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Brady ArmyBB

Builder Barracks10 Army CampB Star Laboratory8 Battle Machine Altar
Builder Barracks Army Camp Star Laboratory Battle Machine Altar

Army buildings are buildings that have to do with attacking. They either store, upgrade, or train troops or heroes. You can buy Army buildings in the Army section of the shop in the Builder Base.

Builder Base Buildings
Defensive Buildings CannonDouble CannonArcher TowerHidden TeslaFirecrackersCrusherGuard PostAir BombsMulti MortarRoasterGiant CannonMega TeslaWalls
Traps: Push TrapSpring TrapMineMega Mine
Resource Buildings Builder HallGold MineElixir CollectorGold StorageElixir StorageGem Mine
Army Buildings Builder BarracksArmy CampStar LaboratoryBattle Machine Altar
Other Buildings BoatDecorationsObstaclesClock Tower