Completing Achievements gives you rewards in the form of Experience and Gems. Your Achievements will also appear in the Game Center and on your Profile; each Achievement gives you a set amount of Game Center points.

Since the "Player Profile" update, player's achievements/status (including overachievements) are made public. The 19/12/16 update replaced the Achievements button with the Events button, making Achievements only visible through Player Profile. However, some events function like mini-achievements with limited time period.

There are 35 Achievements currently available. The "Keep Your Village Safe" and "Dragon Slayer" achievements have only one level each with gives all three stars; the others each have three levels, for a total of 101 levels:

Home Village Achievements
Achievement Data involved Requirements Experience Rewarded XP Gems Rewarded Gem
Bigger Coffers Highest Gold Storage level 2/5/10 10/100/1,000 2/5/10
Get those Goblins! Stars gained in the Single Player Campaign 10/50/150 10/100/1,000 5/10/20
Bigger & Better Town Hall level 3/5/8 10/100/1,000 5/10/20
Nice and Tidy Total Obstacles removed 5/50/500 10/100/1,000 5/10/20
Release the Beasts Highest Barracks level 2/5/9 10/100/1,000 5/10/20
Gold Grab Total Gold looted 20,000/1,000,000/100,000,000 10/100/1,000 5/10/20
Elixir Escapade Total Elixir looted 20,000/1,000,000/100,000,000 10/100/1,000 5/10/20
Sweet Victory! Highest Trophies reached 75/750/1,250 10/100/1,000 5/10/450
Empire Builder Clan Castle level 1/2/4 10/100/1,000 5/10/20
Wall Buster Total Walls destroyed in Multiplayer Battles 10/100/2,000 10/100/1,000 5/10/20
Humiliator Total Town Halls destroyed in Multiplayer Battles 10/100/2,000 10/100/1,000 5/10/50
Union Buster Total Builder's Huts destroyed in Multiplayer Battles 25/250/2,500 10/100/1,000 5/10/30
Conqueror Total Multiplayer Battles won 25/250/5,000 10/100/1,000 5/10/20
Unbreakable Total defensive victories in Multiplayer Battles 10/250/5,000 10/100/1,000 5/50/100
Friend in Need Total housing space of troops donated 100/5,000/25,000 10/100/1,000 5/25/250
Mortar Mauler Total Mortars destroyed in Multiplayer Battles 25/500/5,000 10/100/1,000 5/10/20
Heroic Heist Total Dark Elixir looted 20,000/250,000/1,000,000 10/100/1,000 5/10/20
League All-Star Highest Trophy reached 2,000/2,600/3,200 100/500/2,000 250/1,000/2,000
X-Bow Exterminator Total X-Bows destroyed in Multiplayer Battles 1/250/2,500 50/100/1,000 50/100/200
Firefighter Total Inferno Towers destroyed in Multiplayer Battles 10/250/5,000 50/500/5,000 100/200/1,000
War Hero Total stars gained in Clan Wars 10/150/1,000 50/500/5,000 50/200/1,000
Treasurer Total Gold collected from the Treasury 800,000/15,000,000/100,000,000 100/500/5,000 25/100/500
Anti-Artillery Total Eagle Artilleries destroyed in Multiplayer Battles 20/200/2,000 100/800/5,000 150/300/1,000
Sharing is Caring Total housing space of spells donated 100/2,000/10,000 20/200/2,000 20/100/500
Keep your village safe Village linked to Supercell ID? Yes 100 50
Games Champion Total points scored in Clan Games 10,000/50,000/100,000 20/200/2,000 50/100/250
Get those other Goblins! Stars gained in the Single Player Campaign 175/200/225 200/500/1,000 20/50/100
Dragon Slayer Slain the Giant Dragon? Yes 200 20
War League Legend Stars gained in Clan War Leagues 20/100/250 200/1,000/2,500 20/100/250
Builder Base Achievements
Master Engineering Builder Hall level 3/5/8 20/200/2,000 10/30/50
Next Generation Model Builder Barracks level 2/7/10 20/200/2,000 10/30/50
Un-Build It Total Builder Halls destroyed in Versus Battles 5/100/2,000 20/200/2,000 10/30/50
Champion Builder Highest Versus Trophies reached in Versus Battles 200/1,000/3,000 50/500/5,000 10/100/1,000
High Gear Total buildings geared up with the Master Builder 1/2/3 20/200/2,000 10/30/50
Hidden Treasures Buildings rebuilt in the Builder Base Gem Mine/Clock Tower/Battle Machine 20/200/2,000 10/30/50


  • Completing all Achievements gives a total of 12,827 Gems and 72,010 Experience, which is enough to buy all five Builder's Huts (with over 9,000 gems left over).
  • Completing the entire League All-Star achievement and its prerequisite the Sweet Victory achievement totals 3,715 Gems, which is 215 gems more than the total price of the third, fourth, and fifth Builder's Huts.


  • "Hidden Treasures" is the only achievement that you can fulfill the requirements not in the natural order. However, you must complete the first stage to be eligible for the second stage's reward, and so on.
  • Although classified as Home Village Achievements, the "Nice and Tidy" and "Games Champion" can be achieved in both villages, while the "Keep Your Village Safe" is not village-specific.
  • Most achievements that count cumulative amounts of certain data have identical requirements as some Clan Game Challenges: Nice and Tidy, Gold Grab, Elixir Escapade, Wall Buster, Humiliator, Conqueror, Friend in Need, Mortar Mauler, Heroic Heist, X-Bow Exterminator, Firefighter, War Hero, Anti-Artillery, Sharing is Caring, and Un-Build It.


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