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Mega tesla buff doge

Why we use Barch

About the Author[]

Hi, I'm Bob (#2RYYLLJUY) from Creative Clash (#V0PVGPCL). (We are one of the top Builder Base Clans in the world and are recruiting active and loyal builder base players! Anyone interested please apply to our feeder clan Creative Mix (#V9GLQVJV).) I used Barch to finish #6 global in the February 2021 Versus Battle Tournament. This is an attack strategy I've been playing around with for almost a year with a lot of success and this guide is intended to be a collection of all of the tips, pointers, and wisdom I've learned during this time. Hope you enjoy it and happy Clashing!

Barch in danger

How your opponents will feel when you use barch


In a Nutshell[]

Barch (Raged Barbarian and Sneaky Archer) is a Builder Base attack strategy for max BH9 players (or non-maxed, but it's more difficult). The main idea of the attack is to "hack" the base in a clever way by opening it and distracting splash damage so that you can use the incredible power of Raged Barbs to flatten the base. It is used almost exclusively by players in the top leaderboards, from 6000 trophies to 7000 and above. It is at times complex and a difficult attack to learn, but once mastered is extremely strong. If anyone is bored of the usual Night Witch, Super P.E.K.K.A, or Beta Minion spam, now is a great time to learn a cool new attack and maybe hit a new personal best. :)

The attack boils down to three main steps:

  1. Clear: Open walls with Bombers, take out outer defenses with Sneaky Archers, kill Guard Post troops, and remove any mines or traps.
  2. Distract: Use tanks to distract splash damage defenses.
  3. Rush: Deploy a massive horde of Raged Barbs to flatten the base!

Most common army compositions:[]

  • 3 Raged Barbarians, 2 Sneaky Archers, 1 Bomber
  • 2 Raged Barbarians, 3 Sneaky Archer, 1 Bomber
  • 2 Raged Barbarians, 2 Sneaky Archers, 1 Bomber, 1 Hog Glider
  • 2 Raged Barbarians, 2 Sneaky Archers, 1 Bomber, 1 Super P.E.K.K.A.
  • 3 Raged Barbarians, 1 Sneaky Archer, 1 Bomber, 1 Hog Glider
  • 3 Raged Barbarians, 1 Sneaky Archer, 1 Bomber, 1 Super P.E.K.K.A
  • 3 Raged Barbarians, 1 Sneaky Archer, 1 Bomber, 1 Boxer Giant

There are three main reasons why Barch is such an effective attack strategy:

  • Barb power: If splash damage didn't exist, Barbs would be by far the strongest troop in Builder Base. This is because Supercell needs to balance Barbs to be effective in normal circumstances in which splash damage defenses and Mega Mines threaten to wipe out entire packs of Barbs at any moment. So in the absence of these usual threats, they become an overwhelming force. Consider this: a max level Super P.E.K.K.A. has 7392 hitpoints and 718 damage per second, while a camp of Barbs has 6440 hitpoints (almost as much as a P.E.K.K.A, imagine that) and a staggering 3672 damage per second, which is pretty much instant death to all defenses (not to mention their great movement speed, which is important because troops spend a big chunk of their lifetimes just walking and not dealing damage).
  • Control and precision: Unlike most attack strategies, in which troop deployment is approximate and imprecise and which have a significant luck factor, deployments in Barch are extremely precise, with troops being sent to exact locations to distract particular defenses. This is made possible by an initial clear phase that opens up the base and by killing the Guard Post troops, which makes it possible to spam troops into the base without having distractions and troop separation thrown off by the aggravation of the Guard Post. Control and precision not only allow individual troops to attack sections of the base that best suit their individual strengths, but also reduces randomness, a big plus if you want to push the leaderboards, as consistency becomes more important the higher up you go.
  • The hybrid effect: Diverse army compositions that have many troop types just seem to do better. The reason for this is that having many troop types allows each troop to gain great value by doing what each individual troop does best. Uniform army compositions face the problem of diminishing returns. Every additional camp of a troop you include gains less value than the previous. Take Hog Gliders for example: the first camp of Hogs will have great value, as there are probably a few lightly defended outer defenses that can be stunned and easily destroyed. The second camp can probably still be used on outer defenses, getting that stun value, but these defenses will probably be more heavily defended. By the third and fourth camps, Hogs will probably need to be spammed at already stunned outer defenses or saved for inner defenses, which is a bit less efficient. (That being said, mass Hogs is actually a viable and at times quite strong composition, the hybrid effect being nullified by the strength in numbers principle: troops deployed together have greater effect than those deployed separately.)

