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For the base version, see Archer.
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"This graceful huntress is a master of destructive force, though modest in health. She snipes targets in her territory when defending, and can summon stealth and terrifying damage when attacking once her Royal Cloak ability is unlocked!"

Archer Queen Skins


Archer Queen 3D.png Gladiator Queen 3D.png Valkyrie Queen 3D.png Autumn Queen 3D.png
Archer Queen Gladiator Queen Valkyrie Queen Autumn Queen
Ice Queen 3D.png Warrior Queen 3D.png Primal Queen 3D.png Clockwork Queen 3D.png
Ice Queen Warrior Queen Primal Queen Clockwork Queen
Pirate Queen 3D.png Rogue Queen 3D.png Jungle Queen 3D.png Party Queen 3D.png
Pirate Queen Rogue Queen Jungle Queen Party Queen
Champion Queen 3D.png Shadow Queen 3D.png Miner Queen 3D.png
Champion Queen Shadow Queen Miner Queen


Archer Queen 3D pose.png Gladiator Queen 3D pose.png Valkyrie Queen 3D pose.png Autumn Queen 3D pose.png
Archer Queen Gladiator Queen Valkyrie Queen Autumn Queen
Ice Queen 3D pose.png Warrior Queen 3D pose.png Primal Queen 3D pose.png Clockwork Queen 3D pose.png
Ice Queen Warrior Queen Primal Queen Clockwork Queen
Pirate Queen 3D pose.png Rogue Queen 3D pose.png Jungle Queen 3D pose.png Party Queen 3D pose.png
Pirate Queen Rogue Queen Jungle Queen Party Queen
Champion Queen 3D pose.png Shadow Queen 3D pose.png Miner Queen 3D pose.png
Champion Queen Shadow Queen Miner Queen


Archer Queen 3D KO.png Gladiator Queen 3D KO.png Valkyrie Queen 3D KO.png Autumn Queen 3D KO.png
Archer Queen Gladiator Queen Valkyrie Queen Autumn Queen
Ice Queen 3D KO.png Warrior Queen 3D KO.png Primal Queen 3D KO.png Clockwork Queen 3D KO.png
Ice Queen Warrior Queen Primal Queen Clockwork Queen
Pirate Queen 3D KO.png Rogue Queen 3D KO.png Jungle Queen 3D KO.png Party Queen 3D KO.png
Pirate Queen Rogue Queen Jungle Queen Party Queen
Champion Queen 3D KO.png Shadow Queen 3D KO.png Miner Queen 3D KO.png
Champion Queen Shadow Queen Miner Queen


Archer Queen 3D downed.png Gladiator Queen 3D downed.png Valkyrie Queen 3D downed.png Autumn Queen 3D downed.png
Archer Queen Gladiator Queen Valkyrie Queen Autumn Queen
Ice Queen 3D downed.png Warrior Queen 3D downed.png Primal Queen 3D downed.png Clockwork Queen 3D downed.png
Ice Queen Warrior Queen Primal Queen Clockwork Queen
Pirate Queen 3D downed.png Rogue Queen 3D downed.png Jungle Queen 3D downed.png Party Queen 3D downed.png
Pirate Queen Rogue Queen Jungle Queen Party Queen
Champion Queen 3D downed.png Shadow Queen 3D downed.png Miner Queen 3D downed.png
Champion Queen Shadow Queen Miner Queen


Archer Queen 3D preview.png Gladiator Queen 3D preview.png Valkyrie Queen 3D preview.png Autumn Queen 3D preview.png
Archer Queen Gladiator Queen Valkyrie Queen Autumn Queen
Ice Queen 3D preview.png Warrior Queen 3D preview.png Primal Queen 3D preview.png Clockwork Queen 3D preview.png
Ice Queen Warrior Queen Primal Queen Clockwork Queen
Pirate Queen 3D preview.png Rogue Queen 3D preview.png Jungle Queen 3D preview.png Party Queen 3D preview.png
Pirate Queen Rogue Queen Jungle Queen Party Queen
Champion Queen 3D preview.png Shadow Queen 3D preview.png Miner Queen 3D preview.png
Champion Queen Shadow Queen Party Queen


