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Super Wall Breaker info
"Who knew that rolling was so much superior to running? Super Wall Breakers use pre-ignited bombs that blow up under all circumstances! No more duds!"

Super Wall Breaker7
Level 7, 8 and 9

  • Summary
    • The Super Wall Breaker is a Super Troop based on the Wall Breaker. It can be unlocked by boosting the Wall Breaker when the Wall Breaker is at least level 7.
    • Boosting the Wall Breaker requires 55,000 Dark Elixir and doing so allows the Wall Breaker to be boosted for 7 days. The level of the Super Wall Breaker you obtain from the boost corresponds to the level of the Wall Breaker you have.
    • The Super Wall Breaker is an improved version of the Wall Breaker that rolls on a large barrel bomb. It moves slightly faster than a normal Wall Breaker and is capable of doing more damage.
    • Its Mega Bomb ability guarantees that its bomb goes off regardless of whether it hits its target or not. The damage dealt by the ability is just high enough to destroy any relative level walls in one hit, and sufficient to destroy any wall in one hit if the Super Wall Breaker reaches a wall and manages to do its normal damage (see below).
    • The Super Wall Breaker has two types of damage; its normal damage, and damage when destroyed. If the Super Wall Breaker does make it to its target, it does both types of damage simultaneously; however if it is taken out before that, it does not do its normal damage and only does the damage it does when destroyed.
    • Sablon:PreferredTarget

  • Offensive Strategy
    • The Super Wall Breaker can be thought of as more consistent Wall Breakers; they are not as vulnerable to being destroyed before they reach their target, and if they do get destroyed, their Mega Bomb ability blows up their bomb anyway. This makes them useful for opening compartments to bases.
      • This is especially useful for queen charges that may fail if the wall compartment isn't opened.
    • Like with the regular Wall Breaker, it is best if a defensive unit like a Giant tanks for them which enables them to reach and destroy Walls more easily. However, their higher health means that in some cases (for instance, against weakly defended walls) it is possible to simply deploy the Super Wall Breaker unaided to destroy the target wall.
    • Super Wall Breakers can also one-shot certain trash buildings (such as Hero Altars and Builder Huts), so they can get extra value as a small funnel.

  • Defensive Strategy
    • It is difficult to stop a Super Wall Breaker from reaching its target Wall, after which damage is unavoidable. Sablon:Hs are one of few ways to dispose of the Super Wall Breaker before it can reach a wall, but its bomb will explode anyway if the Super Wall Breaker is launched by the Spring Trap, meaning placing a Spring Trap adjacent to a wall won't work. Instead, the Spring Trap will have to be placed some distance away from the wall to counter this.
    • Multiple single-shot defenses (e.g. Sablon:Hs and Sablon:Hs) defending a wall will be one of your best chances to protect the wall against Super Wall Breakers, however keep in mind that Super Wall Breakers will need several shots to be defeated in this way.
    • Scattershots and the defending Grand Warden (if sufficiently high-leveled) can counter Super Wall Breakers, as its high damage will one-shot them on a direct hit.
    • At lower levels where destroying Super Wall Breakers is difficult, it is often better to lay out your village in a way that mitigates the impact of the Super Wall Breakers; set up your defenses in a way so that a Super Wall Breaker opening a compartment will not allow access to too many valuable buildings, or place walls to trick the Super Wall Breakers into taking a longer route (which makes them easier to destroy). Super Wall Breakers share similar AI to regular Wall Breakers, so many tricks that work against Wall Breakers will likely work against Super Wall Breakers.

  • Trivia
    • Sablon:MaximumTroopCount
    • Their bomb appears to be a bigger version of Level 6 Wallbreaker's bomb, with a stick of dynamite from level 7's bomb attached to the outside.
Preferred Target

Attack Type


Movement Speed


Damage Radius

Special Ability

Walls (Damage x40) Melee (Ground Only) 8 28 0.6 tiles 1.6 tiles Mega Bomb
Boost Cost Dark Elixir

Wall Breaker Level Required

55,000 7
Training Time of Super Wall Breakers
1 Barracks 2 Barracks 3 Barracks 4 Barracks
4m 2m 1m 20s 1m


Damage when destroyed

Damage vs Walls*


Training Cost Elixir

7 78 213 3,120 + 8,520 350 7,200
8 100 250 4,000 + 10,000 400 8,000
9 120 288 4,800 + 11,520 450 8,800

*The damage is written as normal damage + damage when destroyed.


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