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Whatever the level of your base is, a good number of steps must be taken to ensure a good base; one that doesn't always get 3-starred by the opponent! Getting attacked can happen in two main situations: you either get attacked by some random opponent in a multiplayer battle, or you get attacked by some random opponent in a war (usually your equal.) While indulging in wars is definitely much more exciting than getting slammed by some random opponent who scouted and saw your base as beautiful loot, in both scenarios it's important to prepare a good defense, and even more importantly, a good offense. The leap from Town Hall 10 to 11 is huge, and defending and upgrading your base, maintaining good resources, and fighting in wars becomes much more complex. In this guide, we took the time to make it easier for you clashers to know what to upgrade first and how to be best prepared, based on statistics, comparisons to other bases, our past experiences, and a bit of intuition.


This guide is divided into two parts. The first part gives you straight what to do. It hands out the upgrade priority of the army, buildings, resources, and defenses, and gives other cool tips and tricks. The other part is just the fun "behind the scenes", supporting the first by extra facts, along with some teasers of how we constructed the guide and how we reached the conclusions presented. If you want to skip the long stuff and dive straight into the guide, see the first part. If you are a nerd just like we are, then definitely read everything to the end!

Upgrades summary[]

This guide is fairly long with respect to all other upgrade guides! If you would like to get the short of what to upgrade, here's a compiled list!

  1. Upgrade The Clan Castle (only prioritize this if you have a Hammer)
  2. Upgrade The Laboratory
  3. Upgrade The Spell Factory (Do this if you have a spare Hammer or a Book)
  4. Build your Grand Warden and prioritize upgrading him to level 5.
  5. Upgrade your Elixir Storages and Gold Storages
  6. Upgrade the your Elixir Collectors and Gold Mines
  7. Upgrade your Elixir Drills if you find yourself lacking a lot on Dark Elixir (Otherwise, push them to the end of this list)
  8. Upgrade the Army Camps to level 9 (Prioritizing The Grand Warden)
  9. Upgrade the Barracks (Normal and Dark)
  10. Meanwhile, keep upgrading your King and Queen non-stop, but don't upgrade both, especially if the Grand Warden is being upgraded, too.
  11. Build the new 25 wall pieces
  12. Build the new Cannon, Archer Tower, Wizard Tower, X-Bow, and Eagle Artillery
  13. Get a Town Hall 11 Layout (You can do that while you are still building the new defenses)
  14. Upgrade the Air Defenses to 9
  15. Max out the Air Sweepers
  16. Upgrade the new Cannon and Archer Tower to 13
  17. Upgrade the new Wizard Tower to 9
  18. Upgrade the new X-Bow to 4
  19. Upgrade all Cannons and Archer Towers to 14
  20. Upgrade all Wizard Towers to 10
  21. Upgrade all Mortars to 9
  22. Upgrade both Bomb Towers to 5
  23. Upgrade all X-Bows to 5
  24. Upgrade all Cannons and Archer Towers to 14
  25. Upgrade both Inferno Towers to 5
  26. Upgrade The Eagle Artillery to 2
  27. Upgrade The Tornado Trap 2
  28. Upgrade all Giant Bombs to 5
  29. Upgrade all Air Bombs to 5
  30. Upgrade all Bombs to 8
  31. All this time, keep upgrading you heroes non-stop, especially prioritizing the Grand Warden. If you can, upgrade two heroes at a time.

Main Part[]

Before Town Hall 11 (The calm before the storm)[]

Town hall 11 is a big deal. First and foremost, you unlock a defense beast: the eagle artillery (Which would have been only cooler if it were the dark eagle artillery, but fine, we are still happy with it this way.) You also get your third hero: The Grand Warden. While his attacks and health may be a little underwhelming at low levels, his ability is not, and he along with it are definitely powerful at higher levels. You also get to unlock one of the best traps in the game: The Tornado Trap. Town Hall 11 also gets an additional X-Bow to the 3 offered at Town Hall 10, and the level cap is increased by 1. The Barbarian King's and Archer Queen's level caps are also both increased by 10, to a maximum of 50.

Excited? But Hold your horses! One question remains: are you ready to move on to Town Hall 11?

