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For the trap with a similar name in the Home Village, see Air Bomb.
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"For heavyweight air defense, Air Bombs do the trick. An endless supply of explosive barrels launch into the sky to ravage flying enemies!"

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Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
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  • Air Bombs is a defensive building, unlocked at Builder Hall level 4, that exclusively targets aerial enemies. It continuously launches explosive barrels, resembling the Air Bomb, a trap from the Home Village, at air troops that deal heavy damage in a small area.



  • Because of its high area damage but low range and hit speed, it is recommended to place them near Firecrackers as they both cover each other's weaknesses, with one having smaller range but higher damage while the other having moderate damage in a large range.
    • This is especially effective because there are no spells in Builder Base, so your opponent cannot take advantage and damage both buildings as would in the Home Village.
  • Try placing a Crusher near your Air Bombs to protect them from the Skeletons spawned by the Drop Ship, as the Crusher can stall them for a long time, giving your Air Bombs more time to take the Drop Ships out.
  • Protect it well to prevent ground troops from destroying it, especially ones using an all Night Witch attack, as the Air Bombs is a great counter to Bats.


  • Use ground troops to take out the Air Bombs then use your air troops to attack the base. This is only true if the Air Bombs are close to the outer edge of your opponent's base or you will have to spend a lot of troops to take out a few buildings.
  • Try to avoid the Air Bombs when attacking your opponents using air, as it only has an 8 tile range and cannot shoot at the whole map.
  • You can spread out your troops so it can only hit one at a time. This is doubly useful with an all-Baby Dragon attack since they will also benefit from their ability (if you have it unlocked).
  • The Drop Ship can tank multiple hits from the Air Bombs, allowing air units with lower hitpoints to destroy other buildings.
  • Make it a priority to destroy Air Bombs to give way for your other air troops. Sneaky Archers are the best way, as their cloak can hide them from defenses. Alternatively, you can use Raged Barbarians to make quick work of them.

Upgrade Differences

  • The Air Bombs goes through significant visual changes at levels 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8.
    • When initially constructed, the Air Bombs consist of several wooden barrels stacked inside a hole in the ground with two blue balloons attached to the top one. The balloons have white skulls painted on them.
    • At level 2, the hole in the ground is surrounded by mossy wooden planks and the "launch rails" lose the moss and become a bit taller.
    • At level 3, the Air Bombs' barrels change to red and the structure surrounding the hole turns to a lumbered wood construction.
    • At level 4, the structure now becomes rough stonework.
    • At level 5, the stone structure becomes taller and tidier.
    • At level 6, the entire structure is surrounded by a riveted gray metal band.
    • At level 7, the metal band changes to a golden band.
    • At level 8, the barrels change from red to purple and the edging on the base of the structure and the barrels change from silver to gold.
    • At level 9, the stone edging becomes slightly lighter, and the corners of the golden band become thicker and taller than the rest of the band.


Patch Description
May 22, 2017 Added the Air Bombs, with 5 levels.
June 27, 2017 Added the level 6 Air Bombs.
September 27, 2017 Added the level 7 Air Bombs.
March 5, 2018 Added the level 8 Air Bombs.
June 18, 2019 Added the level 9 Air Bombs.


  • Because of the relatively slow speed of the Air Bombs that are launched, it is possible for some air troops (like Beta Minions) to outrun a bomb if it moves away from the bomb fast enough, just like with the Air Bomb trap in the Home Village.
  • The number of barrels in the structure does not represent the ammunition of the Air Bombs, much like how the number of rockets in an Air Defense does not represent its ammunition.

Icon Descriptions

Icon Info.pngTapping this icon displays information about the Air Bombs, such as Level, Damage Per Second, Hitpoints, Range, Damage Type and Targets.
Icon Upgrade.pngTapping this icon begins upgrading the Air Bombs to the next level, if you have enough resources and a free Master Builder or O.T.T.O. When the Air Bombs is at maximum level, this icon is not shown.
Icon HoB.pngTapping this icon instantly upgrades the Air Bombs to the next level, at the cost of one Hammer of Building if you have one. When the Air Bombs is at maximum level, or the Builder Hall requirements for the next level are not met, this icon is not shown.
Icon FinishNow.pngTapping this icon, which is displayed only while an upgrade is in progress, instantly finishes that upgrade at the cost of the displayed number of Gems.
Icon FinishNowBoB.pngTapping this icon, which is displayed only while an upgrade is in progress, instantly finishes that upgrade at the cost of one Book of Building. This icon is only shown if you have at least one Book of Building.
Icon FinishNowBoE.pngTapping this icon, which is displayed only while an upgrade is in progress, instantly finishes that upgrade at the cost of one Book of Everything. This icon is only shown if you have at least one Book of Everything but do not have a Book of Building.
Icon Cancel.pngTapping this icon, which is displayed only while an upgrade is in progress, cancels the current upgrade and refunds half of the upgrade cost.

Builder Hall Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Number Available 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1
Size Size
Damage per Second
Damage per Hit
Build Cost
Builder Gold
Build Time
Experience Gained
Builder Hall Level Required
Builder Hall
1 83 250 1,000 300,000 6h 146 4
2 91 275 1,150 320,000 12h 207 4
3 101 303 1,323 340,000 1d 293 4
4 111 333 1,521 360,000 2d 415 4
5 122 366 1,749 1,200,000 2d 415 5
6 134 403 2,011 1,500,000 3d 509 6
7 147 443 2,313 2,400,000 3d 509 7
8 162 487 2,660 3,400,000 4d 587 8
9 178 536 2,793 4,400,000 5d 657 9
Range Attack Speed Damage Type Unit Type Targeted
8 3 seconds Area Splash - 1.5 tiles Air
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