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"The Battle Blimp bypasses ground-based obstacles and delivers your Clan Castle troops directly into the heart of the enemy village, all while dropping bombs along the way. However, its thin hide makes it easier to shoot down. Immune to spell effects."

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  • Summary
    • The Battle Blimp is the second Siege Machine you unlock, available when the Workshop is upgraded to level 2.
    • The Battle Blimp prioritizes the Town Hall over all other targets, and will fly over all other types of enemy buildings and troops to reach its location, regardless of whether or not the Town Hall is still standing. When the Battle Blimp successfully reaches the Town Hall (or its remains), it automatically breaks apart to reveal the Clan Castle troops inside.
    • Battle Blimps can still be used if there are no Clan Castle troops, however, when it is destroyed, nothing will spawn from it.

  • Offensive Strategy
    • The Battle Blimp is helpful in supporting an air attack. There are several ways it can be used to reinforce an air attack:
      • You can place a Lava Hound inside the Battle Blimp, so that it can provide itself as an additional meat (lava) shield once the Battle Blimp is destroyed or reaches the core of the base. In the case that the Town Hall is off-center, you can still manually destroy the machine to release the Lava Hound in the core.
      • You can place a Dragon (or two if you have the space in your Clan Castle) which can ravage the Town Hall when the Blimp reaches it. However, you should still beware of nearby Air Defenses, and the Giga Tesla or Giga Inferno (which are automatically part of Town Halls level 12 and 13 respectively) can both be equally deadly towards deployed Clan Castle troops.
      • Clan Castle Balloons, especially maxed ones, can prove deadly to the Town Hall if it is level 12 and a Rage Spell is also used on the Balloons. However, the Giga Tesla or Giga Inferno can quickly make short work of Balloons if you do not prepare well enough for this.
      • Another strategy is to have an Electro Dragon and a few a Balloons inside the Blimp. Send the Blimp to target a portion of the base and drop a Rage Spell and a Clone Spell. The Balloons inside the Blimp will be cloned and can do massive destruction along with the Electro Dragon. This strategy is also known as Electrone.
    • Aside from reinforcing an air attack, it can be sent after a main part of the attack, if the Town Hall is still standing. You can place powerful troops inside, such as Valkyries or P.E.K.K.As to finish off the Town Hall, if you intend to use the Blimp in this manner. As it is likely you will have destroyed most of the defenses in your path by then, the Blimp should easily be able to reach the Town Hall.
    • A key component of the Battle Blimp's capabilities is its high death damage, which is capable of destroying certain defenses entirely (and nonetheless does severe damage to other buildings). It can be useful to intentionally break the Blimp over a compartment with key defenses to ensure they are heavily damaged by it (and also allow the troops inside to immediately attack them).
    • You can use a Battle Blimp to destroy the Eagle Artillery before it is activated, by dropping the Clan Castle Troops early. It can be more effective when a Clone Spell and/or a Rage Spell is used when the troops are deployed.
  • Defensive Strategy
    • Place Air Defenses in a way to cover likely paths of the Battle Blimp to the Town Hall. However, since these may also be easily distracted by Lava Hounds, you should also consider placement of your other anti-air defenses, such as Archer Towers and X-Bows.
    • A single-target Inferno Tower can easily single out and destroy a Battle Blimp if you can path an air attack in such a way that the Battle Blimp quickly separates from the rest of the troops.
    • Multiple Seeking Air Mines are useful to stop the Battle Blimp from reaching your Town Hall, particularly if a ground attack was used as a first phase to destroy defenses. However, this is much less useful if an air attack was used.
    • Having an Air Sweeper in an area can stall the Battle Blimp.

  • Upgrade Differences
    • Initially, the Battle Blimp is a red blimp reinforced with spiked metal on the front and back. It has a wooden propeller on the back and wooden boxes on the side.
    • At level 2, wooden boards are attached to the sides of the blimp. The front of the blimp gains more metal reinforcements.
    • At level 3, each wooden board is replaced by a metal plate. More metal reinforcements appears just above the nose of the blimp.
    • At level 4, the metal spikes on the front turn golden, and the metal reinforcements look more refined. The previously metal plates on the sides of the Battle Blimp turn golden as well.

  • Trivia
    • Out of the 5 Siege Machines, the Battle Blimp has the most troops on its artwork with 3.
    • Though a Battle Blimp cannot be healed by a Healer, it can be affected by the Grand Warden's Eternal Tome ability.
Preferred Target Attack Type Movement Speed Attack Speed Training Time Time Training Cost Gold Workshop Level Required
None Area Splash 18 1.5s 20m 100,000 2
Damage per Second
Damage per Attack
Damage when Destroyed
Research Cost
Research Time
Laboratory Level Required
1 100 150 1,000 3,000 N/A N/A N/A
2 140 210 1,200 3,500 6,000,000 8d 10
3 180 270 1,400 4,000 8,000,000 10d 10
4 220 330 1,400 4,500 14,000,000 16d 11
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