Town Hall 11 is also when you get to unlock the mighty Electro Dragon, which is definitely extremely powerful at this stage. While this is great news, it also means that if your defenses are lacking, then you are positively going to be dominated by all Electro Dragon raids. While some people take it to upgrade the air defenses first at every town hall, and while we in a sense support doing so, just upgrading the air defenses and skipping others is going to cost you a lot. Inferno Towers and Air and Ground X-Bows also play a huge deal in air raids, and skipping their upgrades is not good at all. Also, raids with the golems and witches become more dangerous, so upgrading your ground defenses and knowing when to set X-Bows to ground only is crucial. If you go to Town Hall 11 unprepared or with lacking defenses, you can easily have a very hard and unenjoyable time for a long while.

So what's the recommendation? You don't skip any defense upgrade on Town Hall 10, and you fully upgrade the base to the max, even walls. Also, while upgrading your heroes may be tough and long, and it will take away from your attack power, we recommend that you upgrade them to level 40 still, as heroes only get better with upgrades and will pay off. If you focus on upgrading your Queen well at Town Hall 10, you can basically launch Queen Walk and Queen Charge attacks at other Town Hall 10s, and the attack is quite enjoyable, especially since all troops now are free of cost. This does not mean that you should ignore your Barbarian King, though. Keep upgrading him alongside your Queen. The walls are tedious to upgrade and the most boring of all, but they do a pretty good job at stopping a lot of ground attacks while your other defenses clear the arena of your opponent's troops. We still haven't checked how effective they are after they have been nerfed, but the "feel" we get when we launch ground attacks is that they still do a pretty good job.

We have devised some overly summarized plans to follow below before thinking of upgrading to Town Hall 11. For an amazing guide on the whole upgrade priority in Town Hall 10 alongside some beautiful tips, check out Sezeky's Town Hall 9/10 Guide!

- 1st plan (The Long and Cool Way to The Land of Glory): Upgrade everything: resources, heroes, defenses, and buildings. This is the best plan if you wish to go to Town Hall 11 feeling well and doing well. Follow Sezeky's guide!

- 2nd plan (The Anarchist): Upgrade everything, including heroes, but move on to Town Hall 11 when everything else is maxed out. By this time, your heroes can be around level 40 if you have done everything correctly, and the level difference between them and the max level at Town Hall 10 will be small. This takes away from your attack power a bit, but is acceptable, since you should keep upgrading the heroes at Town Hall 11, and you can completely upgrade them if done correctly before you max your Town Hall.

- 3rd plan (The Communist): Upgrade everything and forget the resources (in this sense, we mean gold mines, elixir collectors, and dark elixir drills, and consider you will be upgrade the storages). Upgrade them as you move on to Town Hall 11. This plan takes away from the comfort you will feel if you otherwise choose to upgrade the resources. Also, since you have already reached the building number cap of mines, collectors, and drills, you can't rely on getting other ones to help in later Town Halls.

- 4th plan (The General): Upgrade the defenses only. Upgrade some other things, probably the most important, as the upgrade of Town Hall 11 is progressing. This plan is not great. First, you are missing on a lot of firepower with your heroes not upgraded. Second, you are missing on some defensive capabilities and resources if you are not considering upgrading the Clan Castle as well. If you treat the Clan Castle and the Heroes part of the Defence, then this plan is the 3rd one.

- 5th plan (Air Defense Corps): Upgrade the air defenses only (No, not the Air Defence, but them and the Inferno Towers and X-Bows at least.) You will get wrecked by ground raids, and you will probably get 3-starred a lot at the beginning of your Town Hall 11 life. This and the disadvantages of the 4th plan remain.

- 6th plan (The Sprinter): Never mind Town Hall 10. Just go straight to 11! Rushers would love this, but rushers basically never do well in anything. Please, don't do this.

If you want to do the best thing, then stick with the first plan. While it is long and can get boring, it definitely pays off and will make your base endure a lot more attacks and not get 3-starred on every one. When your defenses are all maxed out, you will even start to see a lot of attacks on you yield the raider just 1 star. When your heroes are maxed out, you will suddenly feel much more powerful in attacking than you ever did before! That is not to mention the satisfaction and joy of seeing a maxed out base and knowing you have come a long way! We recommend enjoying every base to the fullest before heading on to the new experience of a higher one.

Things to Do Immediately Before The upgrade[]

Yeah, more boring talk... But hold on, we got to say those last farewell words and Town Hall 10, and tell you what to do now before upgrading, so that you have a smooth ride once the upgrade is over.

