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Nagy Oltalmazó[]

A supporting Sablon:G in the Sablon:G able to buff the Sablon:G of nearby troops, as well as make them invincible with his Eternal Tome ability.

Nagy Oltalmazó oltára[]

The anchor point for the Sablon:G; he can be found around the altar when not in battle. If the Grand Warden is available for defense, the altar functions as the point where the Grand Warden defends from.



In-game currencies used to purchase and upgrade assets. Current in-game resources include Sablon:G, Sablon:G, Sablon:G (In the Home Village), as well as Builder Gold and Builder Elixir (in the Builder Base) as well as Sablon:G.

Nyomkövető légiakna[]

A Sablon:G that does massive Sablon:G to a single Sablon:G. It cannot be triggered by a Sablon:G or Sablon:G, however.



A robotic builder constructed by the Sablon:G. It resides in the Sablon:G situated in the Sablon:G, and can function as a builder there.

O.T.T.O kunyhója[]

The Sablon:G equivalent for Sablon:G, however O.T.T.O itself is only available when the Hut is fully upgraded.


See Sablon:G.


An Altar is the anchor point for a Sablon:G, and it defines the Sablon:G patrol area. Each Sablon:G has a corresponding Altar; the Sablon:G is automatically summoned when its Altar is first constructed/rebuilt. When damaged in combat, the Sablon:G will regenerate his/her Sablon:G while sleeping on top of the Altar. Although it has no offensive or defensive capabilities (with the exception of the Sablon:G), the Altar must be destroyed for an attacker to achieve three Sablon:G. Destroying the Altar has no effect on the Sablon:G.


An offensive weapon that carries your Sablon:G troops towards the Sablon:G. They are built in the Sablon:G using Sablon:G; while you can hold multiple Siege Machines at any time, only one can be used in each attack.



A building that functions as a Sablon:G in the Sablon:G. Every few hours, the Clock Tower will make a free boost available that will speed up all actions in the Builder Base for a short period of time.


A strong, ground-based Sablon:G unit in the Sablon:G that has low movement speed, high Sablon:G and low to medium Sablon:G. It preferentially targets Sablon:G.
It may also refer to the Sablon:G, depending on the context.


A Sablon:G in the Sablon:G. It shoots giant cannonballs that damage all Sablon:G in a straight line.


A more powerful version of the Sablon:G trap, found in the Sablon:G.


A temporary Sablon:G in the Sablon:G. It functions similar to a normal Sablon:G with more hitpoints, except that it deals huge amounts of death damage when killed.


Összecsapás napja[]

The second phase of a Sablon:G, lasting 24 hours in which members from both participating Sablon:G attack each other's bases in an attempt to win Sablon:G and the war.



A Sablon:G that does not do any direct damage but instead houses defensive Sablon:G and Sablon:G to both damage and distract enemies, similar to how the Sablon:G can house defensive troops.

Őrjöngés varázslat[]

A Sablon:G that temporarily increases the movement speed and Sablon:G of any Sablon:G in a small radius.

Őrjöngő barbár[]

A Sablon:G in the Sablon:G. He has moderate Sablon:G and Sablon:G. His special ability allows him to be enraged for the first few seconds after he is deployed, moving faster and doing extra damage.



Currently one of the most powerful of the Sablon:G-based Sablon:G, the P.E.K.K.A is a ground-based, Sablon:G Sablon:G that has very high Sablon:G and very high Sablon:G.


A form of Sablon:G protection that allows protection from enemy attack as long as it is active. It can be awarded due to enemy raids causing enough damage, or purchased with Sablon:G through the shop. Sablon:G through the shield will deduct some of the time it lasts, however.

Passzív képesség[]

An ability that does not require manual activation and works by itself. All Sablon:G possess a passive ability that is unlockable when they are sufficiently upgraded. See Sablon:G.


A Sablon:G in the Sablon:G. It fires plasma at both Sablon:G and Sablon:G units in a fiery burst.


