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For the Builders in the Home Village, see Builder.
For other Builders in the Builder Base, see Master Builder and O.T.T.O.
B.O.B info


  • B.O.B is another robot invented by the Master Builder. It is unlocked upon upgrading the B.O.B Control to level 5 and functions as an additional Builder in the Home Village.
  • It will occupy the B.O.B's Hut, which is unlocked as an extra building in the Home Village once the B.O.B Control is fully upgraded. Unlike its predecessor Master Builder's Hut, B.O.B's Hut cannot be used to send B.O.B back to the Builder Base.
  • Unlike regular Builders in the Home Village, its Hut cannot be upgraded, nor will it serve any function on defense.


  • B.O.B is a robot composed of a wooden barrel with metallic arms.
  • It sports two eyes on its front which appear similar to the lens of the telescope of the Star Laboratory, a movable jaw, and has a single wheel supported with wooden beams on the sides to travel around.
  • It has two mechanical claws and more sophisticated joints, it holds a hammer in its right claw.
  • It has a coiled spring-like antenna on its top.
  • It dons a brown Builder's hat, has square wooden cuffs on its arms, and wears a generic belt.


  • B.O.B was added in Version 15.292.8 (the Builder Base 2.0 Update, dated May 15, 2023).
  • It is one of two NPCs to be inorganic, the other being O.T.T.O.
  • The addition of B.O.B replaces O.T.T.O's role as the extra Builder for reaching Builder Hall 9 and finishing up some quests related to its gameplay loop, and the Master Builder's ability to station at the Main Village.