First things first, what you will need to upgrade immediately after the Town Hall upgrade is The Clan Castle. This is because at level 7, The Clan Castle get an extra spell housing, which is a big deal, as you can now bring a 2 housing space spell, or bring two 1 housing space spells, like two freezes or a poison and a freeze. It also increases the max number of troop levels you can put in The Castle. The problem is that its upgrade takes 9 days and costs 8 million elixir, which is both a huge time and huge amount of resources. The max resource cap for both gold and elixir at Town Hall 10 is already 8.5 million - without any buffs - and increases via the treasury depending on your clan. Let's then assume your max resource cap for gold and elixir is 10 million. This means that The Clan Castle upgrade is taking 80% of your elixir capital alone, and consuming a builder for 9 days. Because of this, we recommend that you keep a Hammer of Building for this before you upgrade to Town Hall 11, and use it after the upgrade to immediately snap The Castle to level 7.

Then next thing you need to do is focus on upgrading your Laboratory, as this is the main power core of your army. The Laboratory's upgrade is not costly (3 million,) and it takes 4 days, which is a fairly average time by Town Hall 10 standards. However, if you want to start immediately on upgrading your army, you can keep a Book of Building for that, since it's cheaper than a Hammer and you don't really need a Hammer for the Laboratory.

The last thing you need to consider in this mess is the Spell Factory. You will want to upgrade this guy if you want to get the notorious Invisibility Spell. Definitely get a Book or Hammer for this one, Book preferred, since you can't go on attacks without spells, or will have to rely on only Dark Spells, which is very hard. The reason we have put this after the Laboratory is because we don't think getting the Invisibility Spell is essential, as the spell itself is very niche and rarely used in Town Hall 11 attacks.

Besides stocking up on Hammers and Books, try to get to your maximum treasury as the Town Hall upgrade to 11 is progressing, and keep everything in the treasury. You will need a lot of resources after the upgrade, so you might also consider keeping your Raid Medals to buy resources if you need them.

So to summarize:

  1. Get a hammer for the Clan Castle and prioritize upgrading it only if you have the hammer
  2. Work on upgrading your Laboratory immediately, and get a book if you want to start those army researches right away
  3. Definitely get a book or hammer for the Spell Factory if you are going to upgrade it.
  4. Reach your maximum resource cap and don't rush the upgrade.

We're There! What Now?[]

Good job! You've arrived. Welcome back, chief. Throughout our talk, we will assume you have followed The Long and Cool Way to The Land Of Glory, and take you from there to a town hall that is ready for getting finally upgraded to 12.

Step 1: Offense Is The Best Defence (1/2)[]

First things first: you should focus on offense and then move on to defense. The first thing you should be building is your third and long awaited hero: The Grand Warden. After that, prioritize getting him to level 5, as this unlocks his second ability, The Eternal Tome, and it does not take a lot of time to get The Warden from level 1 to 5. The upgrades also cost elixir, so you should keep some Elixir stored for him and his upgrades. You can keep The Grand Warden down for upgrades until he reaches level 5, since at early Town Hall 11, most opponents you will be fighting will be Town Hall 10s, and you don't really need The Grand Warden for successful raids.

After you are done upgrading The Grand Warden to level 5, it remains up to you to choose which hero you would like to prioritize upgrading, especially since attacks are starting to get more complex. But there is a general guideline: if you have excess elixir, upgrade your Warden. If you have enough Dark Elixir and you don't want it for anything else (except, maybe, walls,) upgrade your Queen or King, prioritizing them in this order.

Step 1: Offense Is The Best Defence (2/2)[]

After getting The Grand Warden, and alongside your heroes' upgrades, come The upgrades of the Army Camps. These are crucial for offense since they unlock the full potential of your Camp's housing space. Upgrading all the four from level 8 to 9 increases the housing space from 240 to 260, which is big! Consider upgrading them after the laboratory and before the barracks.

Note: If you run out of Elixir and you are choosing between upgrading an Army Camp to the next level and upgrading your Warden, definitely go with the Warden. Improving his Ability is much more important than getting a Balloon worth of housing!

Next, you should be upgrading either The Barracks or Dark Barracks. It depends on which attack strategy you will be favoring and using. If you are going to use Electro Dragons, upgrade the Barracks. If you are going to use Ice Golems, then go for the Dark Barracks.

To Summarize:

  1. Build your Grand Warden and prioritize upgrading him to level 5.
  2. Upgrade the Army Camps to level 9 (Prioritizing The Grand Warden)
  3. Upgrade the Barracks
  4. Meanwhile, keep upgrading your King and Queen non-stop, but don't upgrade both, especially if the Grand Warden is being upgraded, too.

