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"The Clock Tower makes things happen faster in your village! Collect resources, research and build faster."

Clock Tower Ruin Clock Tower1 Clock Tower2 Clock Tower3
Ruin Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Clock Tower4 Clock Tower5 Clock Tower6 Clock Tower7 Clock Tower8 Clock Tower9
Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9

  • Summary
    • The Clock Tower is a building unlocked at Builder Hall Level 4.
    • It appears to be a Tower with a clock on top in which a hand turns clockwise.
      • It turns very fast when boosting.
    • When activated, the Clock Tower will make timers in the Builder Base speed ten times as fast as normal for a short duration. This duration can be increased by upgrading the Clock Tower.
      • It will speed up resource collectors, construction, upgrades and research timers.
    • The Clock Tower will not reduce the cool-down time of loot from Versus Battles.
    • The Clock Tower can be activated for free once every 22 hours as of the 3/30/2020 update. (Prior to that, it could be activated for free once every 7 hours but for a much shorter duration.) It can also be activated anytime using Gems.
    • Upgrading the Clock Tower will disable its ability to boost during the upgrade.

  • Strategy and Tips
    • Use the Clock Tower's boost when upgrading or researching something in the Builder Base. However, the Clock Tower will not boost the Master Builder when he is working in your Home Village.
      • Even if the Star Laboratory and builders are inactive, it can still be useful to boost, as it still speeds up resource production slightly (gaining a few hours' worth of Builder Gold and Elixir).
    • The Clock Tower is best placed outside the base as a distraction as it serves little, if any purpose on defense. Its 4x4 space makes it difficult to fit within the Walls. Additionally, due to its larger size, it may be easier to pick off than other buildings if defenses aren't placed properly.
    • The Clock Tower can be used to hide an opening in the Sablon:B which can cause unexpected behavior in certain troops (such as Boxer Giants), and can also be used to funnel troops into traps. However, experienced players can see through this trick (for instance, by counting the wall segments) and plan their attack accordingly.

  • Upgrade Differences
  • Each time the Clock Tower is upgraded (depending on what level) you can see Roman numerals (I-IX) on the left side that corresponds to the level of the Clock Tower.
    • The Clock Tower goes through significant visual changes at levels 3, 5 and 7.
      • At level 1, the Clock Tower is rebuilt from its broken state but parts are still in disrepair.
      • At level 2, the roof planks are fixed and reinforced.
      • At level 3, the front undergoes a major repair. A large ladder is placed on the front. The upright barrel at the side switches place with the sideways barrel. A trapdoor replaces the repairs on the roof.
      • At level 4, the trapdoor hinges become metal and a metal frame under the trapdoor appears.
      • At level 5, the ladder is replaced by a cross in the front. You can also now see the gears inside through the "window" on the side of the tower.
      • At level 6, the holes in the trap door on top turns into a whole piece of metal.
      • At level 7, the front-bottom part gains two openings with one rotating gear each. The two front pillars gain some extra reinforcements and the side gains more steps.
      • At level 8, the hatch at the top of the tower is raised slightly, leaving a small opening where a yellow object can be seen.
      • At level 9, the gears are now golden while the hatch at the top of the tower is raised higher.

  • Trivia
    • The Clock Tower sits with obstacles at the left side of the map when broken.
    • On 3/30/2020, the Clock Tower's boost duration was greatly increased, and its boost speed was increased to 10x (from 8x). Its cool-down was increased to 22 hours (from 7 hours).
    • On 6/26/2017, the Clock Tower's boost duration was reduced by 50%, its boost speed was reduced to 8x (from 10x), and its cool-down time was reduced to 7 hours (from 8 hours).
    • Above the door of the Clock Tower, you can see Roman numerals which correspond to the building's level. This is also on the Star Laboratory.
    • The Clock Tower's hand makes a full rotation every 30 seconds. This is double the speed of the second hand on a regular clock.
    • While a boost is active, many animations also appear to speed up as well. The Master Builder, Villagers as well as Troops stationed in Guard Posts and Sablon:Bs move faster. The latter is purely aesthetic; troops will not move or attack faster during a Versus Battle while under a boost.
    • The Clock Tower was added on 22/5/2017.






Boost Duration

Time Gained per Boost

Relative Boost* Catch-Up Point of Construction** Catch-Up Point of Boost*** Build Cost

Build Time

Experience Gained Experience

Builder Hall Level Required

1 650 14m 2h 6m 9.4% 1 time N/A 150,000 2h 84 4
2 800 16m 2h 24m 10.8% 10 times N/A 180,000 3h 103 4
3 960 18m 2h 42m 12.1% 14 times N/A 220,000 4h 120 4
4 1,152 20m 3h 13.4% 20 times N/A 300,000 6h 146 4
5 1,382 22m 3h 18m 14.8% 27 times N/A 700,000 8h 169 5
6 1,658 24m 3h 36m 16.1% 34 times N/A 1,200,000 10h 189 6
7 1,990 26m 3h 54m 17.4% 40 times N/A 1,700,000 12h 207 7
8 2,388 28m 4h 12m 18.7% 80 times 2 times 2,200,000 1d 293 8
9 2,507 30m 4h 30m 20.0% 120 times 9 times 2,700,000 1d 12h 360 9

* Relative boost refers to the total time gain as a percentage of 22 hours (the cooldown for a free boost) plus boost duration (added because the cooldown starts countdown after the boost duration), and hence how much faster time will progress in your Builder Base on average. This is assuming that you activate the Clock Tower as soon as the 22 hour cooldown ends, and also assumes that you do not spend any Gems in activating the Clock Tower early.

** The Catch-Up Point of Construction is the minimum number of boosts for which the newly upgraded Clock Tower has equaled the time for upgrading the Clock Tower had it not been upgraded - this does not consider recovering the cost of the Gold required to perform the upgrade.

The formula of Catch-Up Point of Construction time is:

*** The Catch-Up Point of Boost is the minimum number of boosts for which the newly upgraded Clock Tower has provided enough time gain such that the time lost by the inability to immediately use the free boost due to the construction of the Clock Tower is negated. This does not apply to Clock Towers level 7 and below, whose construction time is less than the current cooldown time of 22 hours.

The formula of Catch-Up Point of Boost is: (given that )


For additional statistics and information, see the Unit Calculators page.

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