  • The Archer Queen is essentially a more powerful version of the Archer. She is the second Hero, being unlocked at Town Hall 9. In addition to possessing much higher damage and hitpoints, the Archer Queen also shoots 1.5 tiles farther than a normal Archer (5 tiles instead of 3.5 tiles).
  • The Archer Queen shoots 3 rapid arrows per shot. However, these arrows deal damage to a single target.
  • She is automatically summoned once the Archer Queen Altar is constructed, which costs 10,000 Dark Elixir.
  • The Archer Queen is an immortal unit, so she only has to be summoned once. However, if she is injured or gets defeated in an attack, she must regenerate her health by sleeping for a period of time before she can be used again.
  • The Archer Queen will defend the village whenever she's not regenerating health from a previous attack. The Archer Queen only defends her territory around her altar and will retreat if lured too far out. If the village is attacked while she is regenerating health or being upgraded, her altar will be empty.
  • Hero regeneration in the Home Village uses an "extra life" system: when fully regenerated, the Archer Queen has two "life bars", each with health equal to her maximum hitpoints. The first life bar is represented by the bar visible next to the Queen's level, with the second (the "extra life") represented by a heart placed at the end of the first life bar, with a "+1" when it is full.
    • Any damage taken by the Archer Queen when attacking is first subtracted from the extra life bar, with the regular life bar only being reduced when the extra life bar is fully depleted. If the Archer Queen is defeated, a full life bar will be depleted; in particular, if the extra life bar is full when this occurs, it will be completely depleted without affecting the regular life bar. If the Archer Queen is damaged or defeated when defending, the life bars will be completely unaffected.
    • Both the regular life bar and the extra life regenerate at the same rate, with the regular life bar regenerating fully before the extra life bar regenerates. The regeneration time listed in-game is the time taken for one of the two life bars to regenerate, meaning the time taken to regenerate both life bars after both have been emptied is twice the regeneration time.
    • For the Queen to participate in battle, the regular life bar must be full. If the regular life bar is not full after a battle, the Archer Queen will have to sleep for a period to regenerate the regular life bar before she can be used for battle, proportional to the amount of missing health on the regular life bar.
    • Hero regeneration after a Multiplayer Battle starts as soon as the player begins to search for a Multiplayer opponent. So, if the player spent some time searching for an opponent to attack before completing an attack, part of the regeneration will be completed by the time the player returns to their village. However, if the player cancels the attack by pressing "End Battle" before completing an attack, the regeneration will be reset. This effect is more noticeable in the highest leagues below legend where a significant amount of time can be spent searching for such opponents.
  • You can temporarily quadruple the Queen's healing rate for 1 hour by spending 5 Gems.
  • In the January 29th, 2014 update, the Archer Queen gained a new special ability: Royal Cloak. This ability allows her to become invisible to enemy defenses for a short period of time in addition to greatly increasing her damage, restoring some of her health, and summoning up to 20 Archers to aid her in battle. The Archer Queen gains this ability at Level 5 and it becomes more powerful every five subsequent levels.
    • The Archer Queen's Royal Cloak ability summons Archers of the same level that the player has researched in their Laboratory. For instance, if the player has researched level 5 Archers, the Archer Queen will summon level 5 Archers. If Archers have not been unlocked in the Barracks, they will spawn at level 1.
    • If the ability has not been used before the Archer Queen is about to be defeated, it will by default automatically activate. However, this feature can be toggled off in the settings (by turning off "Automatically use Hero Abilities on KO"). It is not a fail safe however, as several defenses, such as X-Bows, single-target Inferno Towers and Scattershots can possibly kill her under her ability due to the low health regeneration.
  • Unlike the Barbarian King, the Archer Queen can attack air units like Balloons, Dragons, or Minions, making her effective in guarding a village against players who conduct air raids.


