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"Summon an army of Bats anywhere on the battlefield!
Deploy aerial reinforcements wherever you need them most. Bats do not trigger traps."


  • The Bat Spell is the 5th Dark Spell unlocked at level 5 Dark Spell Factory that requires the Town Hall to be at level 10. When casting this spell, it summons several Bats on the battlefield over time (its method of spawning is similar to a Skeleton Spell). These Bats are low on health and target defenses.
  • Like Skeletons, Bats do not trigger traps or Clan Castle troops.
  • Bats prioritize defensive structures above all other targets, and will bypass all other types of enemy buildings and troops while any defenses remain on the battlefield. This is true even if they are under attack by enemy Clan Castle troops, heroes or Skeleton Trap skeletons. Note that like all troops that prioritize defenses, Bats do not consider the Clan Castle to be a defense regardless of whether or not it contains enemy troops, but do consider the defending Grand Warden and the activated Town Hall weapon (if any) to be defensive buildings.
    Once all defenses are destroyed, Bats become like any other troop with no preferred target; they will attack the nearest building to them regardless of type, and will turn and attack enemy units if they become aware of any nearby and can fight back against them. However, they will not switch targets to enemy units until their previous target was destroyed.
  • Bats spawned from the Bat Spell deal less damage to resource storages; in particular, this applies to the Town Hall's Giga Tesla, and Giga Inferno, as it is classified as a defense and a resource storage.
  • The Bats also relate to the Builder Base troop also known as the Night Witch. The Night Witch spawns Bats that relate to the Bats in the Bat Spell. However, the Night Witch's Bats attack any target.



  • Bats can destroy most single-target exposed defenses relatively easily.
  • Bats can distract Air Defenses from other air troops (Balloons, Lava Hounds, etc.) for some time.
  • Bats can be very effective in distracting single-target Inferno Towers from targeting your tanks (Golems, Lava Hounds, etc.). But, against defenses which target mutliple targets such as multi-target Inferno Towers, the Bats will get killed quickly.
  • Wizard Towers are excellent in countering Bat-based attacks. Consider their placements carefully when planning such an attack. Either distract them with another troop like a Giant or Ice Golem or use a Freeze Spell to stop them.
  • It can be viable to use Bat Spells in masses with Lava Hounds. The Lava Hounds will be able to tank well for the Bats (as well as shield them from Inferno Towers) while the Bats do damage.
    • However, if the Lava Hound gets targeted by an Air Bomb, the resulting explosion from the traps will destroy the bats if nearby said troop afterwards.
  • If defenses are targeting your tanks, place a few Bat Spells on the defenses to destroy them. However, Make sure that there isn't much defenses that are free, since they should be able to take out the bats easily.
  • A good strategy for Bat Spells would be to place a lot of them down near the center of the base, along with a Rage Spell and a Freeze Spell, aiming to destroy single-target Inferno Towers, Air Defenses, and the Eagle Artillery at the beginning of an attack. Anything else would be a bonus. Then use the rest of your attack to maul the rest of the base. The Battle Blimp used with the Super Wizards paired with Invisibility Spells (Blizzard) or the Electrone (Balloons and E-drag with Clone and Rage) strategy is still more effective at decimating the core.
  • With a similar thought process, use something else that does not require more than one or two Rage Spells to take out a portion of the base, along with the Town Hall and Splash defenses to create a clear path and make the job much easier for the Bats to breeze through the rest of the base.
  • Another strategy is to use a horde of bats to take down a whole area of single-targeting defenses. The Invisibility Spell will be useful for them, as well as the Freeze Spell to freeze splash defenses as necessary.


