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Super Troop Barrel
"Boost Troops into Super Troops to make them the village wrecking machines they've always wanted to be!"

  • Summary
    • The Super Troop Barrel is a structure that enables you to boost certain troops into Super Troops, stronger variants of their normal versions.
    • It appears in the Home Village once the Town Hall is upgraded to level 11, in between the Trader and the Loot Cart.
    • Each troop has its own unique level requirements and costs in order to be boosted.

  • Boosting Troops
    • To boost a troop, the player must be at least Town Hall 11 and also have upgraded the troop to a certain level.
      • The troop's level requirement may require the player to be Town Hall 12 or higher to boost it into its Super form.
    • Currently, seven different kinds of troops can be boosted: the Barbarian, Archer, Giant, Goblin, Wall Breaker, Baby Dragon and Witch.
    • Boosting a troop requires a set amount of Dark Elixir. Before the player boosts, the player will be able to see the stats of the corresponding Super Troop and also try out the Super Troop in a specially-built "Playground" level.
    • The level of the boosted Super Troop is equal to the level of the corresponding troop the player has researched in the Laboratory. For example, if the player has researched level 8 Barbarians and boosts them, the Super Barbarians that result will be at level 8.
    • The Super Troops themselves cannot be upgraded directly in the Laboratory, but they can be upgraded indirectly by upgrading their normal versions instead. If such an upgrade completes while the relevant boost is active, the Super Troop will be upgraded automatically.
    • Once the player has boosted a troop into the Super Troop, the boosted troop is replaced by its Super variant in the Barracks/Dark Barracks for 7 days. During this time, no other troop can be boosted into their Super form, and the normal version of the troop cannot be trained.
      • If any instances of the normal version of the troop are being trained at the time the player boosts, these troops will continue training as normal. Any such troops stationed in the Sablon:Hs will remain there until used.
    • Super Troops that are trained will leave the Barracks/Dark Barracks appearing as a normal version of the troop; however, instead of going straight to the Army Camps, they will detour to the Super Troop Barrel, and with a flash, be transformed into their super troop variant before making for the Army Camps.
    • While the boost is active, a countdown appears above the Super Troop Barrel, showing how much time remains on the boost.
    • Once the 7 days are up, a 7-day cooldown on boosting that troop occurs (meaning that a particular Super Troop can only be used every other week at most). The normal version replaces the Super version in the Barracks, however any Super Troops that are being trained at the time the boost expires will train as normal, and any Super Troops that are ready will remain in the Army Camps until they are used.

  • About Super Troops
    • Super Troops are distinct from their normal counterparts. They have a special ability and differing stats from the normal version, usually having more health and damage output, but an increased housing space to match.
    • The training costs and times of Super Troops are proportional to those of their normal versions so that both versions have approximately the same training cost and base training time per housing space. For example, the Super Giant takes double the housing space as the Giant and has twice the training cost and time.
    • Unlike temporary troops, Super Troops can be donated to Clan Castles and be used as reinforcements like any other troop.

Boost Costs and Requirements

Super Troop Original Troop Level Required

Boost Cost Dark Elixir

Super Barbarian Barbarian 8 50,000
Super Archer Archer 8 50,000
Sneaky Goblin Goblin 7 50,000
Super Giant Giant 9 60,000
Super Wall Breaker Wall Breaker 7 55,000
Inferno Dragon Baby Dragon 6 60,000
Super Witch Witch 5 60,000

  • Trivia
    • When a player upgrades to Town Hall 10, a set of barrels and a sign will appear in place of the barrel, signifying that you will unlock super troops soon.
    • The bucket and spoon that originally appears at Town Hall 10 seems to still be there once finished, showing it was not related to the construction.
    • The playground mode has a 3x3 Army Camp. However, the Army Camp is will not be targeted on by any of the super troops.
      Super Troop Barrel Locked
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