Offensive Strategy

  • The four Home Village heroes serve different roles in raids. The Archer Queen is the damage specialist hero, while the Barbarian King is the tank specialist, the Grand Warden is the support specialist and the Royal Champion is the defense specialist. Deploy her behind the Barbarian King as he tanks the damage while the Archer Queen does the damage.
  • She has a better range than an Archer (5 tiles instead of 3.5), so a good strategy is to place a group of Giants, P.E.K.K.As, Golems, or the Barbarian King as a meat shield, then a group of Archers, and finally the Archer Queen. That minimizes the chance of her being defeated or even hit and may allow you to use her many times in a row without waiting for her to regenerate.
  • You can use an Archer Queen with a Royal Cloak Ability in raids to help you clean up buildings for 50%. As damage approaches 50%, simply deploy your Archer Queen and use the ability immediately so that she can destroy a few extra buildings, not taking damage at all.
  • The Archer Queen and Healer combination, better known as Queen Walk, is a very viable strategy when you're targeting for loot. She can clear large areas of the base, creating an effective funnel. This, however, requires a high-level Queen due to the fact that the Queen alone cannot deal enough damage and will eventually run out of time. Air Defenses bombing the Healers can easily destroy this, but this does not happen very often since the Archer Queen's range and the Healer's range allow the Healers to stay out of most Air Defenses' range.
    • A related version of the Queen Walk is the Queen Charge, where instead of being used for funneling, the Queen and Healers target the core of the base, destroying key defenses. This usually involves the use of Wall Breakers, their super form, or Jump Spells in addition to other funneling troops (such as Baby Dragons) to ensure she enters the base.
    • For a Queen Walk, Rage Spells can be used to boost both the Archer Queen and the Healers if needed. When boosted by Rage Spells, the Healers will heal faster, allowing them to heal the Queen quickly if she should take lots of damage. Freeze Spells are also handy to have to stop high-damage defenses like the single-target Inferno Tower.
    • Seeking Air Mines can also destroy this. Periodically place some Balloons near the healers to try and soak them up. These Balloons are often called "coco loons". Try to bring about 3 or 4. Any extra ones may also be used like normal Balloons.
    • The Unicorn can be used in place of a Healer.
  • The Royal Cloak Ability prevents defenses from targeting the Archer Queen, but she can be affected by splash damage; for instance, if the nearby Archers summoned by the Archer Queen via her Royal Cloak are targeted by a Mortar or a Scattershot, the splash projectile of the Mortar and the Scattershot will damage the Archer Queen if she is in range, regardless of whether her ability is active or not. Royal Cloak does not prevent the Archer Queen from triggering Bombs and Giant Bombs and she will still be damaged by them if she is in range when they explode.
    • The Royal Cloak is excellent against single-target Inferno Towers. When used, the Inferno Tower's damage will not only reset, but is often redirected onto a summoned Archer. The queen can quickly finish off the Inferno with her damage under the cloak, while the Archers can provide great cover and overwhelm the Inferno if it is not defended well by splash defenses (or other multi-targeting Infernos).
    • The Royal Cloak ability will also not prevent any projectiles (such as Cannon shots) that are targeting the Archer Queen at the time of the ability's activation from hitting her. If the Eagle Artillery has already locked on and fired on the Queen, activating the Royal Cloak will not prevent the shots from hitting, which will result in great damage against your Queen. Activating the Cloak just before it fires will stop the Eagle Artillery from firing on your Archer Queen, however, and render the Queen temporarily untargetable by the Eagle Artillery as normal.
  • The Archer Queen is not affected by the Spring Trap, like all other heroes.
  • A good idea is to put the Archer Queen with the other heroes. The Barbarian King soaks up hits, the Archer Queen attacks from behind, the Grand Warden supports them with his Life Aura, and the Royal Champion destroys defenses. If there are troops in the Clan Castle, they also get benefits from the Grand Warden and they can assist the other heroes in terms of defending and stalling. This is also called a hero dive, where you push a certain amount of your heroes into the base a little. This can help with funneling, take out major defense or just percentage in general.
    • Sending the Archer Queen and any other heroes like this with little support (up to about 25 housing space of troops) is known as a Sui Queen. This is best used to destroy outer portions of the base and a few key targets farther in.
  • Beware of the Barbarian King, as he can kill the Archer Queen in a 1v1 if they are at the same level or if the Archer Queen is only 5 levels or lower than the King. If you are going to 1v1 the Barbarian King, place healers to support the Queen or place Wizards or any other high-damaging troop to quickly defeat the King.
  • The Royal Cloak ability's mechanism will cause her to be considered as a new target different from the original Archer Queen. Against a defending Electro Dragon, this ability may backfire, as it may cause her to take two hits from the Electro Dragon's Chain Lightning ability.
  • If you do not need to use her ability during battle, you do not always need to. If the battle ends and she does not use her ability, after battle she will recover health equal to the ability recovery.

