This attack strategy uses no dark elixir. The main objective of this strategy is to gain more dark elixir and use that for either hero upgrading ( King, Archer Queen, and  Royal Champion) or for upgrading dark troops in the laboratory. This way dark elixir can be accumulated rapidly and heroes or dark troops can be upgraded quickly. Before going to the army composition I am currently at townhall 11 and the army will be at the max capacity of townhall i.e; 260 camp space. This strategy can be used for town hall 11 and 12. Adjust your army composition according to your respective town halls.

 Army composition: (At townhall 11)

  • 23 Miners 
  • 5 Healers
  • 4 Wall Breakers
  • 2 Ballons
  • 2 Wizards 
  • 1 Pekka 
  • 1 archer


  • 4 Healing 
  • 1 Rage 
  • 1 Freeze or Poison (Note that If you use poison, the dark elixir will be used)
  • 1 Extra Rage from CC.

Siege Machine and CC Troops:

Wall Wrecker is preferable. Cc troops can valkyries or Pekka. 

Attack Strategy:

First, make a good funnel by using the king and Pekka on each side of the base. Use Healers on Archer Queen and siege machine or wall breakers to make an entrance to the eagle artillery. Wait until Archer Queen destroys eagle and CC troops if any. Use rage on Queen when necessary and freeze or poison accordingly. 

The Archer Queen must have cleared at least a part of the base by now. Next, send the miners opposite to the AQ walk along with the Grand Warden. Use healing spells wisely to heal the miners from bombs and other defenses. Warden ability comes handy when going against townhall 12 or any part of the base which has high damage defenses.

Don't forget to set the grand warden to ground. This strategy works better with high-level heroes. Using this strategy can get you a perfect 3 star if implemented correctly or a minimum of 1 to 2 stars whether you take down the town hall or not.

Most importantly check for the CC troops first and then proceed with the rest of the strategy, because if the cc troops are air-based your attack might fail due to the fact that miners cannot attack air troops. But the advantages to the strategy is you don't need to worry about enemy archer queen, miners can bring down the heroes on their own.  

Note: Check for the black bombs using the loons to protect the healers. 

Keep in mind the position of air sweepers and air defenses, because the AQ walk is very important for this strategy to succeed. Don't start the AQ walk when the air sweepers are facing towards Queen, as this will make the attack difficult. 

Feel free to adjust the army composition according to your needs and town hall.

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