Barch (TH: Any, Trophies: Any)(Instructions)
Town Hall Level:Any
Trophy Level:Any
Introduction:"Barch" stands for (B)arbarians and (ARCH)ers. It is one of the more commonly used attacks, and it is used because it is Elixir efficient and trains relatively fast, and can swarm weaker bases if used correctly. This strategy is both good for farming (especially Elixir) and pushing your trophies. This guide will show you how to effectively raid with Barch.
Army Composition:
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin Lvl
Barbarians1/3 or 1/4 of army space (See Below)Any
ArchersRemaining SpaceAny
Wall Breakers2-12Any
Hog Riders1-3(Optional)Any
Lightning Spells1-2Any
  1. If you're planning on using the Barch attack, begin by training your Wall Breakers divided evenly amongst your Barracks and your hog riders in your Dark Barracks. Behind these troops, fill one Barracks with Barbarians, and the rest with Archers. If you only have 2 barracks, fill 1 with approximately 20-50 Barbarians queued, and the rest Archers. Fill your 2nd Barracks with Archers.
  2. Finding the right base

    Farming If you're going to be farming, you'll need to know how much loot you can get from each building. Don't just assume all of the loot is in the collectors and then cry whenever you only get 2% of the base's resources. Z7abmVv.png

    These pictures here show the stages of collectors and the levels of "fullness" they show. The amount of the resource actually inside collectors increases in increments of about 20%, with the final level being nearly full. If the stage of fullness is at levels 1 or 2, there are probably very little resources inside.

    The same rule applies with storages, increasing at increments of 20%. If the storages are full but the collectors aren't, then the resources are mostly in the storages, and vice versa.
  3. First, you need to check for and destroy Clan Castle troops. Players can house troops in their Clan Castle to defend against raids, and leaving them unharmed can really ruin a raid or even cause your troops to completely die off in some cases. Be careful about the Clan Castle, because the troops that are donated can literally be anything that can fit inside, regardless of level or town hall required to unlock. Begin by checking the position of the clan castle. If it is outside of walls, deploy 2 or 3 troops to lure the entire Clan Castle out and then follow step 4. If not, use a few Wall Breakers or Hog Riders to make sure the entirety of the troops get lured. Wall Breakers will walk right up to walls, and Hog Riders can jump right over walls towards defenses and get close to the Clan Castle. If no Clan Castle troops enter the battlefield, you can safely begin checking for traps. If you encounter Clan Castle reinforcements, use a few Barbarians and Archers to herd all the troops into a small clump, then use a lightning spell to take them all out at once. Swarm any remaining troops with 10-20 Archers.
Conclusion:If you don't have Wall Breakers or Hog Riders, Barbarians make a good luring troop as well because they will walk up to buildings to destroy them, putting them near defenses.

Sources: DonQuixote360 on Reddit (Made the collector guide picture)

Clash with Cam - YouTuber Barch expert with several guides on attacking with Barbarians and Archers. If you want to learn more about Barch, he's your guy.
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