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GoBaWipe with Hero Support (TH: 9-10, Trophies: 1200-1700)(Instructions)
By:Master mk 2
Town Hall Level:9-10
Trophy Level:1200-1700
Introduction:This is for TH8s between Silver 1 and Gold 1. Use this attack strategy correctly and you will get 3 stars.
Army Composition:
Minimum Troop Housing Space Required: 200
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin LvlHousingCost
Balloons643021,000 Elixir
Wizards1445630,800 Elixir
P.E.K.K.As235036,000 Elixir
Golems2260500 Dark elixir
Lightning Spells23436,000 Elixir
Healing Spells13218,000 Elixir
Jump Spells2Any446,000 Elixir
500 Dark elixir
187,800 Elixir
  1. Deploy your Jump Spell at the closest wall guarding an Inferno Tower.
  2. Deploy the P.E.K.K.As first, as they have high damage per second and can get rid of the Infernos fast.
  3. Once at least 1 Inferno Tower is destroyed, deploy the Golems and the Wizards right behind. Use your second Jump Spell to get them over the Walls.
  4. Then deploy the Archer Queen near the edge of the base to destroy some extra buildings and/or pick off Clan Castle troops while your other troops are busy.
  5. Next, drop the Barbarian King near the Jump Spell, and when your army's running low on health, drop the Healing Spell and activate your Heroes' abilities.
  6. Your Archer Queen should have taken out all outside buildings/Clan troops and are helping the rest of your troops. Once you see that all Air Defenses and most of the Wizard Towers/Archer Towers are destroyed, send in your Balloons.
  7. After all defenses are destroyed, let your troops run amok across the base.
Conclusion:3 stars! If not that, I guarantee you you'll get at least at 2-star.
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