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Noah's Ark (TH: 8-11, Trophies: 400-4999)(Instructions)
Town Hall Level:8-11
Trophy Level:400-4999
Introduction:An fun way to get at least one star
Army Composition:
Minimum Troop Housing Space Required: Dunno probably around 200
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin Lvl
Barbarians2 or lessAny
Archers2 or lessAny
Giants2 or lessAny
Goblins2 or lessAny
Balloons2 or lessAny
Healers2 or lessAny
Dragons2 or lessAny
P.E.K.K.As2 or lessAny
Minions2 or lessAny
Hog Riders2 or lessAny
Golems2 or lessAny
Lava Hounds2 or lessAny
Lightning SpellsAny amountAny
Healing Spellsabout 1/2Any
Rage SpellsAbout 1/2Any
Jump SpellsAny amountAny
Freeze SpellsAny amountAny
Poison SpellsAny amountAny
Earthquake SpellsAny amountAny
Haste SpellsAny amountAny
  1. Deploy the tanking troops such as giants, golems, lava hound, etc.
  2. After placing down the tanks, you probably either want to drop down your heavy hitters such as balloons, wizards, dragons, P.E.K.K.As, valkyries, hog riders, and witches, and then your heroes.
  3. Once almost every heavy hitter is deployed, you might need to scroll your attacking bar for your spells and enrage, heal, freeze, whatever on defences and/or troops
  4. pick off buildings with your minions, goblins, barbarians, and archers.
  5. Watch your heroes health and activate ability when needed
  6. Pray you'll get at least a one star
Conclusion:Just an attack to have fun with
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