King's Parade

Recommended for TH8+

Troops Needed:

(Normal)Barbs x 30

WIzards x 15

(Fire) Dragon x 2

(Normal)PEKKA x 2

Balloons x 4

Spells Needed:

Healing Spell x 3

Poison Spell x 1

Heroes Needed:

Barb King x 1


1.Deploy PEKKA to shield Barbs and WIzards,then Fire Dragon to shield the Loons.Deploy them at the Two Side of the Village.

2.When the Barbs/Loons/PEKKAs/Wizs/Fire Dragons are low on health, use the Healing Spells to heal them.Use 'em wisely as you only have 2 chances.(The remaining one is preserved for King)

3.Deploy King.If low on HP, use Rage skill.If still on low HP, use the only remaining Heal Spell.If there are Enemy Clan Troops or Heroes, use Poison Spell.This can be utilized to instant-kill distracting Skeleton Traps.

4.Reserve some Wizards/Barbs to clear Builder Huts/Building on the edges.Then let your troops waltz to victory!

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