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VaWiMP (TH: 8-10, Trophies: 1600-2800)(Instructions)
By:Rageing Gameing
Town Hall Level:8-10
Trophy Level:1600-2800
Introduction:This strategy consists of mostly VAlkyries, WIzards, Minions, and Pekkas. This is why it gets the name VaWiMP
Army Composition:
Minimum Troop Housing Space Required: 200
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin Lvl
BarbariansEither 12 (th8) or 16 (th9 and 10) Of barbs or archers4 or 5 (th8). 5 (th9) 6 (th10)
ArchersEither 12 (th8) or 16 (th9 and 10) Of barbs or archers4 or 5 (th8). 5 (th9) 6 (th10)
Wall Breakers10 (th8 and th9) 16 (th10)4 or 5(th8) 5 (th9) 6 (th10)
Wizards10 (th8 and th9) 12 (th10)5 (th8 and th9)6 (th10)
P.E.K.K.As21 or 2 (th8) 2 or 3 (th9) 4 or 5 (th10)
Minions15At least 2 (th8) 4 (th9) 6 (th10)
Valkyries6 (th8)8 (th9 and th10)1 (th8) 3 (th9) 4 (th10)
Lightning Spells0 (th8) Either 1 Lightning or 1 jump (th9) Either 1 lightning or 1 jump (th10)3 (th8)5 (th9)6 (th10)
Healing Spells1 (th8 and th9) 0 (th10)3 (th8) 5 (th9)
Rage Spells2 (th8) 2 (th9) 2 (th10)3 (th8) 4 (th9) 5 (th10)
Jump Spells0 (th8) Either 1 Lightning or 1 jump (th9) Either 1 lightning or 1 jump (th10)1 (th9) 2 or 3 (th10)
Freeze Spells0 (th8) 0 (th9) 2 (th10)1-5 (th10)
  1. Draw out hero's with the barbs or archers. Then place about 2 minions to king, and 5 to queen.
  2. Draw out clan castle with Barbs or archers. Place a lightning spell, or put down about 5 minions. Place remaining barbs or archers.
  3. Place pekkas to either the left or right of the base, then deploy wall breakers.
  4. Deploy the Valkyries 1 by 1.
  5. When the Valkyries get in the base, and the wall breakers are all done, place down a jump spell if you have one.
  6. Then place the wizards.
  7. After the Pekkas and Valkyries are in the base, with the wizards behind them, place down a rage spell. Don't be afraid to use a healing spell when they are low.
  8. Now place down your hero's. Use their power's, when they are fully in the base and in range of defense.
  9. When your troops are near either x-bows, or inferno tower, place down a freeze spell, to avoid them for a few seconds.
  10. If you have not place down the remaining rage spell, place it down when the base is either close to 50%, or your troops are near the town hall.
  11. If you have any remaining Minion's, barbs or archers, Place them Near collectors, builder huts, or barracks outside the town hall.
Conclusion:This is Personally a attack i like, Because it uses the Valkyries which are a very underrated troop. This is mostly for pushing, or hybrid attacking, MAKE SURE NOT TO USE FOR FARMING. Hope this attack helped.
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