Swapping armies in home village similar to builder base

Ad a function to swap entire army that is build in army camp with army that is built in barracks This function will work great when in war, eg. when you have an army already built in army camp that was meant for loot you can swap with army that is completed in barracks for war without loosing troops or having to loot first or delete troops, entire batch has to be swapped. This can also help when looting eg. swap ground attack troops with air attack troops for certain bases, again both armies training must be fully completed. Note once army of troops was swopped, new barracks troops and spells need to be completed before being able to swap troops again. In that way you can loot by swapping troops in camp and barracks while waiting to attack in war and have your war troops ready to attack when required. This will also help in war when you built a specific army to attack a base but it is required of you to attack another base.