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For the Home Village building with the same name, see Elixir Collector/Home Village

Elixir Collector9B

"Elixir is pumped from Ley Lines coursing underneath your village. Upgrade your Elixir Collectors to maximize their elixir production."

Elixir Collector Ruin Elixir Collector1B Elixir Collector2B Elixir Collector3B Elixir Collector4B
Ruin Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Elixir Collector5B Elixir Collector6B Elixir Collector7B Elixir Collector8B Elixir Collector9B
Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9

  • Summary
    • The Elixir Collector produces Builder Elixir though an unlimited resource called Ley Lines.
    • The Elixir Collector can store a certain amount of elixir before it stops producing. The storage capacity will depend on the level.
    • The Elixir Collector takes up a 3 by 3 space.
    • When you upgrade your Elixir Collector, uncollected Elixir will be automatically collected. The elixir is lost if you don't have space for it. The Elixir Collector will stop producing Elixir when upgrading.
    • The Elixir Collector is unlocked at Builder Hall level two.
    • The Elixir Collector is built and upgraded using Builder Gold.

  • Upgrade Differences
    • Before being repaired by the upgrade to Builder Hall level 2, it appears as a shattered glass container, with a bent pipe attached to the ground and foliage grown on top.
    • At level 1, it appears to be a glass container with wooden base and ceiling in which a pipe extends out into a pressure gauge to the ground. It fills up with purple Elixir as it collects Elixir over time.
    • At level 2, an additional pipe is added on top. The gauge is also bigger.
    • At level 3, a third pipe is added. The gauge gets bigger to accommodate the change.
    • At level 4, a fourth pipe is added and the gauge also gets bigger.
    • At level 5, the base turns to stone and all the pipes combine into a bigger one that extends right.
    • At level 6, another tube is added to the left of the container. The side of the base is bolted to the ground with golden bolts.
    • At level 7, more tubing is added to connect the second tube to the container. A second golden bolt can be seen on the base.
    • At level 8, the tubes on top were replaced by two wide tubes on top. A third gold bolt can be seen on the base of the collector.
    • At level 9, the wooden cap on the cylindrical vat is replaced with brass. The collector gets a third large tube coming from the back and a brass reinforcing bar appears on the front of the vat.

  • Trivia
    • The Builder Elixir pumped is of a darker shade than regular Elixir from the Home Village.
    • The amount of time needed to upgrade the Elixir Collector in Builder Base is higher than that of the Home Village.
    • The Elixir inside the Elixir Collector in Ruin has the same color as the Home Village Elixir.
    • The builder elixir in the collector is darker than the elixir in the home village






Production Per Hour


Time to Fill

Build Cost

Build Time

Experience Gained

Catch-Up Point* Builder Hall Level Required

1 24,000 1,000 300 1d 1,000 10m 24 N/A 1
2 28,800 1,200 345 1d 5,000 20m 34 1h 40m 3
3 36,000 1,500 397 1d 10,000 40m 48 2h 40m 3
4 43,200 1,800 457 1d 30,000 2h 84 10h 4
5 50,400 2,100 526 1d 60,000 5h 134 1d 6h 5
6 60,000 2,500 605 1d 100,000 8h 169 1d 18h 6
7 72,000 3,000 696 1d 200,000 10h 189 2d 2h 7
8 84,000 3,500 800 1d 300,000 12h 207 3d 8
9 96,000 4,000 840 1d 400,000 14h 224 4d 2h 9

* The Catch-Up Point is the time at which the newly upgraded Elixir Collector has equaled the total production of the mine had it not been upgraded - this does not consider recovering the cost of the Builder Gold required to perform the upgrade.

Caveat: The Catch-Up Point calculation assumes that the player collects all resources from the Elixir Collector without allowing it to reach its storage capacity, as resource production ceases at that point. If the player is unable to regularly collect and achieve the full potential of the collector, the Catch-Up Point is actually shorter and performing the upgrade becomes more advantageous.

For additional statistics and information, see the Unit Calculators page.

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