See Sablon:G.



See Sablon:G.

Rejtett Tesla[]

A Sablon:G in both the Sablon:G and Sablon:G that targets both Sablon:G and Sablon:G. It has short range, average Sablon:G, and a higher than average Sablon:G.
The Hidden Tesla is hidden from the attacker until an attacking Sablon:G comes within its trigger range, at which point it pops up out of the ground and begins attacking. Once the attacker reaches 51% destruction, any Hidden Teslas that have not already been triggered will automatically appear.

Részleges sebzés[]

The concept where the Sablon:G that a Sablon:G causes does not have to be represented as a whole number. Within the Sablon:G, several Sablon:G and Sablon:G can cause fractional damage per attack, particularly those whose Sablon:G are not a whole number of seconds. According to Sablon:G, Sablon:G are kept to two significant digits. In the Sablon:G, Sablon:G do not cause fractional damage (instead the Sablon:G is fractional); however Sablon:G can cause fractional damage.

Rugó mérlegelés[]

A statistic for Sablon:G Sablon:G that controls the interactions between them and both Sablon:G and Sablon:G. Spring weight works similarly to Sablon:G in the Sablon:G, as it controls how many troops can be affected by either of the aforementioned traps. However, it does not control how many troops can fit into a single Sablon:G.


A Sablon:G that bounces away the first group of Sablon:G that step on it, removing them from the battle entirely.


A term referring to the Rune class of Sablon:G, which allow the player to instantly fill their resource Sablon:G with the corresponding resource shown on the rune.



A mighty flying Sablon:G in the Sablon:G, that has high Sablon:G and Sablon:G.


A Sablon:G in the Sablon:G that has a massive range covering practically the entire village. It only activates upon deployment of a large amount of Sablon:G, and fires three shots in 10-second volleys, dealing moderately high damage.


See Sablon:G.


A numerical representation of a loss in Sablon:G.


Some Sablon:G fire several consecutive shots in a row, then stop for a brief period, rather than firing at equal intervals. These include the Sablon:G, the Sablon:G, the Sablon:G, and the Sablon:G in the Sablon:G, and the Sablon:G Sablon:G, the Sablon:G Sablon:G, and the Sablon:G in the Sablon:G.

Sötét elixír[]

Rare Sablon:G that is used primarily to upgrade Sablon:G and to produce and upgrade special Sablon:G.

Sötét elixír egységek[]

A Sablon:G created in the Sablon:G that requires Sablon:G to train.

Sötét elixír fúró[]

A Sablon:G in the Sablon:G that collects Sablon:G from an unlimited underground reserve.

Sötét elixír tároló[]

A Sablon:G in the Sablon:G that storages Sablon:G.

Sötét laktanya[]

A Sablon:G in the Sablon:G that allows you to train Sablon:G.

Sötét varázslatok[]

Offensive abilities that are able to be utilized in battle that require Sablon:G to brew. Due to their compactness, you can fit more of them into a battle. They can also be donated to Sablon:G that are at least level 4 and above.

Sötét varázsüzem[]

An army building in the Sablon:G that allows you to brew compact Sablon:G using Sablon:G. These spells take up half the space of an elixir Sablon:G and have unique abilities that are able to assist in a player's attack.


See Sablon:G.



A Sablon:G in the Sablon:G that has an very high Sablon:G, long range, and high Sablon:G. It has two modes: ground, which attacks only Sablon:G at a very long range, and ground and air, which attacks both Sablon:G and Sablon:G at a slightly reduced range. It has limited ammunition and must be periodically reloaded with Sablon:G.

Szárazföldi egység[]

Ground troops are Sablon:G that travel on ground only. In game terms, they must destroy or go around Sablon:G (unless they can jump over them innately like Sablon:G or are under the effect of the Sablon:G and will tend to walk around Sablon:G and Sablon:G unless there is no other path. They can be targeted by Sablon:G and Sablon:G that can attack Sablon:G, but not by those that can only attack Sablon:G.

