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So Blizzard is busted, at least that's what a baguette told me yesterday. So if you want to be good then you should probably use it.

For most rich ballestas with nestors, you can just tell your nestor to bring you a Super Wizard and then nestor will be like 'Yes SUUUUUUUUUUUUR'

Unfortunately not everyone is an Alejandro Dupondy POTUS, but we still have to use blizzard, or we will starve to death. So how will be manage?

Well fear not Abokado with the assistance of Sun Tzu, capitalist pig tactics and some IQ potion will come to your rescue

All you have to do is rush an alt account to TH12. Duh. Why didn't you think of that yourself ballesta

But Abokado is going to give you some IQ potion advice on how to do that fasteststest

On farming refer to Abokado's Guide to Juche

When the Juche Tower is upgrading use the Juche boost to get a max treasury and also fill your storages. This allows you to be as imperialist capitalist as possible when your Juche Tower is Upgraded. When the Juche tower finishes, build all the new buildings going from the least time taken to most. Then when you are building the most time-consuming buildings upgrade your Juche Tower once again. You can upgrade your Juche tower even if not all of your Juche buildings have finished building yet. You simply have to start them. This way those buildings can finish at the same time your Juche Tower is upgrading to maximize capitalism time distrubution. If the Juche Tower still isn't done, then upgrade your capitalist storages, your imperialist army sleeping quaters and also your colonialist training centers. Repeat this until your Juche Tower turns into an Elon Musk. Then go into your nuclear research station and upgrade Harry Potter to level 9. Then enjoy your blizzard!