The effectiveness of Barch attacks depends in large part on how well they take advantage of these principles.

Why Use Barch?[]

Barch is so effective because in addition to the reasons mentioned above, it is:

  • Strong: Able to reach percentages of 80, 90, and even 100.
  • Consistent: Has low variability; randomness plays little role.
  • Safe: Able to take down the Builder Hall nearly every time if no mistakes are made (a big if if you haven't mastered the attack yet).

Many attacks have some of these qualities but very few have all of them. It is no surprise that Barch is a favorite of many top leaderboard players. In fact, it's the go-to attack of two of the best builder base players ever, Haoforever (#PQQCGVVC) and Jun (#92V2YC8UL), both of whom have multiple #1 finishes. (Replays by these two players are found in the YouTube links below.)

A cookbook strategy[]

Another advantage of Barch is that it's a "cookbook strategy." This means that, like a recipe in a cookbook, as long as you follow all the steps carefully, your attack is sure to work. There are two dimensions to attack skill: knowing what to do and actually doing it (execution). Attacks like GiBart (Boxer Giant, Raged Barbarians and Cannon Cart) are heavy on execution but are relatively simple strategy-wise. However, using Barch is mainly about deciding what to do. Still there are three areas where execution is tricky:

  • Bomber work: Distracting defenses from Bombers long enough for them to open walls, and doing this economically.
  • Killing Guard Post: Choosing the right time to pull, and timing single Barbs to pull the entire group.
  • Rush timing: Timing the final deployment of tanks, Barbs, and Archers so that defenses target the intended troops.


Barb spam is good for the soul. :)

Also, there are endless combinations and approaches so that so long as you keep experimenting, you'll never get bored. Another plus is that in learning Barch, you'll get more comfortable with other attacks using similar troops (like mass Hogs or GiBart).

Some Advice[]

Here are some important things to know before reading on:

Barch is an attack that only really becomes useful after 5000 trophies, and this is because of the change in the base meta as you go higher. At higher trophy ranges bases tend to be more dense (which means less potential Mine spots) and more open (as in lacking compartments). Many bases at lower ranges have too many potential Mine spots and too many compartments, making Barb spam almost impossible. On top of that, at lower ranges most defenses are towards the outside of the base, so you're better off just using Archers or Hogs to pick them off. (The point of Barb spam is to take out those centralized hard to reach defenses.)

Another thing to remember is that Barch is a highly base-specific attack. Moving just one or two buildings or wall segments in a base can warrant an entirely different Barch approach. Also, as mentioned above, some bases just make Barch impossible. Therefore, sometimes one of the best choices you can make is deciding not to use Barch. That being said, if you're still trying to learn and improve, it's encouraged to mess around and experiment and challenge yourself to find a Barch solution to a base, even if you 0 star most of the time. :)

Speaking of improving, your Barch improvement will take three main forms:

  • Base reading: This is probably the most important. The more Barch bases, attack examples, and approaches you see, the better you will get at reading a base and coming up with the most feasible Barch approach. I've tried to include many examples below and in the YouTube links.
  • Techniques and tricks: These include fancy Bomber use, Lava Launcher Archer distraction, Archers on Guard Post troops, and many more. Knowing more techniques gives you more options because getting more value out of your troops will allow you to get deeper into a base and you will be able to use approaches that would otherwise be impossible.
  • Practice!: As you practice more, you'll develop "muscle memory" and executing the steps of the attack will become second nature.

Base Archetypes for Barch[]

There are two main base archetypes at BH9, the diamond base and... the other one doesn't really have a name so I'll call it the "G" base since the walls kind of form a "G". There's also the bracket base but it's kind of fallen out of favor and is rarely used.

The above gallery shows examples of each base. Solutions for these specific examples are found in the solutions library, and are "Solution 1" in each section.

