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(Exclusive to TH8) This has to be the weirdest attack strategy of all. All things aside, Wizard Walk HogLoon is one of the most versatile and efficient attacks in TH8 if executed properly. Keyword "PROPERLY". This attack is extremely difficult to perform, as it requires quick reaction time and constant micro-decisions. Without further ado, lets get right into this attack.

Army Composition:



Wizard / 1x / 4 HS

Healer / 3x / 42 HS

Wall Breaker / 2x / 4 HS

Barbarian / 1x / 1 HS

Hog Rider / 18x / 90 HS

Balloon / 7x / 35 HS

Goblin / 1x / 1 HS

Minion / 10x / 20 HS

Archer / 3x / 3 HS


Sneaky Goblin / 5x / 15 HS

Baby Dragon / 1x / 10 HS


Hog Rider / 5x / 25 HS


Bowler / 4x / 24 HS

Barbarian / 1x / 1 HS

(CC Spell: Bat Spell)


Rage Spell / 1x / 2 HS

Heal Spell / 2x / 4 HS

Poison Spell / 1x / 1 HS

Now that we are done with the army composition, lets get into the planning:

This is an outdated version but is still applicable with this composition.

Some things to note:

• Start the Wizard Walk away from an Air Sweeper, the enemy and friendly BK, and Air Defenses.

• Do not start the walk in an heavily-defended area.

• Pull the CC Troops before starting the walk.

• Place a Barbarian before placing the Wizard (basically a CocoBarb).

• Instead of Lightning, you can use Poison to take out the CC Troops or use it against Skeletons from ST and enemy Barbarian King.

• It is recommended that you should be surgical with Balloons as Hog Riders take out the defenses.

• Deploy the main army after 20-25% or 1m 15s have passed.

• Use Archers to clear Corner Builder Huts.

• Use Heal Spells if your Hog Riders are low on HP or they're around an area with a lot of defenses.

There's a slight variation to this attack, turning it into a Wizard Charge. This variation is very situational, as it requires the Town Hall to be less defended and slightly off-center. Here's how to do it:

- Do the usual. Pull CC troops, Place a CocoBarb before the Wizard, etc.

- Start the Wizard Charge, direct the charge towards the Town Hall.

- To charge inside a compartment connected to the Town Hall, use 1-2 Wall Breakers to break through. Use a Rage Spell so the Wizard can charge through faster. You can also rage the Wall Breaker in the process, which means you won't need another Wall Breaker to break through a compartment.

- Deploy the rest of the army after the Town Hall has been destroyed.


- Guarantees a Victory, you can never fail this attack despite failing the execution (unless you intentionally fail, that is).

- Is excellent in funneling.

- Very versatile, goes well with most strategies.


- Extremely difficult to execute.

- Very vulnerable to Spring Traps and Giant Bombs.

This was a failed attack but the almighty Wizard saved the day. Truly the greatest Wizard in CoC History.

That is pretty much it for this attack strategy. RsYTCoC out. Thank You!