Defensive Strategy

  • The Archer Queen is more suitable for defense than the Barbarian King because of her faster attacks and harder hits, and she is able to attack from a longer range (as well as being able to strike air units), but she has dramatically lower health than the Barbarian King. The Queen's altar must be placed 3-4 spaces from the nearest wall to prevent the Queen from jumping out and getting targeted by melee troops.
  • Protect your key defenses by keeping them more than 5 tiles away from the nearest open space, so the queen cannot snipe them.
  • Keep your Eagle Artillery away from the Queen's altar so that the opponent cannot destroy both with Electrone or Blizzard.

Against an Archer Queen

  • The best strategy against an Archer Queen is often another Archer Queen. A Queen Walk or an Archer Queen behind a tank troop can take down an enemy Queen quickly, especially if her Royal Cloak ability is activated.
  • Tanking troops can be of some use, but they will not last long against an Archer Queen. For example, a maxed Golem will last only 10-11 seconds against a max-level Archer Queen, not accounting for any other defenses that may be targeting it.
    • If you are using a similar level, using the Barbarian King as a tank and the enemy Archer Queen is not hiding behind a wall, then the Barbarian King himself will be sufficient to defeat the Queen unless nearby defenses or the defending Clan Castle troops or Barbarian King are also attacking him. Activating the King's ability will allow him to defeat the Queen quicker.
  • If the Archer Queen is near the edge of the base, you can use a Barbarian King to take it out. You might need to use the King's Ability if your king is low leveled.
  • Consider bringing a spell or spells to make the takedown process easier, such as a Poison Spell to slow the Queen's attacks, a Skeleton Spell to distract her, or a Freeze Spell to keep her from killing your troops too quickly.
  • The Grand Warden's Eternal Tome ability can keep troops alive while they destroy an Archer Queen. Because the Queen's health is so low, the short duration of the Eternal Tome ability is rarely a problem.
  • You can kill the defending Archer Queen with high leveled Lightning Spells if she is low leveled. However, this isn't a recommended strategy because you cannot easily guarantee that she will die if you bring too little.
    • Even against higher-level Archer Queens, the strategy can still be useful if you're bringing enough Lightning Spells to destroy other key buildings alongside taking her out (such as the Eagle Artillery).
  • Like with the Barbarian King or the Royal Champion, Headhunters are effective at targeting and attacking the Archer Queen, and they are used in small numbers in most high-level strategies such as Lavaloon where the other troops cannot target or damage her effectively. However, if Headhunters are sent in alone, they'll likely be picked off and killed easily by the Queen or nearby defenses. As such, they are best sneaked in, covered by other attacking troops or by the Grand Warden's ability.


  • If the Archer Queen attacks while her Royal Cloak ability is active, her arrows change from their normal Elixir-like color to bright orange.
  • When she is injured or falls in battle, a small explosion occurs, she yells in pain, and a red beam shoots to the sky. After that, like all other heroes, the Archer Queen stands still and a "dizzy" animation is engaged.
  • Sometimes the Archer Queen attacks a wall but then may seemingly retarget and attack another wall; this is most often caused by her retargeting to a different target (usually because her previous target was destroyed).
  • While attacking, if your opponent's Archer Queen Altar is empty and the Archer Queen wakes up during the battle, the Altar will have a short sparkling animation but the Archer Queen will not appear to defend the base.
  • If your Archer Queen wakes up while you are in Village Edit Mode, a sparkle will appear wherever in the Altar's original location (even if you moved it already).
  • Each successive upgrade of the Archer Queen adds approximately 2.1% health and 2.5% damage, but every five levels add a constant two minutes to her total regeneration time. As a consequence, the Archer Queen's regeneration rate changes as she levels up.
  • Regeneration rate for each level; click to enlarge