G Base[]

This base archetype is the most suited for Barch, with 70-90% of these being Barch-able. The exceptions are those designed to counter Barch, often having deep, un-defusable Mega Mines in high barb spam value areas. These bases consist of an inner rectangular wall "chassis" with an opening, surrounded by outer walls. They often have either centralized or somewhat centralized Builder Halls. They are usually approached for Barch from the side with the opening (the standard, front approach), the sides, the back, or from a corner. The reasons Barch works so well on these bases are:

  • Centered BH: Because the Builder Hall is centralized, important splash defenses such as the Roaster and the Giant Cannon are pushed closer to the outside, making them much more accessible for tanks and therefore easier to distract. Also, a Crusher can almost always be taken out with Archers cheaply since they are closer to the outside. Additionally, the Guard Post will be much easier to lure when it is in a non-centralized position.
  • Smaller main wall compartment: The rectangular inner wall "chassis" is smaller than that of the diamond base, meaning many defenses are right along the inner wall, making them easy pickings for archers.

The G base does have a drawback for Barch though:

  • Difficult wall openings: Because the inner compartment is smaller, the base has room to protect inner walls with both outer walls and trash buildings, which makes opening the inner wall difficult for many approaches. The standard front approach is easier because there is already an opening on the inner wall, but even this can be challenging for certain bases.

Diamond Base[]

This base archetype is less suitable for Barch but a great variety of Barch approaches still exists for these bases. The main wall compartment is a square, sometimes with modifications like an inverted corner, an opening, or inner funneling walls. Importantly, the BH is not centered, allowing important defenses to be centralized. The advantages and drawbacks are basically the opposite of those mentioned above. An additional drawback is:

  • More Mine spots: The larger main compartment allows for more room for both mega mines and small bombs.

One advantage though is:

  • Easy corner openings: The corners of diamond bases are mostly undefended, making them very easy to open (though there are exceptions).

The weak corners make multi-directional approaches popular with these bases. GiBarch (Giant, Barbarian and Archer) is an often used example of a multi-directional attack. The other popular Barch approach is to open one side of the base, usually those opposite the BH, since inner walls on those sides are more exposed.

Troop Roles[]


  • Main rush force: Barbs serve as the main source of damage in the rush phase. They are also quite tanky (absorb a lot of point (single target) damage) when splash damage is distracted, helping to keep the main tanks alive. However, other times you want the tanks to absorb point damage for Barbs since Barbs do so much damage. To find the right balance, take into consideration how long you need splash damage distracted, and which troops will run into a Crusher or Mine first.
  • Trap defusal: Use Barbs to defuse push traps meant for Bombers and tanks, Spring Traps, and most importantly Mines.
  • Keeping Bombers alive: Distract defenses long enough for bombers to hit their intended targets.
  • Killing Guard Post: Trickle Barbs slowly to lure Guard Post troops and deploy them in a group to kill them off.
  • Clearing trash: Barbs can be used to clear trash buildings in lower damage areas instead of Archers at the beginning of an attack. They are also useful for clearing outside buildings during the rush phase to grab more percentage.


  • Clearing outside defenses and buildings: Pretty self explanatory.
  • Dealing with Crushers: Obviously barbs don't do very will against Crushers, and neither do tanks. Using a large amount of Archers on a Crusher during the rush phase can be very effective because if they stay alive long enough, they can take out the far Crusher, which needs to go down for the 100.
  • Helping kill Guard Post: Archers left over from a round of taking out defenses can pull Guard Post troops, and Archers can be deployed on them while you're pulling them with your Barbs.
  • Distracting Lava Launcher: A single Archer on an otherwise undefended structure can distract the Lava Launcher long enough to allow your Bombers to hit hard to reach inner walls.


  • Opening walls: Yes.
  • Clearing outside buildings: The Bomber's first bomb can do a lot of damage to buildings behind walls. Bombers can also be placed directly on buildings that touch a wall to also open the wall. Sometimes, a spare Bomber is best used to do additional clearing.
  • Distracting Lava Launcher: A Bomber on an undefended wall can distract the Lava Launcher during the rush or even other Bombers during the clear phase.

