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• 2/21/2013

Spanish Clash of Clans Wiki! Choque de Clanes wiki!

Hello Fellow Clashers!

Do you know spanish? Do you like Clash of Clans?

If the answer to both of the questions is yes,  visit the the Choque de Clanes wiki !

Clash On!


¿Sabes españoles? ¿Te gusta el choque de clanes?

¡Si la respuesta a ambas preguntas es sí, visitar la wiki del Choque de Clanes !

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• 2/21/2013

Sorry, Google Translate wouldn't allow me copying the translation, so I changed it to the Mobile version, but the mobile version cuts off and messes some of them, so I couldn't do it properly.

Well, at least it's up there!

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