Section editor for mobile devices - testing in Clash of Clans

Hello Clash of Clans community!

As you all know, Wikia is always working on ways to improve the user experience around the platform and encourage more contribution. So we are happy to be bringing back mobile editing! According to our stats, more than 50% of a community page views are coming from mobile devices, and many of these visitors may wish to fix a typo or add some content.

Wikia’s Clash of Clans communities have been selected to participate in a test release of the updated mobile editor before the wider release of the feature. This test has already been enabled in your community, and we are looking forward to hear what you and your community have to say about mobile editing. Let us know here if you and your fellow community members have comments, suggestions, concerns and bugs while trying to edit on your mobile device.

This mobile editing release is going to bring a basic editing experience, available only in source mode. It’s section-based (rather than displaying the whole page on source mode), with no preview or edit summary. The idea is that users who just want to fix a typo or add basic content on the community can do it in a quick and easy way.

Your feedback and testing will help us be prepared for the wider release. Thank you for help and happy mobile editing!