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"Golemites are smaller Golems constructed within the gargantuan creature. When the Golem is destroyed, the Golemites spring to life and keep fighting!"

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  • Summary
    • Golemites are basically a smaller and less powerful version of the Golem.
    • When a Golem dies, it splits into a pair or trio of Golemites.
    • Both Golems and Golemites do splash damage, similar to Balloons, when destroyed.
    • Sablon:PreferredTarget
    • The Golemite is considered to take up 15 housing spaces for the purpose of determining its interactions with the Spring Trap, Tornado Trap and Clone Spell.

  • Offensive Strategy
    • You cannot train or place down Golemites, as they only appear when a Golem dies.
    • Unlike the Golems, the Golemites are affected by Spring Traps.

  • Upgrade Differences
    • The Golemite undergoes a significant graphic change at levels 3 and 5, 6, and 7. The Golemites go through graphic changes whenever the Golem does, and gets the same change.
      • At level 3, the Golemite's rocky exterior changes shade from light gray to a darker gray.
      • At level 5, the Golemite gains purple, crystal-like spikes, quite similar to those on the level 3 Wizard Tower and his entire body gains a purple/gray color.
      • At level 6, the Golemites crystal changes from purple to pink, and a few more is added on its back
      • At level 7, the crystals turn into a light blue color and get sharper.

  • Trivia
    • As one of the five subtroops in the Home Village (the others being the Skeleton, the Lava Pup, the Yetimite and the Big Boy), it cannot be trained, placed or donated directly via the Clan Castle (although the parent Troops can).
    • The Golemite has one fifth of Golem's Damage per Second, Damage Upon Death and Hitpoints.
    • If you have a Golem in your Clan Castle and it splits into Golemites when defending your base, the Golem will not be destroyed if at least one Golemite survives at the end of the battle.
    • The Golemite is currently the only subtroop whose stats improve when you upgrade the parent troop.
    • Golemites attack slightly slower than Golems.
Preferred Target

Attack Type

Movement Speed

Attack Speed


Death Damage Radius

Defenses Melee (Ground Only) 12 3s 0.5 tiles 1.2 tiles

Damage per Second

Damage per Attack

Damage Upon Death


1 7 21 70 1,020
2 8 24 80 1,080
3 9 27 90 1,140
4 10 30 100 1,200
5 11 33 110 1,260
6 12 36 120 1,320
7 13 39 130 1,380
8 14 42 140 1,440
9 15 45 150 1,500
10 16 48 160 1,600


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