Battle Machine and/or P.E.K.K.A[]

These two have very similar stats so are often quite interchangeable. They are tanks, primarily for distracting the Roaster and Giant Cannon, as well as the Multi Mortar or the Lava Launcher. They can also absorb point damage to keep Barbs alive longer. Some differences:

  • The BM does better in lower damage areas because the longer it lives, the more ability charges it can get off.
  • The BM does better when distracting the GC because the GC causes the P.E.K.K.A to become confused and interrupts its attacks.
  • The P.E.K.K.A is more likely to grab the BH because of its higher damage and death explosion.

Hog Glider[]

As tanks, the main purpose of Hogs is also to distract splash damage. They have less hitpoints and are worse at distracting than the BM or P.E.K.K.A, so use them only when they take advantage of one of the following:

  • Hard to reach areas: Sometimes the best spot for distracting splash damage can only be reached by Hogs. Even when not distracting splash, they can be used to take out peripheral defenses that threaten the BM and cannot be reached by the Barb rush in reasonable time. (An example of this second case can be found here. (Timestamp: 3:54))
  • Mine defusal: Use Hogs to defuse both ground Mega Mines and small Mines that are inaccessible to Barbs. Hogs used in this way often die very quickly, so only do this when needed.
  • Freezing key defenses: Sometimes, there is no easy way to distract the Mortar and the best thing you can do is to just freeze it with a Hog or two (two because an air Mega Mine can prevent the freeze). Also, sometimes they can be used to simultaneously distract splash damage while freezing a Crusher.
  • Stun value: When certain defenses are exposed and lightly defended, the great stun value Hogs get is enough to justify their use.


Giants are used in "GiBarch" attacks where either:

  • Guard Post is too difficult to kill.
  • There is no way to cleanly distract Roaster and Giant Cannon.
  • There are problematic deep Mega Mines or small Mines.

In these cases, Giants used together with Barbs allow the Barbs to be trickled in more slowly without dying. This guide will not focus on GiBarch since it is a bit different from other types of Barch, but here is a helpful video on GiBarch.

The Attack Process[]

The attack process will be explained with an illustrated guide using a classic Barch example on the following G base:

Classic g base

I've tried to include as many tips and techniques as I can, and I'll be supplementing this attack with other examples as necessary.


For Barch attacks, planning is possibly the most important step. For attacks you are unsure of, try to use the entire first minute to plan (This might annoy the opponent, but sigh, it's part of life.), both in terms of the general approach and the specifics of troop deployment. For more on planning, read the section below on what to look for in a base.

First, we need to decide which direction to approach from. The first thing I usually look at is the Roaster and GC positions, and I try to come up with a plan for distracting them. The GC can be distracted with a BM on the outside of the base, deployed on the lower Elixir Pump and walking towards the Elixir Storage. This is a very common and useful trick for G bases. It forces the GC to fire outside of the base towards the sides, sparing Barbs rushing into the core. One thing to be careful of though is that the BM will get within range of the Double Cannon and MT quickly, so you will need to act quickly to deal with them and the GC. The Roaster can be distracted with a P.E.K.K.A if we are approaching from the Roaster side, and Hogs otherwise.

Another thing is you want to approach from a side close to the Guard Post. It is closer to the side with the opening, which favors the standard front approach.

For G bases, we pretty much always want to grab a Crusher with Archers, so keep that in mind as well.

We also want to choose an approach that gives us good Barb spam value, which means:

  • Barbs take out strong interior point defenses.
  • Barbs can clear a large portion of the base before running into a Crusher or a Mine.

Speaking of Mines, you want to identify all potential Mine spots on a base and have a plan for dealing with them. Small Mines can also be very dangerous if there are more than 2, as 3 small Mines will kill a Barbarian. In this base, there is a potential Mine spot next to the GC (which can be defused relatively easily) (Spoiler Alert: there isn't a Mega Mine there), and next to the Mortar (which we can use Hogs to defuse).

Considering all these factors, we will settle on the following approach:

Classic g base plan

For instructions on how this diagram works, go to the Solution Library.


