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Hello, I am 1e27, person. I have made a few edits on this wiki. I am active on this wiki almost every day. I have a th12; I play Clash Royale and Brawl Stars as well; I have 14k trophies in Brawl Stars on my first account, 6k in my second account, 4k in my other 4 accounts and about 4k trophies in Clash Royale (yes, I have too many brawl stars accounts; thanks for noticing). I have all Clash Royale cards except for ram rider and the log. I have all brawlers except spike. I am only planning on making one strategy guide for now, so there is not much to do/see here, person.

Invisibility Spell info

What I most recently unlocked. →

Please do not edit the poll or table but you can edit nearly everything else on this page or the linked strategy guide(s) as long as it is not vandalism or adding irrelevant/repetitive information or a major edit. You may make major edits if I have not contributed to this wiki for one month; otherwise, please seek my permission. Do not add or remove a section to any of the Strategy Guides unless I have been inactive for 73 days or longer. Staff and bureaucrats can edit almost anything. Even if you are staff, please do not remove "This material is unofficial . . . policy" unless you are deleting the page.

person,You may make major edits to my guides if I have not contributed to the wiki for one month; otherwise obtain my permission first.

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1e27's Strategy Guide/Rushing

This strategy is about rushing. The name is fairly self explanatory, person.
Clan Games 1e27's Strategy Guide/Clan Games This is about how I complete certain Clan Games challenges. Currently under maintenance.

This material is unofficial, for more information please see the fan content policy from Supercell Oy, a Finnish company (business ID 2336509-6) having its registered office at Itämerenkatu 11, 00180 Helsinki, Finland. This content is made within the limitations of the policy and is not meant to break it in any way, shape or form.

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 What is Clash of Clans?[]

Clash of Clans is essentially a f2p game. While there are in game purchases, all purchases give either skins/scenery which do not affect stats or content that can be obtained without payment. Clash of Clans is generally considered to be the highest grossing app on IOS and Android of all time. In clash of clans you attack other players bases with armies you train and create a base to defend against attacks. Upgrade and build times can range from a few seconds to several days. There is currently over 4 years of content in Clash of Clans and more is being added.

Highest grossing ios games

Clash of clans is the highest grossing game on the app store.

Most downloaded ios games list

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular ios games.

Humanitarian Efforts[]

Red shield on Town Hall

Supercell occasionally has humanitarian efforts. One example was a time when you could buy special gems to contribute to AIDs research. This would give you a red shield on your Town Hall. More recently Supercell helped protect 1,000,000 trees with the help of Hay Day players. All pollution by players is offset by donations supercell makes.

Are Free Gems Real?[]

If you are in an open clan with no requirements to join then there is a decent chance that people (actually bots most of the time) have entered your clan, advertised a 'free gems site'(or sometimes multiple) and then left. Those sites are obviously fake and will probably give you malware, please report the messages that advertise free gems. Occasionally bots will visit this wiki advertising 'free gems' in the comments. These website are also fake and you should report the comments. There are only a few ways to get gems.

  1. clearing obstacles
  2. the Gem Mine
  3. completing achievements
  4. the 500 you start off with
  5. buying them with real money in game
  6. special events in game
  7. clan games
  8. selling magic items
  9. season challenges
  10. being one of the top 20 players in one of the top 3 clans
  11. Official giveaways hosted by Supercell

Official giveaways hosted by Supercell will usually be advertised on the clash of clans Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Twitch accounts. Occasionally, content creators will host giveaways of various items sponsored by Supercell. This wiki has monthly gem giveaways because we are the official wiki for Clash of Clans. As far as I know those are the only ways to legally get gems. Basically, anything that is not from a Supercell affiliated source is fake and probably has malware or is trying to steal your account. Never give away your Supercell ID Game Center, or Google Play credentials to ANYONE.

You would never report me, right?↓


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