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Hi Chief

Fixing That Rush

We have all in a stage been rushed in one way or another, so this is the reason for me to make this strategy guide


Many know what rushing is but some don't, let me explain.

Rushing is when you go to the next town hall without maxing your base for your town hall. As an example is like my base ( See in tag, tag is 2gcyvpyuc )

How ~ To ~ Fix ~ That ~ Rush

Save up your gems to get more builders, the limit of builders is 5 but the master builder can travel to the home village with a remaining otto robot in the builder base working instead so the maximum builders is 6 if you already have 5 builders then get them to work, use farming strategies like baby dragons at town hall 9/10 sneaky gobs 11 town hall 12- 13 queen walk hybrid upgrade the troops you use in them strategies however do not use them as the little levels have a huge effect but you may not notice it.

In the builder base side try and rush to Builder Hall 9 For More Information see O.T.T.O Hut

Upgrade your farming army so it can have the same power and efficiency as shown in the place where you learned it, keep using your farming strategy from before meanwhile upgrading the army that is efficient and powerful for farming, get your heroes to a certain town hall level. Do your offence before defence, max your barracks as well as dark spell factory etc.


Upgrade your storages collectors and and mines to maximise your storages and resources buildings, so when a rune is used it has more of the amount of recourse, as well as storages max your defence if you have the gold to and get a lot of gold from farming.

Don't be inactive, the key to fixing your rush is being active try the strongest armies with low training time and cost even though your loot cart will have a huge amount still don't, if having a break/ vacation buy a Shield for the time you will be inactive, I personally recommend the 7 day shield.

Army Camps

I suggest this because if your army camps are not max then make sure to upgrade them as well as your laboratory, upgrade your laboratory non-stop to have super good troops, try and make then 1 town hall level before you, make sure to only upgrade the troops that you use/ are going to use if you max your army camps you will have more housing space, more housing space means more troops, if you don't have much more troops and can only fit a giant try a 5 barbarians in your army camp as well to make Clan Castle Troops go out to an area, if no troops are coming out in most of your attacks then use the army that you are using.

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