  • A hit from a Scattershot can take out a horde of Bats quickly. However, due to the Scattershot's slow attack and the Bats' speed as well as the Scattershot's blind spot, a Scattershot may be swarmed before proving to be useful. Make sure to surround your Scattershot with several defenses in order to stall the Bats.
    • However, if it and other defenses are too close to each other, especially to those which target ground and air units and doing multi-target, fast attacking or AoE damage, a Freeze Spell will be able to stop them from attacking altogether, and the Bats may will be able to destroy these defenses before the Freeze Spell expires.
  • If multi-target Inferno Towers are unavailable (due to being upgraded, for example), rapid-firing defenses such as X-Bows set to ground and air mode can also destroy Bats quickly. Archer Towers set to fast attack can also prove viable, as well as the Multi-Archer Tower.
  • Air Bombs can be helpful to sweep up Bats that are following closely behind other air troops, but as the Bats cannot trigger the Air Bomb themselves, it may not be a reliable option.
  • Resource storages, which also includes the Town Hall itself are a good way to soak up damage from the Bats, since they deal 15% of the damage when attacking these types of buildings, either causing the attacker to likely time fail, or to possibly get a 1-star, provided if the Town Hall is not destroyed.
  • Having a defensive Archer Queen and other Clan Castle troops that can target air can also be useful to defend against Bats. The Bats will not attack these units; however, they may be too fast to tackle. It may also be possible these defensive units target other air troops instead.
    • The defending Electro Titan is able to wipe out Bats instantly due to her passive damaging aura, even if you apply the Invisibility Spell on them.
      • Her aura can neither be stopped by Freeze Spells nor Poison Spells, so the only way to deal with the aura is to lure the Electro Titan away from the area you want to deploy your Bats.
  • A massive swarm of Bats may be terrifying but can easily be stopped by Wizard Towers, so place them carefully, and multi-target Inferno Towers. The Giga Tesla and Giga Inferno also can mow down Bats quickly.
    • Another thing to note is that while Bats cannot trigger traps by themselves, other nearby air troops such as Balloons and Dragons may trigger Air Bombs and the Tornado Trap. These traps can wipe out hordes of bats very easily if the bats are caught in the blast.
  • If the Bats are very close to each other, one shot of the Eagle Artillery could take them all out, but this is not a reliable option, because if other troops are on the battlefield, it is unlikely the Eagle Artillery will target Bats due to their low hitpoints.


Radius Range Housing Space Housing Space Targets Dark Spell Factory Level Required Dark Spell Factory
3.5 tiles 1 Defenses 5
Bats Stats
Preferred Target Attack Type Damage Type Movement Speed Movement Speed Attack Speed Attack Speed Range Range Damage per Second Damage Damage vs. Rescources Hitpoints Hitpoints
Defenses Air 56 2s 0.8 Tiles 30 x0.4 20
Brewing Time of Bat Spell
Dark Spell Factory available Dark Spell Factory upgrading
3m 6m
Bats generated
Research Cost
Dark Elixir
Research Time
Laboratory Level Required
1 7 N/A N/A N/A
2 9 26,000 1d 18h 8
3 11 51,000 3d 4h 8
4 16 70,000 5d 6h 9
5 21 95,000 6d 10
6 22 280,000 13d 13


Patch Type Description
December 4, 2018 Sneak Peek Introduced the Bat Spell in the sneak peek, with 5 levels.Bat Spell info
December 10, 2018 Update Added the Bat Spell.
December 12, 2018 Maintenance Break
  • Reduced the number of spawned Bats at all levels.
    • Level 1: 15 -> 10 Bat
    • Level 2: 18 -> 12 Bat
    • Level 3: 21 -> 14 Bat
    • Level 4: 24 -> 18 Bat
    • Level 5: 27 -> 22 Bat
January 7, 2019 Maintenance Break
  • Reduced the number of spawned Bats at all levels.
    • Level 1: 10 -> 7 Bat
    • Level 2: 12 -> 9 Bat
    • Level 3: 14 -> 11 Bat
    • Level 4: 18 -> 16 Bat
    • Level 5: 22 -> 21 Bat
June 18, 2019 Update Bats from Bat Spell that have been cloned by Clone Spell now deal reduced damage to storages and Town Hall just as their original counterparts do.
December 9, 2021 Update Reduced upgrade costs at levels 4-5, and reduced upgrade times at levels 2-3.
October 10, 2022 Update Added the level 6 Bat Spell.



  • The Bat Spell and the Skeleton Spell are the only spells to spawn troops rather than affecting troops or buildings.
  • At both levels 4 and 5 the Bat Spell gains much more summoned units compared to lower levels and at level 6, adding 5 summoned units, while the other levels add 1 or 2.
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