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Angry Jelly info
"This blob of pure anger gets impatient waiting around the Village, it’s hungry for a good fight. During Battle it convinces its Hero to attack Defenses before splitting to fight separately."

Angry Jelly image
Level 1-10


  • The Angry Jelly is the tenth and last pet unlocked, unlocked when the Pet House is upgraded to level 10 (this requires Town Hall level 16).
  • When deployed, the Angry Jelly brainwashes its paired Hero for a fixed duration after deployment (or until the Hero is defeated, if that happens first). During this brainwash duration:
    • The paired Hero will prioritize defenses, but will also counterattack against defending enemy troops and Heroes that attack them if possible. This targeting manner is identical to that of the Royal Champion's.
    • The Angry Jelly will stay above the Hero and target defenses in its range. It is untargetable by both defenses and traps while it is brainwashing the Hero.
      • The Angry Jelly will keep up with the Hero even if they move faster than the Angry Jelly can normally move when its brainwash ability is active, similar to an unactivated Phoenix.
  • Once the brainwash expires, the Angry Jelly loses its invulnerability and detaches from its Hero, and behaves as any other ranged aerial unit, making it vulnerable to Seeking Air Mines.
    • However, if the Hero it is paired to is being damaged by a defense and the Angry Jelly is nearby, it will actually target the defense that is attacking the Hero in order to try and save it.[1]
  • The Angry Jelly prioritizes the target that the Hero that the Angry Jelly is paired to is currently targeting. If the Hero is knocked out or removed from battle by a Recall Spell, the Angry Jelly behaves like a troop with no preferential target; they will attack the nearest building to them regardless of type, and will turn and attack enemy units if they become aware of any nearby and can fight back against them.


Offensive Strategy

  • The Angry Jelly allows a Hero such as the Barbarian King to clear out a compartment of defenses with the help of the Giant Gauntlet, and it will not get stalled or drawn away by non-defensive buildings. Using the Angry Jelly in this way enables other troops to complete a funnel much more easily.
    • While it might see some effectiveness to pair alongside a support hero to target defenses, having a hero use the Angry Jelly to funnel will leave behind non-defensive buildings as neither Hero nor Pet will target them for the duration of the brainwash. If you are using it in a Warden Walk for funneling, then some additional cleanup troops will be required to remove the non-defensive buildings for funnelling.
    • Alternatively, you can use the Barbarian King in a Hero Dive, and since it targets defenses, it will make the Hero dive much more effective, since it will not be distracted by storages or the Clan Castle in the base. It will not also activate the Town Hall by accident just by itself.
    • While this ability is active, it makes the King behave similar to a Giant or Golem, so if you are using a Root Rider army, you can use the Angry Jelly with the king to help with such attacks, and the Root Rider also removes walls, of which the Barbarian King will likely get stuck during the ability duration.
    • If you are using the King to funnel around the outside of the base, this might not be a good choice, since the King will just try to go into the base to tackle defenses instead, which is a waste of time and the King's HP and damage potential.
  • It can be paired with a Grand Warden wielding the Fireball equipment. Even though the Angry Jelly will be outranged by the Warden and will rarely be able to attack, this allows one to clearly visualise the defense the Warden will attack with the Fireball. With additional funneling support, the Warden can reach the core during the brainwash duration and use his Fireball to devastate it.
  • It isn't good to pair with the Archer Queen, since it will prove bad in Queen Walks around the base, since it will not destroy the outside buildings if you are using it for funneling, and even in Queen Charges, where destroying defenses is a main aim, it will not have much of an impact, and it will probably get distracted by the Clan Castle troops if there are any. You will probably be better off using something like a Unicorn for extra healing instead.
  • Pairing it with the Royal Champion brings no benefit to her as her targeting will be unchanged by the brainwash effect. Although the Angry Jelly can get guaranteed damage due to its invulnerability, it cannot tank for her and does relatively low DPS compared to other "extra damage" pets, making it a rather poor choice for her, since she doesn't benefit from the ability.

Defensive Strategy

  • Since its defense-targeting mechanism is similar to the Royal Champion, Clan Castle troops and Skeleton Traps will be an effective counter to this, since they will distract the hero and waste the Angry Jelly's ability duration, and allow defenses to destroy the hero faster, potentially forcing out an ability when it isn't effective.
  • Another good counter to this are Walls. Since the Barbarian King can't get past Walls, if there is nothing to help him break through, he will spend a majority of its ability duration breaking a Wall (if there are no defenses outside the walls) to reach a defense, which can lead to him taking unnecessary damage and waste the Angry Jelly's brainwash duration.
    • The same issue is also faced by the Archer Queen, since she too cannot get past Walls without help. Although her range allows her to destroy defenses behind Walls, without wall-breaking support she may walk around the outside of a base to continue attacking frontline defenses, or get stuck attacking walls directly.


Preferred Target Favorite Target Targets Favorite Target Attack Type Damage Type Movement Speed Movement Speed Attack Speed Attack Speed Pet House Level Required Pet House Range Range Special AbilitySpecial Ability
Hero's Target Ground & Air Single Target 16 0.75s 10 1.5 tiles Brainwash
Damage per Second
Damage per Hit
Brainwash Duration
Upgrade Cost
Dark Elixir
Upgrade Time
Pet House Level Required
Pet House
1 112 84 25s 1,450 N/A N/A 10
2 121 90.75 25s 1,525 225,000 3d 10
3 130 97.5 25s 1,600 235,000 4d 10
4 139 104.25 25s 1,675 245,000 5d 10
5 148 111 30s 1,750 255,000 6d 10
6 157 117.75 30s 1,825 265,000 7d 10
7 166 124.5 30s 1,900 275,000 8d 10
8 175 131.25 30s 1,975 285,000 8d 10
9 184 138 30s 2,050 295,000 8d 10
10 193 144.75 35s 2,125 315,000 8d 10


  • The Angry Jelly was added to the game in the April 17, 2024 update.


  • It is the first pet to be based on an oceanic animal.
  • It is the first army unit to temporarily change the targeting of another entity.
  • The Angry Jelly has one of the highest attack speeds of any Pet, along with the Poison Lizard. However, like the Poison Lizard, it deals much lower damage compared to other Pets like L.A.S.S.I, Diggy or Phoenix.
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