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Battle Ram info
"Four Barbarians holding a big log race ahead to batter down their target, dealing big bonus damage if they connect; then they fight on with their swords!"

Battle Ram1
Level 1-5


  • The Battle Ram is a troop available in the Clan Capital, available when the Battle Ram Barracks is constructed (this requires the Barbarian Camp district to be unlocked, and hence requires Capital Hall level 2).
  • Like its temporary Home Village counterpart, the Battle Ram targets the nearest enclosing Wall (using AI similar to that of a Wall Breaker), dealing moderate damage if it connects against buildings, but extremely high damage against Walls (enough to instantly destroy a Wall of equal level).
  • Regardless of whether it succeeds in hitting its target, four Barbarians will appear afterwards.
  • Battle Rams prioritize Walls above all other targets, and will completely ignore any building or enemy troop while even a single segment of Wall exists on the battlefield.
    If all Wall segments are destroyed, Battle Rams become like any other troop with no preferred target; they will attack the nearest building to them regardless of type, and will turn and attack enemy units if they become aware of any nearby and can fight back against them.



  • The battle ram plays the same purpose as the Wall Breaker, Super Wall Breaker and the Bomber ; being used to make holes in the base to attack. It is best to spawn them after a few troops have already been spawned, and to first check for traps, especially the Log Trap.
  • The only difference between the Battle Ram and the Wall Breaker family is that the Barbarians will continue to fight after they connect with their targets. Although not doing much damage themselves, they can still destroy low HP buildings to funnel other important troops further into the core.
  • Battle Rams can be deployed in swarms; multiple Battle Rams can spawn an army of Barbarians, very capable of taking down many single target defenses, as well as other multi-target defenses such as the Super Wizard Tower. Be sure to pair this strategy with a Rage Spell or a Healing Spell, as splash defenses such as the Bomb Tower, Mines, or Mega Mines, can wipe out the horde of Barbarians that comes after the Battle Ram breaks apart.
  • It can be useful to use a few Battle Rams to break open closed Wall compartments that have been cleared out (by air attacks, for example) if only to expand the deployment zone, as that zone is based on the area ground troops can reach from the district's starting zone(s).


  • Place defenses that deal high DPS (e.g. Multi Cannon) and the Log Trap near anywhere where you think a Battle Ram might spawn. A Zap Trap upgraded to at least level 2 can stop a Battle Ram if placed in front of a Wall, making it a good choice to stop a single Ram.
  • Splash defenses like the Multi Mortar, Bomb Tower, and Crusher can swiftly wipe out the Barbarians after their Battle Ram has been destroyed. Be sure to pair these defenses with point defenses so the two of them can destroy battle rams, along with their barbarians, easily.


Preferred Target
Favorite Target
Attack Type
Damage Type
Housing Space
Housing Space
Movement Speed
Movement Speed
Spawned Barbarians
Troop Capacity
Walls (Damage x40) Area Splash (Ground Only) 5 16 0.75 tiles 4
Damage vs Walls Damage Hitpoints
1 125 5,000 800
2 163 6,520 900
3 200 8,000 1,000
4 238 9,520 1,100
5 275 11,000 1,200


Patch Description
May 2, 2022 Added the Battle Ram to the Clan Capital in its eponymous update, with 5 levels. Battle Ram1
December 21, 2022
  • Reduced the Battle Ram's damage at all levels:
    • Level 1: Damage250 -> 125
    • Level 2: Damage325 -> 163
    • Level 3: Damage400 -> 200
    • Level 4: Damage475 -> 238
    • Level 5: Damage550 -> 275
  • Increased the Battle Ram's damage multiplier against Walls (x20 -> x40);
  • Reduced the Battle Ram's hitpoints at levels 2-5:
    • Level 2: Hitpoints950 -> 900
    • Level 3: Hitpoints1,100 -> 1,000
    • Level 4: Hitpoints1,250 -> 1,100
    • Level 5: Hitpoints1,400 -> 1,250
May 15, 2023 An AI fix now prevents Battle Rams from getting stuck if they happened to target a wall piece which didn’t have any free space around it.



  • A battering ram is a siege engine that originated in ancient times and was designed to break open the masonry walls of fortifications or splinter their wooden gates. In its simplest form, a battering ram is just a large, heavy log carried by several people and propelled with force against an obstacle; the ram would be sufficient to damage the target if the log were massive enough and/or it were moved quickly enough. The earliest depiction of a possible battering ram is from the tomb of the 11th Dynasty noble Khety, where a pair of soldiers advance towards a fortress under the protection of a mobile roofed structure, carrying a long pole that may represent a simple battering ram.
  • You can have a maximum of 50 Battle Rams at one time in a complete set of fully upgraded Army Camps.
  • The Battle Ram first appeared in clash of clans in the 2016 Clashiversary event , when the builder left the village. During the first week of the event, the Barbarian became the Builder, allowing access the the Battle Ram troop.
  • The Battle Ram is one of the five units associated with Barbarians, the others being the Raged Barbarian, Barbarian King, Super Barbarian, and the Pumpkin Barbarian.
  • The troop is based of the 4 elixir Battle Ram card. However, while this battle ram targets walls, the Clash Royale counterpart targeted buildings.
  • This is one of 2 troops in the Clan Capital that was a previous Limited Time Troop in the Home Village. The other being the Skeleton Barrel which is part of the Skeleton Barrels "Squad".
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