  • Army: 2 Barbarian, 2 Archer, 1 Bomber, 1 Hog. We use 2 camps of Archers because we need to get deep enough to take the Crusher.
  • Hogs work great for distracting the Roaster because they get decent stun value and are in a low damage area. Importantly, they are out of range of the MT, which will absolutely fry Hogs. When choosing Hog deployment locations, try your best to keep them away from the MT or high damage areas. (In this base it might even be better to send one Hog onto the upper Archer Tower since it is lightly defended and close to the Roaster.)
  • The BM will not distract the Mortar (which is the ideal way to distract it) unfortunately, but the Hogs will once they land. Speaking of Mortar distraction:

Mortar and Lava Launcher Distraction[]

You should always have a plan for distracting the Mortar. Fortunately, in many cases the Mortar can simply be cleared with Archers, and if not it is usually easy to distract due to its long range. Some methods:

  • Distracting with tanks (BM, P.E.K.K.A or Hogs).
  • Freezing with Hogs.
  • Putting a single Barb on an outside building that is otherwise undefended.

The Lava Launcher is not much of a threat to Barb spam because they move so quickly through a base. It can be a threat to Archers, so try not to spam more than 10 Archers during the rush if you do not have a plan for distracting the Lava Launcher. That being said, most Barch attacks do not distract the Launcher and do fine.

Initial Bombers[]

Before deploying your first Bombers, put test Barbs on the exact spots where you will place Bombers (unless you are 90% sure there are no traps). The most common positions for Push Traps are at wall corners and two tiles from the end of a wall segment, basically the most common places for Bombers. Placing Barbarians as shown below will clear an entire line of tiles for potential Push Traps as they run towards the camp.

Barb trap test

Then, place Bombers and wait while they do their thing. Note, do not spend too many Barbs keeping your Bombers alive, and do not attempt overly expensive wall openings unless absolutely necessary. (For defended interior walls, its best to take out defenses first, then use Bombers. A classic example of this is shown here (Timestamp: 9:17).) On walls that are defended, it's best to let old Bombers die and use new Bombers.

Initial bombers

You can drop some Barbs to clear buildings when your Bombers are about to come within range of defenses:

Barb clear for bombers

Then drop more Bombers to clear the next layer of walls:

Second wave bombers

When opening an interior layer of walls, make sure that you place your Bombers so that Archers will have a direct line of sight to all defenses you need to take down, most importantly the Crusher. Also, if you need to place a tank on a specific spot in the base, make sure there is a direct line of sight to that spot. Here is an example:

Bomber open example

The Bomber placement shown allows both the BM to rest safely on the Archer Tower to distract the Roaster and for the Archers to target the Crusher.

Next, since the Guard Post troops have been drawn out, opportunistically take them out:

Opportunistic gp kill

Killing Guard Post Troops[]

This is one of the key steps in Barch and is almost a requirement, unless you are using GiBarch. Note, this step usually comes after the Archers have cleared most defenses. In this example, we are killing them opportunistically since they are already most of the way out of the base, which you should do since pulling Guard Post troops is not free. (Only let them go if you're sure there will be an even better opportunity to take them out in the future.)

Guard Post killing starts with Guard Post luring (this sounds like a murder tutorial...). Luring can either be "naked," as in sending in Barbs one by one into the base, or assisted by Archers or Bombers. Try your best to avoid the first method, since it is often very expensive. The best time to lure is after you take out several preferably high damage defenses with Archers. As the Archers come out of their cloak, drop single Barbs to lure the Guard Post towards the Archers. The left over Archers will automatically lure the Guard Post, which can then be killed with Barbs once the left over Archers die.

If you are doing a naked Guard Post pull in a high damage area, Barbs will die almost immediately once they enter the base. One trick that is commonly used is placing 1 or 2 Archers to shoot the Guard Post troops while they are being pulled. When doing this, make sure to deploy the Archers early. Also, remember that left over Bombers are also helpful in luring GP, so take advantage of that.

Archer Clear[]

This step is mostly self-explanatory, just take out defenses with Archers. This is best done in waves, the larger the wave the better, especially right before you plan on luring the GP troops.

