8QRGV9V): Lvl 19 war clan recruiting

We’re looking for a few more th10-12 to fill out our roster and facilitate 50/50 wars. We offer all the usual good stuff: Champions League CWL; non-stop war; max clan rewards; max donations; social clan; discord. All we ask is you have good heroes for your th, being 70/105/130ish combined heroes for th10/11/12 respectively. And that you’re keen on war. Request to join 👊🏼
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• 4d

What should I upgrade next

  • x bow
  • air defense
  • bomb tower
  • wizard tower
  • mortar
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• 4d

ParadoX - Newly Formed Laid Back Clan, Looking for Active Mature Members

Clan Name: ParadoX

Clan Tag: #YV2qJ9U8


None, partly on my laziness to actually write something.

Clan Games and CWL:

If you choose to participate you cannot just do one challenge in clan games, just to get the reward. There will be a goal set each time. You either get the goal, or you get 0.


1x a week (May Change depending on majority preference)

Not Mandatory (Participation Based on Preference)

Use Both Attacks

Other Info:

1:2 Donation Ratio, Donate only what is asked

All ranks are earned based on trust, loyalty, donations, and etc.

Mature members preferred, but all are welcome

USA based, but anyone and everyone is welcome

Very laid back and looking for another leader or two to help us grow (preferably a higher lv, although I'm only 107, therefore anything around there will probably work.)


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• 5d

Im maxed out th10 except the following. Should I upgrade my th?

  • Skeleton Spell
  • Walls level 10
  • Heroes level 30
  • Clone Spell
  • Earthquake
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• 5d

New clan

I'ma kinda rushed th9 looking for a clan I can join in the meantime. I'll donate and war when I'm ready.
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• 2/18/2019

BGU Warriors - active clan looking for more members #22VCLVJQR

We are a group of university students who created a clan to play clash together.

We are looking for more active members to fill our war roster and to take part in clan war leagues.

We regularly participate in clan wars, clan war leagues and clan games.

Currently in Silver League 1, 3rd in the last season of CWL.

Max clan games rewards.

Regular donations.

We are looking for Th9+ to actively take part in wars and CWL.

Social members welcome.

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• 2/18/2019

Muskie Tears - International Adult War Clan in Champion League II

#PJ8QOOQJ [Open In Game] [ClashOfStats] [] [Discord]

The Muskie Tears are currently recruiting active clashers!

Clan Level: 17

War Record: 543-103-11

CWL: Champion League II

Clan War: always

Clan Games: max rewards

Fast donations (with siege machines)

Active chat

Discord (not mandatory): Invite Link

Second clan for low level CWL: #LJCG8JJ9 (Master League II)


TH10: 30+/30+ Heroes

TH11: 40+/40+/20 Heroes

TH12: 50+/50+/20+ Heroes

No .5, engineers and bad rushers

Opt out if upgrading heroes

Always use both attacks in war

Think you got what it takes to be a Muskie Tear? Join us and find out!

Note: Mention "Wiki" in your request to join.

Hope to see you in game! 

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• 2/18/2019


I am an almost max TH8 Master 2. I am looking for a clan to stay in only for CWL. Please send me an invite or friend request if you like my profile.
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