"Where did this Boat come from?"

  • Summary
    • The Boat connects your Home Village with the Builder Base. It is free of charge and takes 3 seconds to rebuild; however, you must have a Town Hall level 4 or above in order to rebuild it.
    • The Boat allows players to travel from Main Village to Builder Base.
    • It is located on the shores of each base.
    • The Builder Boat appears to be a wooden boat with red and white sails on it.
    • The rebuilding process is part of the tutorial of the Builder Base, as is the animation of sailing. A player will be able to instantly travel between bases upon tapping on the boat after the tutorial.
Broken Boat

Ruined Boat

  • Trivia
    • The boat was first seen on the shores of Clash of Clans on May 3, 2017. However, the update in which it could be rebuilt was released 19 days later on May 22, 2017.
    • The Builder Boat, which is another boat, is located on the left side of the dock in the Builder Base. This boat allows the Master Builder to travel to your Home Village and Gear Up your Cannon, Mortar and Archer Tower in your Main Village.
    • Prior to the May 2017 update, the boat could be seen in the war base floating among the trees.
    • It takes 3 seconds to rebuild - the quickest time to destroy or rebuild something in Clash of Clans, although Traps and Walls are instant.
    • When you look at an Abandoned Base that hasn't logged in to the game before the March 2017 Update, the Boat would not appear.
Boat on shipyard

The Boat on the Builder Base