Archer clear with ll distract

A useful technique during this phase is to drop a barb on an outside trash building to distract the Lava Launcher right before your wave of Archers comes out of cloak. The most annoying thing during an attack is having your main Arching area clogged with Lava. Warning, be careful which trash buildings you clear, as some are useful for distracting the Mortar during the rush phase. Also, test for traps before deploying Archers as necessary.

Mine Defusal and Final Preparation[]

Before doing the final rush, test all possible Mine spots (and wait for the lava from the Lava Launcher to disappear).

Bomb spots

In this base there are two possibly dangerous small Mine spots, next to the lower Double Cannon. The first one can be defused by a single Barb, while the second one cannot be easily defused. A single small Mine is usually not a huge threat, and we can still spam Barbs full force later. However, if there are two or more deep un-defusable small Mines, it is best to hold back on full force Barb spam until they have exploded.

The base has a potential Mega Mine spots but since we are putting Hogs there we do not need to worry.

The following diagram shows common Mine defusal methods and ranges using Barbs. A Mega Mine can be defused through a wall, but only if it is touching the wall. A Mega Mine can also be defused by a Barb touching any spot on a 2 by 2 building, but only if the Mega Mine is touching that building as shown. Lastly, a Barb placed on a 3 by 3 building as shown will defuse all small Mines behind the building.

Bomb defusal techniques

Another precaution you want to take is looking for any problematic Tesla's. A rule of thumb is: if there are any potential Tesla locations that can ruin the attack, always test for them and deal with them, either with Archers, a Hog, or even sometimes Barbs. Often, a Tesla will pop up, preventing your Hogs from distracting the Roaster, which will then proceed to fry all the Barbs.

Lastly, take out any trash buildings that can interfere with Archer or tank pathing. In this case, we have taken out the bottom Gold Mine, which can prevent the Archers from targeting the Crusher.


Time for the fun part! Good timing will be the key to this step, both allowing defenses to target the intended troops and limiting unnecessary damage to tanks.

First, drop the BM far from the base and hit his ability immediately. This will allow him to get another charge very soon after he takes his first three hits.

Bm rush

Since we have a spare Bomber, we will use it to distract the Lava Launcher. This will allow us to commit a lot of Archers to the Crusher. Having a lot of left over Archers during the rush phase is important for taking out the far Crusher and making the 3 star possible.

Bomber distract ll

Next, deploy Archers onto the Crusher. Time them so that the BM distracts splash damage defenses right before Archers come out of cloak. (If there is no splash damage in range of Archers it isn't a big deal and sometimes preferable to let the Archers come out of cloak first. (Example of this is G base Solution 1 in the Solution Library, where Archers distract MT.) Word of advice, it is better to have the BM take an extra second or two of damage than for the GC to lock onto the Archers, because then the attack will be ruined.

Archers on crusher

Next, place the Hogs. It is often helpful to place them far back like the BM. This way, the time between when they land and when the main Barb force arrives is minimized, which saves their health.

Hog distract

It is often better to use 3 Hogs on 2 targets instead of 3 targets, since they are more likely to actually take out both targets. 2 Hogs should go on the target that is more difficult to take out and should be deployed first, since the first Hog that is deployed will likely die quickly because of defenses and air Mega Mines. Finally, unload a large force of Barbs into the base! If there are deep un-defused Mines, release a small pack first to quickly defuse them, then spam. In this case, there is no such threat, so we happily spam Barbs at full speed.

Barb spam

Note that another reason we want to spam Barbs heavily is that the BM is being pounded by the Double Cannon and the MT and we want to take those defenses out quickly and if not, at least take out the GC before the BM dies. Remember to always save some Barbs to clear outside buildings. Try to do this cleanup when the defenses defending those buildings become distracted on the main force. Some cleanup directions are shown below:

Barch cleanup

Note the leftover Archers conveniently taking down the second Crusher. Finally, swag your left over troops when you 3 star.  :)

Barch swag

Finessing the Mega Tesla[]

A technique that is often helpful and sometimes necessary is distracting the Mega Tesla (or other high damage point defenses) with Barbs when the attack requires putting tanks within the range of the MT. Take the following example which occurs frequently on side approaches to G bases:

Mt finesse

The timings are:

  1. Place the BM on the Mortar to distract the GC while staying out of range of the MT.
  2. When the BM is about to come within range of the GC, place Hogs far away, targeting the Archer Tower.
  3. Send Barbs into the base so that the MT locks onto them right before the Hogs make contact.