Step 2: Defensive Countermeasures[]

Now, it's time to focus on defence. First, you should build the new Cannon, Archer Tower, Wizard Tower, X-Bow, and the Eagle Artillery, prioritizing them in this order, or building as many of them alongside each other as you can. You won't be able to build all of them at the same time if you don't have The Sixth Builder, since one of your builder will be busy with the Grand Warden upgrades, so you can build The Eagle Artillery last. Never mind upgrading any of them now. You're going to do this later.

Before starting on upgrading your defenses, you should first at least get the new walls so you can work on your new Town Hall 11 layouts. You don't have to upgrade the walls and you can keep them as a last priority on the defenses list, upgrading them as the resources allow. After getting the walls, work on upgrading the Gold and Elixir Storages to the next level, in that order.

Now it's time to decide which defenses to upgrade first. Well, the decision of upgrading which defense first depends on whether you are participating in wars, because if you are participating in wars then you should start with the weaker defenses up to the stronger ones, like climb you way up from the cannon to the eagle artillery, and the reason is weaker defenses give less war weight so you will have easier war enemies, if you start with the artillery and inferno towers for example you will have much harder enemies at war.

As a general guide, you should start with upgrading any air defence first. What we mean by that is you start with upgrading all the Air Defenses, then the Air Sweepers. These two add little to the war weight and provide substantial DPS. Upgrading them will also mean easier time against Electro Dragon attacks and air raids in general, which are quite common at TH 11.

After the air defenses are upgraded, you should get any new defense to the max level that was allowed by TH 10. That means the new Cannon and Archer tower to 13, the new Wizard Tower to 9, and the new X-Bow to 4. This will ensure that all upgrades have the same time later on and everything can be managed much easier.

Then, you should max your defenses based on this order: Cannons (first upgrade), Archer Towers (first upgrade), Wizard Towers, Mortars, Bomb Towers, Cannons (second upgrade), Archer Towers (second upgrade), X-Bows, Inferno Towers, and The Eagle Artillery. This will ensure you contribute the lowest ratio of War Weight/DPS and have easier time in wars!

At the end come the traps. The first trap to upgrade should be the Tornado Trap, considered the best trap in the game, since there is only one of it and it takes only 2 days to upgrade it. Then come all the Giant Bombs, due to the huge impact they have on ground raids. Next are the air bombs, finally followed by the bomb, just for the sake of upgrading it. The other traps, like the spring trap, for example, are maxed out from Town Hall 10, and the Seeking Air Mine is upgraded to 4 at Town Hall 13.

To summarize:

  1. Build the new 25 wall pieces
  2. Build the new Cannon, Archer Tower, Wizard Tower, X-Bow, and Eagle Artillery
  3. Get a Town Hall 11 Layout (You can do that while you are still building the new defenses)
  4. Upgrade the Air Defenses to 9
  5. Max out the Air Sweepers
  6. Upgrade the new Cannon and Archer Tower to 13
  7. Upgrade the new Wizard Tower to 9
  8. Upgrade the new X-Bow to 4
  9. Upgrade all Cannons and Archer Towers to 14
  10. Upgrade all Wizard Towers to 10
  11. Upgrade all Mortars to 9
  12. Upgrade both Bomb Towers to 5
  13. Upgrade all X-Bows to 5
  14. Upgrade all Cannons and Archer Towers to 14
  15. Upgrade both Inferno Towers to 5
  16. Upgrade The Eagle Artillery to 2
  17. Upgrade The Tornado Trap 2
  18. Upgrade all Giant Bombs to 5
  19. Upgrade all Air Bombs to 5
  20. Upgrade all Bombs to 8

Last thing you should upgrade is the walls, where you just dump excess loot into them. Of course, walls shouldn't be ignored, as they act as a huge hinderance to ground raids, and can make even great raids lose through a TIME FAIL!!

Congratulations, You've Reached THE END[]

And that's that! This was the extensive guide for Town Hall 11. If you have read everything, then we congratulate you and thank you so much for taking the time! We hope you enjoyed the thoughts and ideas behind every detail, and we hope to know what you think of the guide in the section!

If you still would like to read the geeky stuff, the please do in the section below!

The numbers talk[]

Resources... Should You Upgrade?[]

We have mentioned The Communist plan in the Main Part as a plan that you can - but probably shouldn't - follow to upgrade to Town Hall 11. This plan says that you can ignore resources. But can you really ignore resources? Let's see that in more details.

Town Hall 10 pushes the max level of Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors to 11, form 10 and that of Dark Elixir Drills to 7, from the max of 6 at Town Hall 9. There is no increase to the number of buildings.