Clash of Clans Hungarian Wiki
  • Summary
    • The Waterfall is a decorative feature that was present in early versions of the game, removed from the game in Version 2.111, but later readded in the March 2020 update.
    • The reason for its initial removal was due to performance reasons, as cited by Supercell. As buildings turned more animated over time, it became necessary to remove the Waterfall so that the game would continue to perform smoothly. At the time, the Waterfall took up a large amount of RAM to the point of severe lag and uncomfortable gameplay on older devices. However, it was eventually re-added in the March 2020 update (possibly after support of older devices was gradually removed).
    • Upon the Waterfall's return, it received a different texture and animation than the old version. The trees were also changed when the Waterfall came back.

  • Gallery
    • The Waterfall is animated and can be found on the northeast side of the village.
    • You can see the Waterfall in the Village on the top right corner of the screen in these screenshots.