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Village Guard
"Guard is the last bit of time before protection from attackers ends. You can attack others without penalty, but be careful - Guard doesn't last for long!"

  • Summary
    • Village Guard is a post-shield that allows you to attack freely with no penalty that can be dismissed at any time.
    • 2 hours of extra Village Guard can be bought for 10 gems every day in the shop when your shield is down (23 hour cooldown).
    • Buying a Shield from the shop will dismiss active Village Guard.
    • The concept of Village Guard is irrelevant in the Legend League, as its shield system is different from that of other leagues. No Village Guard is awarded or available there.

  • When is it Granted?
    • Village Guard is given to a player if one of four required conditions are true.
    • After defending a weak attack: A 30-minute long Village Guard will automatically be awarded after every defense with at least 1 building destroyed that does not result in a Shield.
    • After a personal break without defending: A 30-minute Village Guard will also be awarded if the player waits out 6 minutes of a personal break without defending. This will also extend the personal break timer by 30 minutes.
    • After a Shield expires: After a Shield expires (or is dismissed by the player), Village Guard is activated. The duration of the Village Guard depends on the player's Trophy League and can be seen in the table below.
    • Upon returning to the game after inactivity: If the player has not logged on to the game for 90 days, the next time they log on, a special event will trigger which reintroduces the player to their village. A 24-hour Village Guard will be awarded immediately after logging in. Note that this event can only trigger once per year per player.
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! data-type="league" | League ! data-type="dps" | Village Guard time |- | Master I and below | 30 minutes |- | Champion and Titan Leagues (all levels) | 1 hour |}

  • Difference between a Shield and a Guard
    • Village Guard is intended to support active play time, while a Shield is intended to provide opportunities for downtime from the game.
      • For example, if you need a 15-minute break or a 90-minute break, or if you want to boost your Barracks and have an intense 1-hour play session of constant attacking, the Village Guard can be used to make sure you don't get attacked in the middle of it, even if you get distracted for a while or accidentally go offline.
    • A key distinction between the Shield and the Guard is that attacking in Multiplayer under a Guard does not deduct its duration while doing the same under a Shield deducts some of its duration. Thus a Guard better enables a player in conducting multiple attacks in quick succession than a Shield does.
    • The Village Guard behaves similarly to a shield in the sense that both prevent the player from being attacked. The Village Guard can be thought of as keeping the player online regardless of whether or not the player is actually online.

  • Personal Breaks
    • The Personal Break Timer (abbreviated as PBT) is a mechanism designed to prevent players from remaining online indefinitely (which would prevent them from ever being attacked).
    • The PBT lasts for 4 hours, starting from the moment players go online, and pausing whenever the player goes offline. Once the timer reaches zero, players will be taken out of the game for 6 minutes as a "personal break", giving other players a chance to get attack to your base. Players can see the status of the PBT by tapping on the info button on top of the Shield icon.
    • There are several conditions for extending or resetting the PBT:
      • The PBT is automatically reset to 4 hours when you receive a shield.
      • Staying offline for 15 minutes without getting attacked and without shield or guard will fully reset the PBT.
      • Buying the 2-hour Village Guard will extend the PBT by 2 hours.
        • This holds true when being attacked, for example, receiving a 30-minute Village Guard will extend the PBT by 30 minutes.
      • During the 6-minute PB, if you don't get attacked or get attacked but didn't get a shield (less than 30% destruction), you will be granted a 30-minute Village Guard along with a 30-minute extension to the PBT without resetting the timer, regardless of the league you are in.
        • After the Village Guard runs out, you will be forced to 6-minute PB for a second time. During the 6 minutes, if you don't get a shield, you will be granted a 30-minute Village Guard + 30-minute extension to the PBT.
        • You will be only taking out to a PB thrice. Once you will be kicked out again for PB the third time, regardless if you get a shield or not, your PBT will be reset to 4 hours and granted a Village Guard depending on your current league.