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"The Scattershot heaves very heavy bundles of poorly tied together rocks at whoever happens to be closest. The bundles break apart on impact and deal additional damage to the troops behind. "

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  • Summary
    • The Scattershot is a splash damage defense that has very high damage per second. It is unlocked at Town Hall level 13.
    • The Scattershot must be loaded to work. Like with other defenses that need reloading, loading is free and automatically occurs when the user logs into the game. If the Scattershot fires too many shots without being reloaded, it will run out of ammo and stop working.
    • Unlike the usual ring of explosion from other splash defenses, the Scattershot's attacks have a cone-shaped area of effect. Troops that are behind the initial target in a 90° cone shape will take splash damage and troops next to or in front of the target will be unharmed. The splash damage has a falloff effect and decreases with distance, it can affect troops 1-5 tiles away from the initial target.
    • The Scattershot can target both ground and air troops but can only damage either ground or air with each shot (not both). For example, if a Scattershot targets the Archer Queen with her Healers performing a Queen Walk, only the Archer Queen will be damaged, and vice versa.
    • The Scattershot can start its first attack in 0.8s. Once fired, it needs 3 seconds (attack speed) to reload.

  • Defensive Strategy
    • The Scattershot is excellent at dealing against troops with low to moderate health. It can pose a threat to Bowlers, Witches, Miners, Hog Riders, Balloons, among others.
    • Use it to aid high damage, single targeting defenses such as single-target Inferno Towers, since it will defend against large hordes of weak troops whilst the stronger defense will pick off any heroes or high-health troops.
    • Scattershot Islands are a good idea since they have enough range to attack beyond it and the space in between it and the nearest building makes troops likely to go around it.
    • The Scattershot has a fatal weakness: its dead zone. Traps are a good way to distract or harm melee attackers(e.g. a Tornado Trap just outside the dead zone) or make it well protected by other defenses.
  • Offensive Strategy
    • Use strong troops rather than groups of troops because it has a high area of attack, similar to mortars. If one is using a hogs/miners attack, place a heal spell in its range.
    • Their damage output is comparable to X-Bows if they attack only a single target. Hero walks (e.g. queen/warden walk) will not have much more trouble against it than if faced with an X-Bow, but the Scattershot will often wipe out any summoned troops if abilities are used.
    • Because of its slow rate of fire compared to most other defenses, it can often be distracted by a troop or hero that is capable of surviving a few shots. Giants or Ice Golems can work well for this purpose; deploying them on a side different from your other troops will prevent the Scattershot's splash damage from hurting the rest of your army.
      • If your main army is being attacked by one, you could send in a troop of a different height(Ground or Flying) as the scattershot can only damage one at a time.
    • Make use of the Grand Warden's Eternal Tome ability or Freeze Spells to avoid the damage from Scattershots. And boost troops with Rage Spell to destroy it quickly.
    • Like a mortar, this defense has a blind spot. Take advantage of this. However, be warned as the opponent might have traps or other defensive buildings to cover it.
    • Meat shields will not fully protect troops when attacking this defense, as the rocks will just attack the shield and the units behind it (and if they reach the blind spot, the Scattershot can simply fire over them straight at the units behind). Instead, use Healers or heal spells to heal the damage done to supporting troops.

  • Upgrade Differences
    • At level 1, the Scattershot resembles a catapult, with a blue wooden arm, supported by metal, holding rocks that have been tied together with rope.
    • At level 2 the Scattershot gains brass bolts on the arm and stone supporting the base. The base and the legs also gets slightly thicker, while the base having grey painted in a pattern to half the amount of blue.

  • Trivia
    • The Scattershot has the fewest levels of any defense in the game, having only 2.
    • The Scattershot has the largest splash radius of any defense, being 5.
    • The boulder on the back that the scattershot launches seems to have no cracks in between the ropes, indicating large rocks being tied up. However, the attack shows the boulder being made up of tons of small rocks (as the description suggests).
    • The Scattershot and the Wizard Tower are the only defenses not to have a navy blue spike on it at a Town Hall 13 level. The Air Sweeper does not have a TH13 level at all, so it does not count.
    • The June 2020 update changed the Scattershot so it will run out of ammunition after 90 rounds and has to be loaded in order for it to keep firing. Like the X-Bow and Inferno Tower, loading is free and is done when the player logs into the game.

Sablon:NumberAvailable Sablon:BuildingSize


Damage per Second

Damage per Shot

Splash Damage*


Build Cost

Build Time

Experience Gained

Town Hall Level Required

1 150 455.4 100-300 3,000 15,000,000 15d 1,138 13
2 180 546.48 130-390 3,500 17,000,000 17d 1,211 13

Attack Speed

First Attack Speed

Damage Type

Unit Type Targeted

Number of Rounds
3-10 3.036s 0.8s Area Splash Ground & Air 90

*The Scattershot's splash damage is capable of affecting targets 1-5 tiles from the initial point of impact. It does maximum damage for targets within 1 tile behind the point of impact, and minimum damage for targets 5 tiles behind the point of impact.

Loaded Empty
Scattershot2 Scattershot2 Empty
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