Elixir Escapade (TH: Any, Trophies: Any)(Instructions)
Town Hall Level:Any
Trophy Level:Any
Introduction:People have different attack objectives; some like to farm, some like to trophy push, some like to raid gold, but there are times when you need elixir quickly. I am going to try to give you a couple ideas on how to do it easily.
Army Composition:
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin Lvl
ArchersRemaining spaceAny
Wall Breakers5Any
Note that this can be done with Goblins, just not as effectively.
Doing this through farming usually is easier, although it is NOT MANDATORY. First, here is some tips farming style.
Farming Style
  1. Find a base that has a good amount of Elixir. Trophies don't matter. Now here is where the fun comes in... >:D
  2. Once you find a base that has a nice amount of Elixir, look at the base closely. Here are a couple of things that you should look out for:
    1. Look at the Elixir Collectors. Are the center tubes that holds the Elixir about more than half full?
    2. Look at the Elixir Storages. Are they filled (doesn't have to be completely)?
    3. Are the Elixir Storages and Elixir Collectors close by each other?
  3. After looking at how much Elixir is in the Elixir Collectors and Elixir Storages, I then choose whether I want to deploy the Archers at the Elixir Storages or the Elixir Collectors. After I do that, I start deploying troops with the 5 Wall Breakers where I want my Archers to go.
  4. Then, I do this thing that I call "lining". Lining is where you deploy troops in a horizontal line, by dragging your finger back and forth on the screen. By "lining" the Archers, they will take out the defenses and all the other buildings very quickly.
The most effective Trophy level for farming will depend on your Town Hall level. If you are significantly above or below this amount, consider raising or lowering or pushing your Trophies to that amount.
Town Hall levelTrophies

Normal Style
If you will be trying to get Trophies as well, train 5-10 Wall Breakers, 5-10 Giants, and 20-30 Goblins, with the rest of the Archers. Then, deploy troops with Giants first to distract defenses, next Wall Breakers, and then "line" the Archers. Your Archers and Giants together will take out the defenses and all the other buildings very quickly. After the Wizard Towers and the Mortars are taken out, send in the Goblins in through the hole created by the Wall Breakers.
Conclusion:That is how I raid elixir! Thanks for your time!
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