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Ice Golem info
"The Ice Golem has a chilling personality and absolutely zero sense of humor. He frosts over everything he touches, freezes his surroundings when destroyed and ices up when talked to at a party. On defense his freeze effect is smaller and has a shorter duration."

Ice Golem1 Ice Golem3 Ice Golem5
Level 1-2 Level 3-4 Level 5

  • Summary
    • The Ice Golem is a troop unlocked once the Dark Barracks is upgraded to level 8.
    • Ice Golems are powerful tanking units with low damage but high hitpoints for the space they take. Their attacks slow down whatever they attack, reducing affected defensive buildings or units' fire rate by 50% for 2 seconds. Upon death, the Ice Golem freezes everything in a large radius, completely immobilizing any defenses and enemy units caught within. However, the upon death freeze does not deal any damage.
    • Sablon:PreferredTarget

  • Offensive Strategy
    • Ice golems are the best tanking units among all the others because they have good health per space, have two special abilities (slowing defenses it attacks and freezing everything in a radius of 7.5 tiles when destroyed for some good seconds) and take only 15 housing space. The only weakness of this troop is low damage per second but this can be covered by high damaging troops (ranged units work better such as archers, wizards, bowlers, witches and the Archer Queen).
    • A good strategy is to release Ice Golems and wait until all splash damage defenses like Mortars and Wizard Towers fire on them then release units like Archers and Barbarians.
    • Since the Ice Golems do small amounts of damage themselves, it's important that they are backed up by high damage-dealing troops, like Wizards or Witches.
    • The Ice Golem can counter a single-target Inferno Tower. When the Ice Golem dies, it will freeze it, allowing other troops to take the Inferno Tower out.
    • You need to make sure to fully utilize the freeze. If there is a large amount of DPS, consider bringing a lesser tank like a Giant to allow it to get to where it needs to freeze.
    • The Freeze is best used for High DPS troops or heroes to use. The Ice Golem is not a good long lasting tank, though, due to the somewhat low HP for an entire base.
    • Ice Golems can provide huge value as a tank, especially with Heroes since their freezing allows high damage defenses to stop attacking for a while and letting heroes destroy important buildings. This is especially effective with their housing space of 15, which is not very much compared to the value it can give.

  • Defensive Strategy
    • Ice Golems, which are similar to Giants and Lava Hounds, are very high-health units that can be used to soak up fire (meat shields). Make sure that the Ice Golem is in the middle or in range of most of your defenses, as the Ice Golem can distract attacking troops very effectively for a considerable amount of time. Even when overwhelmed, the Ice Golem freezes any remaining attackers for a few seconds.
    • Ice Golems can prove to be a valuable defensive troop in Clan Castles. Not only can it soak up damage so that other troops can attack behind its cover, when it does die, the resulting freeze will also stall the attackers for some time, allowing both Clan Castle troops and defenses to quickly pile damage onto the attackers. However, its freeze effect is weaker when defending, having less area of effect while also lasting for a much shorter duration than when the Ice Golem is used for attacking.

  • Upgrade Differences
    • The Ice Golem undergoes minor visual changes at levels 3 and 5.
      • At level 3, the segments closest to the hands turn a darker blue, and the feet turn to an icy blue.
      • At level 5, the upper body segment turns to a darker blue and gets a tad bit bigger.

  • Trivia
    • Sablon:MaximumTroopCount
    • He is a troop inspired by the Clash Royale troop of the same name. Aside from having a slightly different appearance, he freezes enemy units and defenses completely upon death, rather than merely slowing them down.
    • He is one of two troops to have different stats when used defensively rather than offensively, the other being the Miner (the Miner moves slower on defense and does not burrow).
    • The Ice Golem's death sound is not unique. It shares a death sound with the Giant. However, it's other sounds are unique.
    • When the Ice Golem disappears upon death or at the end of a battle, it explodes into regular elixir and spawns regular tombstones, although it is trained through dark elixir and supposed to spawn Dark Tombstones when defeated.
    • Ice Golems have a Clash Royale counterpart, but it is much cheaper(Half the cost of a Baby Dragon) and much weaker (Less damage, less HP, buildings it attacks does not slow down, death nova is much smaller and only slows down)
Preferred Target

Attack Type


Movement Speed

Attack Speed

Dark Barracks Level Required


Freeze Radius

Defenses Melee (Ground Only) 15 12 2.4s 8 1 tile 7.5 tiles*
Training Time of Ice Golems
1 Dark Barracks 2 Dark Barracks
6m 3m

Damage per Second

Damage per Attack

Freeze Time After Death


Training Cost
Dark Elixir

Research Cost
Dark Elixir

Research Time

Laboratory Level Required

On Offense On Defense
1 24 57.6 4.0s 2.5s 2,600 220 N/A N/A N/A
2 28 67.2 4.75s 2.75s 2,800 240 80,000 8d 9
3 32 76.8 5.5s 3.0s 3,000 260 120,000 10d 9
4 36 86.4 6.25s 3.25s 3,200 280 160,000 12d 10
5 40 96 7.0s 3.5s 3,400 300 200,000 14d 10

*Freeze radius when used on offense (i.e. to attack enemies). When defending in a Clan Castle, the freeze radius is 5.5 tiles.


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