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"On the 10th Clashiversary a faulty Tesla tower sent Barb back in time, creating an alternative universe where Clash started in 1982 instead of 2012."

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  • On July 28th 2022, a mysterious arcade cabinet could be found in the upper left corner of players' villages.
  • Throughout the following month of August 2022, it would feature 2 (originally 3) playable mini-games.
  • You can see the logos of the three featured clash games on the cabinet.
  • The Arcade Cabinet controls show a red joystick (on the right hand side) and a red button (on the left hand side).
  • By simply tapping on the Arcade Cabinet, players would have access to the mini-games.
  • The Arcade Cabinet design was uploaded to the game files in June of 2022, 2 full months before the 10th Clashiversary.

CLASH (1982) Official Poster


CLASH Barbarian

CLASH (1982)

  • "The classic is back! Remastered from 1982, it’s CLASH. Use Barb’s fists to smash buildings and punch goblins –– trust us, you’ll need the practice."
  • The first mini-game released was the original CLASH arcade game, as seen in the official documentary; CLASH FROM THE PAST: The Untold Story.
  • CLASH is an old-school sides crolling platformer. You play as the Barbarian in search of his sword, which has been stolen by goblins.
  • The goal is pretty simple, destroy a specific amount of buildings to find the sword.
  • There are three levels in total.
    • The first level requires you to destroy 8 buildings.
    • The second level requires you to destroy 12 buildings.
    • The third level requires you to destroy 16 buildings.
  • You’re also given a certain amount of time to complete each level, as well as a total of six lives, meaning you can only get hit up to six times.
  • As you destroy buildings, you uncover various power-ups. These same power-ups can be activated by using in-game "cheat codes".
      • Drool could also be instantly and infinitely activated by hitting the "S" key on a bluetooth keyboard connected to your mobile device. It is theorized that this was not intended by the developers. (discovered by u/spencersaurous on Reddit).
    • Shield - UP, UP, DOWN, UP, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, B
  • Once you beat all three levels, a small cut-scene plays. The Barbarian gets his sword, but is then struck by a hidden tesla. You’re then shown the Congratulations screen with your total points.
Clash Dash

Clash Dash (1992) Official Poster


Clash Dash Barbarian

Clash Dash (1992)

  • "All aboard Barbarian — your favorite '90s racing game Clash Dash is back!"
  • "There was racing, there was drifting, there was a rider stacked on a hog stacked on a Barbarian chasing after a siege machine. What can go wrong?!"
  • "DID YOU KNOW: The original idea for Clash Dash was for Barb’s legs to spin like tires, but after consulting with engineers, it was determined Barb’s hip flexor would have to rotate at 833RPM, a feat deemed impossible even for a Barbarian!"
  • According to the documentary, Clash Dash was the second game in the Clash franchise. It followed the original CLASH Arcade game.
  • As the story goes, Clash Dash was released in the 1990’s as a classic racing game.
  • Once again, the Barbarian’s sword has been stolen by goblins, but now everyone is racing to recover it. In the game, you can select one of six characters; Valkyrie, P.E.K.K.A, Builder, Wizard, Archer and Hog Rider, to ride on the back of the Barbarian.
  • Powerups - These items exist in floating boxes. Players must drive into them to get a randomized power-up. You must use these power-ups in order to obtain a new one.
    • Boom Booms - Can be picked up along the track to give Barb a milky burst of speed.
      • This can also be activated by using the in-game "cheat code": UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT
    • Elixir - Provides super speed for 20 seconds.
    • Shield - Protects players from any offensive attack/item for 15 seconds.
      • This can also be activated by using the in-game "cheat code": DOWN, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN
    • Bomb - Can be thrown at other players and will explode on contact, causing the driver to spin out.
    • Lightning Spell - Stuns other players for a moment.
    • Freeze Trap - Can be left on the course, causing drivers that hit them to freeze for 2 seconds.
  • You also gain speed by picking up coins, although running into an obstacle will cause you to lose them.
  • The character auto runs and you slide your finger to the left or right to turn in those directions.
  • In August 2022, Clash Dash partnered with General Mills for a chocolate cereal titled; "Barb's Choco Boom Booms". Limited edition boxes were sold on in the United States.
Clash Cradle of Darkness

Clash: Cradle of Darkness (2002) Official Poster

Clash: Cradle of Darkness (2002)

  • "From the archives: Oh, the memories we have of 2000s Clash: Cradle of Darkness. Are they fond memories? No. No they are not."
  • "From the archives, we present to you Clash: Cradle of Darkness. The monstrosity that plagued the 2000s and almost ended Clash as we know it."
  • Clash: Cradle of Darkness was originally meant to be the third playable mini-game in the arcade cabinet. After Clash Dash was criticized for it's difficult controls, the developers decided against releasing Clash: Cradle of Darkness to the community. Instead, they released a short video of the entire game-play, titled Clash: Cradle of Darkness | The. Worst. Game. Ever.
  • The game is an action role-playing game, where the main player plays as Barb the Barbarian.
  • After selecting "Start Game", it begins with a cut-scene.
    • Barb falls from the sky, along with his sword. His sword is picked up by a group of goblins. Barb approaches the Goblin Village where he meets the Builder.
    • The Builder says, "Looks like those little goblins took your sword. Reminds me of when those goblins destroyed my Elixir Collector. So much Elixir... not collected. Anyway, I know where they went with your blade, follow me!"
    • The Builder then proceeds to swing his hammer up, hitting Barb in the chin, and knocking him over.
  • After the first scene, the player selects "Continue" where the second cut-scene is played.
    • Barb enters the Goblin Village where the Goblin Chief is scene on top of the Goblin Hall.
    • The Goblin Chief says, "Barb! Your muscles may be big, but your brain is tiny. I've got your sword, come and get it!".
  • Barb must defeat the Goblin Chief inside of the Goblin Hall to win.
  • Barb's controls consist of a joystick on the left that controls movement, and 2 buttons on the right.
    • The top button is a circle and upon hitting it, Barb performs a barrel-roll in the direction he was facing.
    • The bottom button is an X and upon hitting it, Barb punches forward. in close range, he strikes the Goblin Chief.
  • The Goblin Chief has two attacks.
    • The short range attack consists of the Goblin Chief swinging his club into Barb.
    • The long-range attack consists of the Goblin Chief throwing boulders at Barb.
  • Upon defeating the Goblin Chief, a third and final cut-scene plays.
    • Barb exits the Goblin Hall holding his sword, when a tesla strikes him. This opens a circular portal, showing the Clash of Clans (2012) Home Village, where Barb is sucked into.
    • The Goblin Chief awakens with a chuckle, and says, "Foolish Barbarian! At long last, this goblin is comin' back." The Goblin Chief climbs atop the Goblin Hall which lifts from the ground and flies into the same portal that Barb got sucked into.
  • The Goblin Hall from Clash: Cradle of Darkness can be seen in the 11th and final challenge of the 10 Years of Clash in-game challenges.
  • The Goblin Hall from Clash: Cradle of Darkness can also be seen in the Goblin King Tribute Decoration which appeared for free in the August 2022 Season Challenges.


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