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• 2/17/2018

Goblin village

After completing the campaign in your home village, you unlock goblin village and be able to play as goblins and unlock maybe another campaign against the main villages. You could also get goblin defenses and troops (eg.goblin cannon, spear goblins)

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• 2/17/2018

Hey,so your idea is solid,but going anti-player doesnt make much sense.Also,the content will seemed forced,everything will rely around 1 troop

• 2/18/2018

Well the anti-player I admit is not really good. But it is called the goblin village so I dont think that it would make much sense to have any thing alse but goblins.

• 2/25/2018

We arent comparing that,it is obvious the goblin village will focus on goblins,what I am saying is that after some time there wont be anything to add.Goblin Cannon?(for example)It seems as the most rushed thing ever.Without some original ideas to pitch,it wouldnt be a good update

• 3/3/2018

Well, supercell wasn't too original with the night village. Eg. sneaky archers ability does the same thing the archer queens ability does, makes her invisible or the same old cannon and hidden tesla.

• 3/9/2018

I personally deeply dislike the builder base update,I think it is the worst update ever.The unoriginality really did make it a stale update.However,it still had a good background.A background of goblins is really REALLY stale and will get terrible insdie 2 updates

I mean,if you can propose some new defenses and troops,and something which can maek it original,I would love to. hear it!

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