Without this technique, the MT would've killed the Hogs quickly, allowing the Roaster to then fry the Barbs.

Solution Library[]

This section is intended to be a compilation of Barch solutions. In depth theory and technique explanations are found in other sections, so these solutions are meant to be concise and just detailed enough to understand and execute. These are meant for inspiration and example, for learning and if there's that one tricky base that you just can't beat.

Important Notes[]

The markings used in this library are color coded in the following way:

Troop Color Scheme
Troop Color
Battle Machine Grey
Barbarian Yellow
Archer Purple
Bomber Black
Hog Glider Brown
P.E.K.K.A Blue
Giant Tan

How the diagrams work:

  • Bomber deployment arrows are shown, and walls that they should destroy are crossed out with a black line. Note, some attacks have less than 5 Bomber arrows. In these cases, use extra Bombers as spares, wherever useful, or to distract the Lava Launcher. Even for attacks with 5 Bomber arrows, be ready to give up on less important wall breaks if you lose a Bomber early.
  • Buildings that should be destroyed with Archers are crossed out with a purple "X". Note that there may be buildings that need to be destroyed first to get to them.
  • Only main Barbarian rushes are shown. Not shown are secondary Barb rushes, trap testing Barbs, and initial Barbs for clearing outside buildings.

G Base Solutions[]

Solution 1[]

G 1 solution
  • Army: 2 Barbarian, 2 Archer, 1 Bomber, 1 Hog.
  • Use last Bomber once nearby defenses are cleared, let it walk until it opens up interior corner next to Air Bombs.
  • Rush order: BM, Archers on Crusher, Hogs, Barbs.
  • Make sure MT locks onto Archers or Barbs before Hogs get within its range.

Diamond Base Solutions[]

Solution 1[]

Diamond 1 solution
  • Army: 3 Barbarian, 1 Archer, 1 Bomber, 1 P.E.K.K.A.
  • Test for Mega Mines around the 2 o'clock Firecracker.
  • Lure Guard Post from the side near BH and Roaster.

Other Solutions[]

Solution 1[]

Other 1 solution
  • Army: 2 Barbarian, 3 Archer, 1 Bomber.
  • Use last 2 Bombers to open interior 3 o'clock corner after nearby defenses cleared.
  • Test for Mega Mines near 7 o'clock Cannon.

YouTube Links[]

The best way to learn Barch is to see many many examples! Here are some great Barch attack replays:

[Bob] (7156) BH9 GLOBAL#6 BEST FINISH FEBRUARY 2021 | COC | BH9 - Barch with P.E.K.K.A 1 and 2 camps Archers by yours truly :)(Bob) BEST BH9 GLOBAL NO.1 ATTACKS (6966) CUPS | #CLASHOFCLANS​ | #BH9 - Barch with Hog and Barch with P.E.K.K.A by Bob

NEW BEST BARCH BOMBER ATTACK STRATEGY! - Mainly straight Barch with one Barch P.E.K.K.A. Includes Haoforever, Jun, and others.

Coc builder hall 9 attack strategy barch!😍 - Barch with Hog or P.E.K.K.A by ultimate love.

NEW BUILDER BASE 80%+ ATTACKS (7000+) - 2 nice Barch replays by ultimate love and Jun.

BH9 BEST ATTACKS BY HAOFOREVER (GOD OF BH9)😺 - Barch and Barch Hog replays by the G.O.A.T Haoforever.

GLOBAL 2ND PLAYERS ATTACKS(Barch) - Barch and Giant Barch attacks by Jun.

【7000+ PB】BH9 80%+ Attack Strategy(40 Barbs 5 Bombs 28 Archs 3 Hogs) #1021​ | Clash of Clans - Barch Hog attacks by Shiha (multiple time #1 finisher) and Edo Vip Re, with explanation.

【7000+ PB】BH9 80%+ Attack Strategy(60 Barbs 4 Giants 5 Bombs 14 Archs) #1024​ | Clash of Clans - GiBarch attacks by Shiha and others, with explanation.