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Spring Trap info

"This bouncy little number will toss unwanted visitors right off your property!"

Spring Trap1 Spring Trap3 Spring Trap5
Level 1 & 2 Level 3 & 4 Level 5

  • Summary
    • ​The Spring Trap bounces troops off the battlefield, effectively causing instant death to the first group of enemies that step on it, bouncing up to 10 housing units of Troops at level 1 and more at higher levels. For example, a level 1 Spring Trap will bounce 10 Archers or 2 Giants.
      • For the purposes of determining interactions, a Skeleton counts as 1 housing space, a Yetimite counts as 3, and a Golemite counts as 15.
    • Like other traps, the Spring Trap requires re-arming after it has been activated. Doing so is free and occurs automatically once the player logs into the game.
    • P.E.K.K.As, Golems and Heroes are unaffected by any level of Spring Traps due to the fact that they take more than 18 housing spaces.
    • The Spring Trap often does not affect the Goblin either, but this is because the Goblin is too fast for the Spring Trap to bounce it away (it usually is able to move out of range before the Spring Trap has the opportunity to affect it). However, if the Goblin doesn't continue moving once the Spring Trap has been triggered (stopping to attack a resource building, for instance), it will be bounced similar to a Barbarian or Archer. Also, if there is a horde of Goblins, the Spring Trap will bounce the Goblins in the back, since the Goblin in front triggered it first.

  • Offensive Strategy
    • Avoid places where spring traps are most likely placed such as near the Town Hall or the Clan Castle.
    • Try to absorb the trap with small troops like Barbarians and Goblins to let the stronger troops pass safely.

  • Defensive Strategy
    • If put in a strategical way, Spring Traps can ruin a raid, including the infamous Giant-Healer combo.
    • Spring Traps can be placed near or around the Town Hall, so you can get rid of large numbers of Troops closing in.
    • A sound strategy for Spring Traps is to place them in an intentionally-designed wall gap. As Troops will generally tend to go through the gap rather than fight their way through the wall, they will be directed right over the trap and be bounced to their death. Remember, however, that Spring Traps are one-time-use and until being re-armed it will leave an undefended gap in the wall after an attacker has triggered it.
      Spring Trap5 unarmed


      • A modified version of this strategy is to place walls inside your base so that the enemy Troops have to walk over the Spring Trap to attack nearby buildings.
    • You can also place them in front of commonly-targeted walls to stop Wall Breakers from breaking them, forcing the attacker to deploy a second wave if they have one or be disadvantaged in the attack. However, this fails to deter Super Wall Breakers, as the Spring Trap will instead instantly trigger its Mega Bomb ability.
    • You can place them in between Defensive Buildings to take out Giants or place them in between Resource Buildings to take out Goblins.
    • Some Spring Trap upgrades are better than others, even though each upgrade adds the same amount to its maximum capacity. Upgrading the Spring Trap to level 4, for example, enables the Spring Trap to launch an Ice Golem, 2 Valkyries, 3 Giants or 3 Hog Riders, one more than at the previous level. This contrasts with upgrading it to level 3, which does not majorly change its interactions with ground units (only really springing off two extra Barbarians or similar troops).
    • Troops with abilities that activate on their destruction can still activate these abilities when getting bounced off a Spring Trap, as if they were instantly killed at the location of the trap. While it may be useful to place Spring Traps in gaps and between defenses, this fact can be exploited by attackers using Ice Golems; if an Ice Golem wanders into one, they can activate their death freeze in an advantageous spot for the attacker.

  • Upgrade Differences
    • When first constructed, the Spring Trap consists of a wooden plank and brass spring, with one end of the spring attached to a wooden disc (which is fixed to the ground by nails) and the other fixed to the plank.
    • At level 3, the Spring Trap's spring becomes a lot thicker, as well as the wood.
    • At level 5, the Spring Trap now has encased metal reinforcements on the edges.

  • Trivia
    • The May 2016 update added upgraded levels to Spring Traps.
    • Since the Spring Trap doesn't actually do damage to Troops, troops bounced away by them will make neither upon-death skulls nor tombstones.
      • Due to this non-damaging property, troops under the Eternal Tome of the Grand Warden are not immune to Spring Traps.
    • If you look carefully, the Spring Trap's range actually extends out just enough to see the range circle.
    • Excluding Walls, you can place down 9 Spring Traps in the Home Village, which is the most of one structure/trap allowed.



Sablon:NumberAvailable Sablon:BuildingSize


Spring Capacity


Build Time

Experience Gained

Town Hall Level Required

1 10 2,000 N/A N/A 4
2 12 500,000 16h 240 7
3 14 750,000 1d 293 8
4 16 1,000,000 2d 415 9
5 18 1,500,000 3d 509 10
Trigger Radius

Damage Type

Unit Type Targeted

Favorite Target

0.8 tiles Bounces away troops Ground None
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