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Healing Spell info

"Heal your Troops to keep them in the fight!
Cast this spell to create a Ring of Healing. Your units will be healed while they are inside this ring."

  • Summary
    • The Healing Spell is unlocked at Level 2 Spell Factory. When placed, the spell forms a stationary ring of healing on the ground. All friendly Troops and Heroes within the ring will be healed (ground or air), including Healers.
      • While Heroes can also be healed by the Healing Spell, the rate of healing is reduced to 55% the rate of normal troops. On the other hand, Siege Machines are completely unaffected by the Healing Spell.
    • It takes 6 minutes to create in the Spell Factory.
    • It lasts for a total of 12 seconds (40 healing 'pulses' every 0.3 seconds).
    • Visually, the Healing Spell provides a medium-ranged radius with yellow shades of glowing color representing the healing effect. A similar effect can be seen while the Healer is healing.

  • Offensive Strategy
    • It is always better to use the Healing Spell when a large number of your troops are together.
    • A good strategy is to place the Healing Spell on Giants and Hog Riders, as they have medium health and can get healed quickly, although they go for defenses and can split into smaller groups. Since the troops will be receiving heavy damage, the heal spell will nullify it.
    • It can also be used for healing units such as Goblins while they attack Gold Storages and Elixir Storages. However, this might not be effective, as a Mortar or Wizard Tower of sufficient level may be able to instantly defeat them.
    • Any unit that moves out of the Healing Spell's radius will immediately stop being healed. As such, before you place a Healing Spell, make sure that you predict where your units are going to go, so they stay inside the radius longer.
    • The Healing Spell goes well with the Rage Spell, due to the fact that the Rage Spell makes Troops faster and stronger while healing them makes them much more durable as well.
      • It is very effective when they are used with high-health and/or slow troops that are not in range with many defenses.
    • You can stack Healing Spells on top of each other to increase the effect.

  • Defensive Strategy
    • Defending heals is all about where the heals will be placed and what to do to counter them.
    • Keeping splash damage far apart can minimize the value of the healing spell. Additionally, keep Giant Bombs away from splash defenses, so they do not get healed over.
    • Spring Traps should be used where you expect heals, as then troops will be at their strongest so this will remove them when they are at their strongest.
    • Use a Tesla Farm (Multiple Hidden Teslas near each other with some traps in between) to force a heal. This could ruin the attacker's plan if they cannot heal another splash defense.
    • Double Giant Bombs will destroy Hogs and Miners before a Heal even gets a chance to heal them. Try to keep them unnoticeable, as if an attacker sends a single hog or miner and triggers them that is a pure waste of Bombs.

  • Trivia
    • Healing Spell's brewing time has been reduced multiple times, from 3 hours all the way to 6 minutes.
    • Although the Healing Spell can be upgraded to level 2 in the level 2 Laboratory, only Troops, and Spells that are already unlocked will appear in the Laboratory upgrade interface. The Healing Spell will not appear in the Laboratory until the Spell Factory has been upgraded to level 2 (which requires Town Hall level 6). Most players already have a level 4 Laboratory by that time; if so, the first two upgrades will be available as soon as the Spell Factory level 2 upgrade finishes.
    • Originally, Inferno Towers nullified Healing Spells’ effectivity. However, this was changed in the June 2018 Update.

Number of Pulses

Time Between Pulses

Housing Space

Brewing Time

Spell Factory Level Required

5 tiles 40 0.3s 2 6m 2

Total Healing

Healing per Pulse

Total Healing on Heroes


Research Cost

Research Time

Laboratory Level Required

1 600 15 330 15,000 N/A N/A N/A
2 800 20 440 16,500 300,000 1d 2
3 1,000 25 550 18,000 600,000 2d 4
4 1,200 30 660 19,000 1,200,000 3d 5
5 1,400 35 770 21,000 2,000,000 4d 6
6 1,600 40 880 23,000 4,000,000 6d 7
7 1,800 45 990 25,000 6,000,000 10d 8
8 2,000 50 1,100 27,000 14,000,000 16d 11


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