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For the Builders in the Home Village, see Builder.
For the main Builder in the Builder Base, see Master Builder.
Builder's Apprentice info


  • The Builder's Apprentice is a character in the Home Village. He appears around the Home Village once the player has reached Town Hall level 10, and requires 500 Gems to unlock.
  • When unlocked, the Builder's Apprentice can be assigned to a building construction or Hero upgrade that a Builder is currently working on, shortening the overall upgrade time. He can work for one hour at a time, with a cooldown of 23 hours (which starts as soon as he is assigned).
    • The Builder's Apprentice cannot work on Builders' tasks on his own. If the task he was assigned to is completed while he is still active, he will stop work early and cannot be assigned to a different task before the normal cooldown elapses.
    • The Builder's Apprentice can only work in the Home Village and cannot be assigned to work in the Forge.
  • Upgrading the Builder's Apprentice (which costs Gems) increases the rate at which he works, and consequently, the amount of time saved every time he is assigned to a task. Upgrading the Builder's Apprentice does not take any time, but cannot be done while he is currently working.
  • The Builder Potion has no effect on the Builder's Apprentice.


Work Rate
Upgrade Cost
Town Hall Level Required
Town Hall
1 1x 500 10
2 2x 500 10
3 3x 750 11
4 4x 750 11
5 5x 1,000 12
6 6x 1,000 12
7 7x 1,000 13
8 8x 1,000 14