Szerkesztési mód[]

Village Edit Mode is an easier way to construct a base that you earn at Sablon:G level 3 (in the Sablon:G) or Sablon:G level 3 (in the Sablon:G. In Village Edit Mode, you have the ability to get rid of all objects, and completely redo your base.

Szezon kihívások[]

A feature where players can partake in tasks involving both the Sablon:G and Sablon:G to win rewards for themselves, which include Sablon:G and Sablon:G. Players can purchase the Sablon:G to earn increased rewards from the Season Challenges, as well as Sablon:G.


A Sablon:G in the Sablon:G that hurls boulders as projectiles, dealing splash damage twice in a straight line.

Szimultán összecsapás[]

A type of battle in the Sablon:G, where two players of similar Sablon:G counts attack and defend each other's bases simultaneously. The player with more Sablon:G wins the Versus Battle (in the case they are the same, the higher overall destruction wins, otherwise it is a Sablon:G), and subsequently is entitled to receiving Sablon:G (from the opponent) and a Sablon:G (newly generated by the game) if it is available.

Szórt sebzés[]

Sablon:G that applies to all Sablon:G within a specified radius of the targeted unit. Contrast with Sablon:G.

Szuper egységek[]

Szuper P.E.K.K.A[]

The tenth Sablon:G unlocked in the Sablon:G. Like a normal Sablon:G in the Sablon:G, it has very high Sablon:G and Sablon:G. Its passive ability allows it to deal heavy damage upon death.

Születésnapi durranás[]

A temporary Sablon:G that damages enemy troops and buildings in its radius as well as stunning them.



See Sablon:G.

Támadási érték[]

The frequency that a Sablon:G or Sablon:G attacks, usually expressed in seconds.

Támadási stratégia[]

A method of attacking in order to achieve a specific goal, usually Sablon:G, Sablon:G, or both. An attack strategy consists of a specific complement of Sablon:G and Sablon:G, and a step-by-step guide to deploying those Sablon:G in the most effective way.


A numeric value that increases based on performing a variety of different activities in game. Experience level has no in-game impact other than unlocking various Sablon:G.


A generic term for all of the player's Sablon:G, Sablon:G and Sablon:G storages. It typically does not refer to other forms of storage, such as Sablon:G, the Sablon:G or the Sablon:G.


See Sablon:G.


Natural objects that are randomly placed about your Sablon:G. Removing them can earn you a small amount of Sablon:G. Obstacles periodically respawn, but in either one of the two Villages, only 45 of them will appear at any one time. This includes Trees, Rocks, Bushes, Mushrooms, Gem Boxes, and Trunks, etc.


See Sablon:G. It may also refer to the Sablon:G or Sablon:G.

Többjátékos párosítás[]

Multiplayer matching is the act of selecting the "Attack!" button on the main screen while in the Sablon:G and then clicking "Find a Match" (for a nominal fee of Sablon:G). If a player is currently in a Sablon:G and successfully scores at least one Sablon:G in such a match, that player will receive a Sablon:G

Többjátékos támadás[]

See Sablon:G. Multiplayer attacks refer specifically to those Sablon:G against another user in the Sablon:G, and often refer to only those attacks that occur as a result of Sablon:G.


The act of exploiting Sablon:G to manipulate the path troops take, to achieve a favorable outcome on either offense (example: using a Sablon:G to clear some defenses that Sablon:G would otherwise target) or defense (for example, deliberately placing a gap in Sablon:G to make Sablon:G pass through them, where they can be ejected by a Sablon:G). The name derives from the funnel, a device used to direct liquids or small solids such as powder into a small opening.


See Sablon:G.


A war term used to refer to a 3-Sablon:G attack, or the act of performing such an attack. The term may extend to usage outside of war.


Trophies (also referred to as cups) are the Clash of Clans ranking system. When a Sablon:G is won, the winner gains an amount of trophies, while the loser loses trophies. Trophies affect Sablon:G as well as overall player and Sablon:G rank.

