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• 10/10/2018

Make inferno burn ability great again!!

Tired of getting smoked by a queen walk every single day? Each time in war when you think you have a great base layout and then a queen marches right up in there and gives it a 3 star?

Well then this post is just for you! Give this a upvote and a share to make inferno towers get there burn ability back!

How is it that a single heal spell or 2 healers can block the hot burning fire of 2 towers? Sounds like infernos are pretty useless to me.


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• 10/11/2018

Agreed. They definitely should bring back the inferno towers blocking ability. It’s what draws players to making the switch from th9 to th10 and above. That change alone would make the AQ walk a lot more difficult. Inferno tower blocking healing for the win! 🔥🔥🔥

• 10/12/2018

I don't see the point in complaining about queen walks... If you take into account the amount of DE you got to push into her before even making QW possible, I would expect that QW should be very powerfull (y otherwise spent all that DE on her).

Secondly, you got to take at least 5 healers on the higher TH level, which is at least 25% of your troop capacity... (70 spaces out of 220/240/260/280).

Therefore, I disagree with nerving the AQ...

I agree however on the inferno's. It'd also make the TH12 attacks less OP (relatively easy 3 star attacks there, even on comparable bases).

• 10/12/2018

Many people agree QW can be done with Queens as low as 15, maybe even 10. It doesn't take too much effort even for a TH9 to get to that level, let alone 10s and 11s.

If heal block was re-added, only if you place your Infernos near the outside (where a walk will typically take place) would you see a noticeable difference. If they're too close to the core (which they may be for the purposes for protecting storages, for example), then the heal block will not do very much for a walk that goes around the outside.

• 10/14/2018

1: Queen walks USUALLY take place on the outside of a base. Inferno towers are usually near the core, and even if they were on the outside, a queen could easily take them out with her ability. Also, the core of a base should be more than enough to take out a queen and the healers, even without heal blocking.

2: Single target infernos can destroy ANY single troop (and married troops, such as the heroes)

3: Heal-blocking multi targets would make ANY swarm attack (Ex: GoBoWi, Lavaloon, Miners) impossible. Destroy the tank with a single target inferno (to make the towers, cannons, air defenses, mortars, giant bombs, etc. hit your little baby units), and a multi target inferno so they can’t heal. The attack is hopeless from there

• 10/17/2018

As someone who played pre-Multi Inferno, I see the change back to Heal working as a good thing. I don't want to see healing totally blocked, but maybe a reduction in healing while under an Inferno would be a nice change.

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