    The Archer Queen's regeneration rate fluctuates each level, with drops in the regeneration rate every fifth level and small increases for every other level. From an initial regeneration rate of 72.5 HP per minute at level 1, it reaches a maximum of 77.1 HP per minute at level 4 and shows a downward trend up to level 25, where there is a minimum of 59.65 HP per minute. Beyond level 25, the drops at every fifth level are outweighed by the increases from the other levels, eventually reaching 88.25 HP per minute at level 79 before dropping once more to 84.88 HP per minute at level 80.
  • Prior to the January 29th 2014 update that introduced hero abilities, and prior to the October 12th 2020 update that removed sleep button for heroes, the original description for the Archer Queen, as well as the Barbarian King, were "Heroes can attack enemy villages or guard your village. Heroes can be injured, but are immortal. Heal them by letting them sleep or using the Heal button. Heroes won't defend the village while sleeping."
  • The Archer Queen's regeneration time has been reduced multiple times. The most recent reduction occurred on June 22nd, 2020.
  • The total upgrade time for the Archer Queen to get from level 1 to level 75 is 396 days.
  • When initially released, the Archer Queen cost 40,000 Dark Elixir to summon. This was later reduced to 20,000 in the March 2020 update, and further reduced to 10,000 in the April 2021 update.
  • The first person to max out Archer Queen and Barbarian King was the player named jessiebrar. (during the initial release of heroes, the max level for both heroes was 30.)
  • The Archer Queen appears with long wristbands in her artwork, but doesn't appear with them in battle.
    • She used to appear with long wristbands in her 2D sprite before being converted into 3D.
  • The Archer Queen's crossbow fires out three arrows, despite that it is designed to only be loaded with a single arrow.
  • The Archer Queen is the only hero to appear in Clash Royale.
    • The Archer Queen's Royal Cloak ability in Clash of Clans functions similarly to the Cloaking Cape in Clash Royale. In addition to its Clash Royale effects, it partially heals the Archer Queen and summons Archers when used in Clash of Clans.
    • The Archer Queen in Clash Royale isn't enormous.
  • With the Champion Queen skin, the Archer Queen holds a bow instead of a crossbow.


  • If you tap on the Archer Queen, she will yell a high pitched battle cry and stand still for a moment, similar to the Barbarian King. Her default skin will wave a hand towards the player.
    • If she is wearing her Gladiator skin, she will instead bow down towards the player.
    • If she is in her Valkyrie Queen skin, she will raise her modified X-Bow and stand tall.
    • The Autumn Queen skin will spin counter-clockwise, with a bow in hand.
    • If she is wearing the Ice Queen skin, she will pull her hand up to her face.
    • If she is wearing the Warrior Queen skin, she will bow down to the user.
    • If she is wearing the Primal Queen skin, she will put her hand on her costume and look up.
    • If she is wearing the Clockwork Queen skin, she will load and fire her crossbow.
    • If she is wearing the Pirate Queen skin, she will be waving at the player.
    • If she is wearing the Rogue Queen skin, she will wave toward the player in a very similar way to the original skin.
    • If she is wearing the Jungle Queen skin, she will bow down to the left side.
    • If she is wearing the Party Queen skin, she will clench her right fist and lift it to the player.
    • All Archer Queen skins are left handed.
  • Some of the Archer Queen skins have some unique features that other skins from the Archer Queen don't have.
    • The Warrior Queen skin has unique pink colored particles after she is deployed.
    • The Ice Queen skin has unique ice-like particles when you activate her ability.
    • When you tap the Archer Queen while she is wearing her Clockwork skin, she fires a single arrow. However, while attacking in battles she fires three.
    • Before Skins and 3D models were added, the Archer Queen used to have recoil when she attacks. A clip of this can be seen here.
  • The Archer Queen has a bow in the skin Champion Queen.
  • Before Archer Queen's texture was converted into a 3D model, she had visual changes at levels 10, 20, and 41.
    • Initially, the Archer Queen is similar to a giant Archer, but with a modified X-Bow, a silver crown, purple hair, and a green dress.
    • At level 10, her crown became golden.
    • At level 20, the stock of her modified X-Bow became golden as well. Her shots used to change from Elixir-colored to gold.
    • At level 41, her cloak received a golden rim, and her golden modified X-Bow stock became a darker gold color or gained a purple glow outline.
Archer Queen1.png Archer Queen10.png Archer Queen20.png Archer Queen41.png
Levels 1-9 (Old Sprite) Levels 10-19 (Old Sprite) Levels 20-40 (Old Sprite) Levels 41-60 (Old Sprite)