Trófea Ligák[]

A more formal term referring to the Sablon:G in the Sablon:G.


A Sablon:G that fires bursts of three small rockets to Sablon:G.


Ugró varázslat[]

A Sablon:G that temporarily allows Sablon:G to jump over Sablon:G.



A fast, ground-based Sablon:G Sablon:G in the Sablon:G that has high movement speed, medium Sablon:G and medium Sablon:G. It preferentially targets Sablon:G and can jump over Sablon:G.


A Dark Elixir Troop in the Sablon:G that does melee splash damage with her whirlwind attacks. She can damage multiple Sablon:G at once, and she has moderately high Sablon:G and Sablon:G.


Spells are offensive abilities that an attacking player can employ to assist his or her Sablon:G in battle. Elixir Spells are created with Sablon:G in the Sablon:G, and can be donated to level 7 Sablon:G.


A moderately expensive, ranged Sablon:G in the Sablon:G that has a good amount of Sablon:G and high Sablon:G. Its attack causes Sablon:G over a very small radius.


A Sablon:G in the Sablon:G that has an average Sablon:G, low range, and low Sablon:G. It targets both Sablon:G and Sablon:G and does Sablon:G.


Special items, usually obtained from Sablon:G, that have special functions, such as allowing instantaneous completion of an Sablon:G, or boosting all of a player's Sablon:G Sablon:G at once.


The Spell Factory is an Sablon:G that the player can use to create Sablon:G. Only a certain number of Sablon:G may be created at one time, based upon the Spell Factory level.


Sablon:G that represents the heart of your Sablon:G. If an attacker destroys your Town Hall, you lose the battle regardless of how many other Sablon:G are destroyed, as well as a portion of available Sablon:G, as it counts as one Sablon:G in a battle.

Védekező állás[]

Village Guard is a form of Sablon:G protection that is awarded immediately in relatively short amounts of time after a Sablon:G expires. Depending on the Sablon:G, it can range anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours. Sablon:G under the Village Guard provides no penalty whatsoever.


Depending on context, refers either to defensive buildings (see Sablon:G) or defensive raids (see Sablon:G).

Védelmi épület[]

A group of Sablon:G designed to safeguard your village. They are able to destroy the attacking forces that otherwise would take your Sablon:G and Sablon:G.


The outcome when the attacker fails to earn any Sablon:G, or in the case of a Sablon:G or Sablon:G, scores less stars (or less overall destruction, if the number of stars are the same). The attacker will lose Sablon:G which will be awarded to the defender. Loot bonuses (if any) will not be triggered, but the attacker keeps all the Sablon:G he/she raided from the Sablon:G. In the case of a Sablon:G, a fraction of the Sablon:G will still be awarded.


See Sablon:G.

Villámlás varázslat[]

A Sablon:G that invokes a number of lightning bolts drop from the sky, damaging all Sablon:G and enemy Sablon:G in a small area. The closer the Sablon:G or Sablon:G is to the center of the Sablon:G, the more damage that Sablon:G will receive.


A Sablon:G feature in the Sablon:G that allows a person to attack someone that has attacked them.

Vitorlázó vadkan[]

A flying Sablon:G in the Sablon:G that is a Sablon:G carried by a glider, which glides into Sablon:G. Its ability enables it to stun the defense it hits for a period.


An inexpensive, ranged Sablon:G that has low Sablon:G and low Sablon:G. It cannot be targeted by Seeking Air Mine. The Minion is a Dark Elixir troop.
It can also refer to the Sablon:G, depending on the context.



A Sablon:G in the Sablon:G that can attack Sablon:G. It slams into the ground, dealing high Sablon:G to all ground units in its area. However, it has a very short range and can be outranged by ranged units.


Zsákmány bónusz[]

Colloquial term usually referring to bonus Sablon:G won by scoring a Sablon:G in Sablon:G or Sablon:G.