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• 7/27/2018

Donating Gold and Elixir to clanmates

I know what you are thinking right now but I just had to post this (I will try to balance it out unlike other donating resources threads). So here's how it goes down at the time you reach Town Hall level 4 you can be donated resources and donate resources to your clanmates, but there's a catch. the requirements for Donating resources is Town Hall 4 and a level 2 clan castle. This is how it starts out. When you first unlock donating resources you get an icon next to the donating troops where you can donate limited amounts of resources to your clan and people who have Clan Castle 2 can be donated 5% of their storages so if their storages could hold 100,000 gold and 150,000 elixir you could donate 5,000 gold and 7,500 elixir. So at first it is not so great but as you start upgrading the clan castle the percentage starts increasing. your next percentage increase is at clan castle 4 where clanmates can donate 10% of the amount of your storages to you, and if you have dark elixir they can donate that too. by the time you hit clan castle 6 they can donate 20% of your storages to you, I don't know if there should be one for clan castle 8 though. I do have an idea for CC8 so by the time you hit that level people can donate gems to you (could be limited). Now time for the times limits, so for CC2 you have to wait 4 hours between each donation. by the time you hit CC4 the limit doubles (8 hours) and by the time of CC6 it becomes 12 hours. now if someone has already donated 5% of your storages another person cannot donate to you until 4 hours later (in this case for CC2 and others too). Anyways this would probably be an abused update but hey I had to share my thoughts

Thank you for taking to time to read (if you did)

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