  • The Archer Queen is one of the only units that can attack an Air Defense while being healed by a Healer without the Healer being in range of the aforementioned Air Defense. The other units capable of doing this are the Grand Warden and the Super Archer.
  • The Archer Queen is the only hero to appear barefoot in her default skin.
  • She is the only hero to appear in Clash Royale.
  • The Archer Queen is one of the three troops associated with Archers, the others being the Sneaky Archer and Super Archer.
  • The Archer Queen is one of the 13 units to appear in a Scenery, the others being the Barbarian, Goblin, Balloon, Hog Rider, Barbarian King, P.E.K.K.A, Baby Dragon, Skeleton, Grand Warden, Dragon Rider, Cannon Cart, and the Party Wizard. In her case, she appears in the Clashy Constructs (as Clockwork Queen), and the 9th Clashiversary Scenery (as Party Queen).
  • The Archer Queen and the Barbarian King were the first heroes added to the game.
  • The Archer Queen has the highest damage out of all the heroes, including troops.
  • The Archer Queen and Barbarian King have the highest levels out of all heroes.
Preferred Target Attack Type Movement Speed Attack Speed Range Search Radius
None Ranged (Ground & Air) 24 0.75s 5 tiles 10 tiles
Damage per Second
Damage per Hit
Regen Time
Ability Level
Upgrade Cost
Dark Elixir
Upgrade Time
Town Hall Level Required
Town Hall
1 160 120 725 10m N/A 10,000 N/A 9
2 164 123 740 10m N/A 11,000 4h 9
3 168 126 755 10m N/A 12,000 6h 9
4 172 129 771 10m N/A 13,000 8h 9
5 176 132 787 12m 1 15,000 10h 9
6 181 135.75 804 12m 1 16,000 12h 9
7 185 138.75 821 12m 1 17,000 14h 9
8 190 142.5 838 12m 1 18,000 16h 9
9 194 145.5 856 12m 1 19,000 18h 9
10 199 149.25 874 14m 2 20,000 20h 9
11 204 153 892 14m 2 22,000 22h 9
12 209 156.75 911 14m 2 24,000 1d 9
13 215 161.25 930 14m 2 26,000 1d 8h 9
14 220 165 949 14m 2 28,000 1d 16h 9
15 226 169.5 969 16m 3 30,000 2d 9
16 231 173.25 990 16m 3 32,000 2d 9
17 237 177.75 1,010 16m 3 34,000 2d 9
18 243 182.25 1,032 16m 3 36,000 2d 9
19 249 186.75 1,053 16m 3 38,000 2d 9
20 255 191.25 1,076 18m 4 40,000 2d 12h 9
21 262 196.5 1,098 18m 4 42,000 2d 12h 9
22 268 201 1,121 18m 4 44,000 2d 12h 9
23 275 206.25 1,145 18m 4 46,000 2d 12h 9
24 282 211.5 1,169 18m 4 48,000 2d 12h 9
25 289 216.75 1,193 20m 5 50,000 3d 9
26 296 222 1,218 20m 5 52,000 3d 9
27 304 228 1,244 20m 5 54,000 3d 9
28 311 233.25 1,270 20m 5 56,000 3d 9
29 319 239.25 1,297 20m 5 58,000 3d 9
30 327 245.25 1,324 22m 6 60,000 4d 9
31 335 251.25 1,352 22m 6 63,000 4d 10
32 344 258 1,380 22m 6 66,000 4d 10
33 352 264 1,409 22m 6 69,000 4d 10
34 361 270.75 1,439 22m 6 72,000 4d 10
35 370 277.5 1,469 24m 7 75,000 5d 10
36 379 284.25 1,500 24m 7 78,000 5d 10
37 389 291.75 1,532 24m 7 81,000 5d 10
38 398 298.5 1,564 24m 7 84,000 5d 10
39 408 306 1,597 24m 7 87,000 5d 10
40 419 314.25 1,630 26m 8 90,000 6d 10
41 429 321.75 1,664 26m 8 96,000 6d 11
42 440 330 1,699 26m 8 102,000 6d 11
43 451 338.25 1,735 26m 8 108,000 6d 11
44 462 346.5 1,771 26m 8 114,000 6d 11
45 474 355.5 1,809 28m 9 120,000 6d 12h 11
46 486 364.5 1,847 28m 9 126,000 6d 12h 11
47 498 373.5 1,885 28m 9 132,000 6d 12h 11
48 510 382.5 1,925 28m 9 138,000 6d 12h 11
49 523 392.25 1,965 28m 9 144,000 6d 12h 11
50 536 402 2,007 30m 10 150,000 6d 12h 11
51 547 410.25 2,058 30m 10 156,000 7d 12
52 558 418.5 2,110 30m 10 162,000 7d 12
53 570 427.5 2,163 30m 10 168,000 7d 12
54 582 436.5 2,218 30m 10 174,000 7d 12
55 594 445.5 2,274 32m 11 180,000 7d 12
56 606 454.5 2,331 32m 11 187,000 7d 12
57 619 464.25 2,390 32m 11 194,000 7d 12
58 632 474 2,450 32m 11 201,000 7d 12
59 645 483.75 2,512 32m 11 208,000 7d 12
60 658 493.5 2,575 34m 12 215,000 7d 12
61 671 503.25 2,639 34m 12 220,000 7d 12
62 684 513 2,705 34m 12 225,000 7d 12
63 698 523.5 2,773 34m 12 230,000 7d 12
64 712 534 2,842 34m 12 235,000 7d 12
65 726 544.5 2,913 36m 13 240,000 7d 12
66 739 554.25 2,980 36m 13 250,000 7d 12h 13
67 751 563.25 3,040 36m 13 260,000 7d 12h 13
68 762 571.5 3,095 36m 13 270,000 7d 12h 13
69 772 579 3,145 36m 13 280,000 7d 12h 13
70 781 585.75 3,190 38m 14 290,000 8d 13
71 789 591.75 3,230 38m 14 292,000 8d 13
72 796 597 3,270 38m 14 294,000 8d 13
73 802 601.5 3,310 38m 14 296,000 8d 13
74 808 606 3,350 38m 14 298,000 8d 13
75 814 610.5 3,390 40m 15 300,000 8d 13
76 820 615 3,425 40m 15 306,000 8d 14
77 825 618.75 3,460 40m 15 312,000 8d 14
78 830 622.5 3,495 40m 15 318,000 8d 14
79 835 626.25 3,530 40m 15 324,000 8d 14
80 840 630 3,565 42m 16 330,000 8d 14

