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Builder Hall9 Gold Mine9 Elixir Collector9B
Sala del costruttore Miniera d'oro Estrattore di elisir
Gold Storage9B Elixir Storage9B Gem Mine9
Deposito d'oro Deposito di elisir Miniera di gemme

Resources are the currencies used to purchase and upgrade assets. The game has six different resources; Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, Gems, Builder Gold, and Builder Elixir. These resources have buildings that are used for storing and generating them, except for Gems which has no building for storing them.

Builder Gold Costruttore Oro

Gold is a resource that is dug up by the Gold Mines. Once collected it is stored in your Gold Storages. The amount of gold you have is displayed at the top right side of the screen. Gold is used to build and upgrade Defensive Buildings, trapsElixir CollectorsElixir Storages and Walls. It is also used to place national flag decorations.

Builder Elixir Costruttore Elisir

Elixir is a resource that is collected by Elixir Collectors. Once collected it is stored in your Elixir Storages. The amount of elixir you have is displayed at the top right side of the screen under gold. Elixir is used for purchasing and upgrading troops, Army Buildings, Dark Elixir Storage, Dark Elixir Drills, Gold Mines and Gold Storages. It is also used to place many Decorations.

Gems Gemma

Gem is a resource that is dug up by the Gem Mines. Gems are a resource primarily gained through in app purchase (IAP). There are other ways to obtain gems, although these methods are rather slow in comparison to purchasing them in the Shop. Small numbers of gems can be obtained by clearing rocks and trees from your village, but this is random and rate of respawn of trees and bushes is quite low. Completing achievements also awards gems. In addition, the top players in the top three clans receive gems from the weekly tournament. Lastly, Supercell occasionally holds competitions on their Facebook page for which they award gems to the winners.

Gems can be used to purchase all other resources and Builder's Huts. They can also be used to speed up upgrades, gold/elixir collection and to finish troop training.

Generally it's a good idea to save your gems for your Builder's Huts, as having more builders drastically increases the speed at which you can upgrade your village.

For more information and images see the Gems page.

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