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• 2/5/2018

Goblin Prince

There should be a goblin prince hero. This s my first post so I will wait for someone to comment before adding more.;-)

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• 2/17/2018

There is a reason why there's both gold and elixir,and to an extent dark elixir.Gold is used for defense,elixir is used for offense.A hero is clearly offensive.

• 2/23/2018
True. But then you should have to complete part of the goblin trail before getting it.
• 2/25/2018

This is actually a great idea,the goblin king makes sense being accesible only after you defeat him

• 2/28/2018
But there would still be a town hall requirement.
• 3/2/2018

I disagree,it would ruin the pattern there is.If you can get him on TH3,cool,use him.If you can't,try on TH7,TH8,whenever you want

• 3/4/2018
I guess.. Thing is the town hall doesn't matter as much as giving the solo campaign a reason to exist.
• 3/5/2018

First of all 1. Goblin king not Prince 2. Builder base not home village 3, meh I forgot what to say

• 3/9/2018
How about cheiftan as there is already a king.
• 9/15/2018
How about the Goblin Shaman as a name?
• 9/15/2018
Or Chief Shaman?
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