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Trunk and mushroom
  • Obstacles are plants and rocks that are randomly placed in your village. You start with about 40 obstacles around your village. You can remove them if you have an available builder and a small amount of Gold or Elixir. Gold is used to remove rocks and Elixir to remove vegetation.
  • Each obstacle that is removed will yield 0, 1, 2 or 3 Gems.
  • Vegetation respawns at a rate of one item per eight hours. Rocks do not respawn, once removed.
  • Since vegetation respawns, and removing one may yield Gems, removing vegetation regularly can be an unlimited (albeit slow) source of Gems. This could be a good idea to farm gems.
  • You can have a maximum of 40 obstacles at one time.
  • There is an achievement called "Nice and Tidy" which gives players experience and Gems for removing 10/50/500 obstacles.
  • Troops can be spawned beside an obstacles, but not on top of them.


Vegetation1When the game respawns an obstacle, the respawn weight represents the chance of that particular item being the one that appears.[]

Tür Boyut Kaldırma Zamanı Kazanılan deneyim Experience Temizleme Maliyeti  Elixir Yeniden oluşma olasılığı
Mantar 2x2 10s 3 100 10%
Çalı 2x2 10s 3 250 20%
Gövde (1) 2x2 10s 5 1,000 10%
Gövde (2) 2x2 10s 5 1,000 10%
Gövde (düşmüş) 2x2 10s 5 1,000 20%
Ağaç (küçük) 2x2 10s 5 2,000 20%
Ağaç (orta) 3x3 10s 6 7,500 5%
Ağaç (büyük) 3x3 10s 7 10,000 5%


Taşlar, bir kez kaldırılır, bir daha yeniden yaranmaz.

Tür Boyut Kaldırma Zamanı Kazanılan deneyim Temizleme Maliyeti


Taş (küçük 1) 2x2 20s 4 500
Taş (küçük 2) 2x2 20s 4 500
Taş (küçük 3) 2x2 20s 4 500
Taş (küçük 4) 2x2 20s 4 500
Taş (sütun) 2x2 45s 6 10,000
Taş (büyük) 3x3 60s 7 20,000

Mezar taşı[]

Saldıran askerler öldürüldüğünde mezar taşları oluşur.

Tür Boyut Kaldırma Zamanı Kaldırma Faydası Taşın oluşduğu askerler
Mezar Taşı 1x1 Hemen 20 İksirElixir İksir askerleri öldüğünde.
Kara Mezar Taşı 1x1 Hemen Kara İksirDark Elixir Kara İksiraskerleri öldüğünde.

Özel Engeller[]

During the Winter 2012 Update, they added a X-mas Tree that gives 30,000 Gold when cleared, which was then increased to 50,000.  On 3rd January 2013, Supercell indicated on the forums that people will get to keep their trees even after the winter theme is gone.

During the Winter 2013 Update, they introduced another X-mas Tree that gives 75,000 Altın when cleared.

Video of X-mas tree (2012) being chopped down and the reward:

Tür Boyut Kaldırma Maliyeti


Kaldırma Zamanı Kazanılan Deneyim Kaldırma Ödülü


Yeniden oluşma olasılığı
Noel Ağacı (2012) 2x2 25,000 30s 5 50,000 2%

Noel Ağacı (2013)

2x2 25,000 30s 5 75,000 2%


Süslenmemiş Engeller[]

Cadılar Bayramı Desenli Engeller[]

Kış Desenli Engeller[]