Royal Cloak (Ability)

Ability Level Damage Increase Health Recovery Ability Time Summoned Units
1 300 150 3.6s 5
2 355 175 3.8s 6
3 416 200 4.0s 7
4 483 225 4.2s 8
5 557 250 4.4s 9
6 638 275 4.6s 10
7 725 300 4.8s 11
8 819 325 5.0s 12
9 920 350 5.2s 13
10 1,020 375 5.4s 14
11 1,120 400 5.6s 15
12 1,220 425 5.8s 16
13 1,300 450 6.0s 17
14 1,370 475 6.2s 18
15 1,430 500 6.4s 19
16 1,480 525 6.6s 20

Skin Availability

Below is a table that lists all Archer Queen skins and the month in which they were available, in chronological order. Skins are divided into three classes: Gold denotes a skin that is/was featured as a Gold Pass skin in Season Challenges, while Standard and Legendary denote skins not available from the Gold Pass that were available only through a special offer. The associated footnotes denote further details on said special offer containing the skin.

Entries marked with an asterisk denote that the skin is available in the current Season Challenges season. Entries marked with a Gem denote that the skin is purchasable with Gems; all skins currently purchasable in this manner cost 1,500 Gems.

Skin Class Season Available
Gladiator Queen Gems Gold May 2019
Valkyrie Queen Gems Gold July 2019
Autumn Queen Gems Gold September 2019
Ice Queen Gems Gold November 2019
Warrior Queen¹ Legendary January 2020 / February 2021 / February 2022
Primal Queen Gems Gold March 2020
Clockwork Queen Gems Gold June 2020
Pirate Queen Gems Gold September 2020
Rogue Queen Gems Gold February 2021
Jungle Queen Gems Gold June 2021
Party Queen Gold August 2021
Champion Queen² Legendary November 2021
Shadow Queen Gold January 2022
Miner Queen Gold May 2022

¹ The Chinese style skin available in the 2020 Lunar New Year, and once again in the 2021 and 2022 Lunar New Year (literally "Heroic Mulan" in Chinese, but simply known as Warrior Queen outside of China) was only available through the Shop as a separate purchase; it cost $9.99 USD (or equivalent depending on your country).

² The Champion Queen skin was available in a special offer for the World Finals in 2021; it cost $9.99 USD (or equivalent).

Archer Queen Skins

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