Hi Chief, this is a strategy for TH12 anti 2 star bases that get you a 2 star. If you are something other than a TH12 struggling to destroy the Giga Tesla, then this is not probably for you. You will need 2 clone spells, 1 jump spell and 1 rage spell, along with at least level 20 Bar Barbarian King, at least a level 10 Archer Queen, and level 2-3 witches. Put the 4 witches in the left or right corner to the TH to start. Then place the dragon and valkyries on a corner with the barbarian king. Once there is a clear path to the TH, place the miners down in the corner with the Barbarian king. When they get to the TH, place down the rage and clone spells on the TH in rapid succession. Once you have done that, you put the Archer Queen with the healers and she will rotate around the base counter-clockwise to clean up the rest of the base. If miners don’t work for you, use a battle blimp with level 4+ bloons with the same spells. This gets a 2 star most of the time, and can three star if you have good enough valkyries and witches.

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