Queen walk is a 3-5 troop, th9+ attack strategy that is widely used globally. It is better used with air troop like dragons. What you need to do is train 3-5 healers in addition to your deck. Then, in the battle, you place your Archer Queen in an unprotected area. Then you place the healers next to the Queen. The healers will endlessly heal the Archer Queen. Now that your Queen is practically invincible, she can take down all the air threats. Now you can place your air troops with the Queen and get a 1-star win at the least.

Queen walk

Queen walk in action

The queen walk has been used in one of the practice battles and is used worldwide. Many different people have their own way ow doing the queen walk, but this one is the most effective strategy.

I hope you can learn a lot from this and keep using the queen walk in the future.

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